July 7th, 2016

Beta, Ray, Bill

Magmar TFG

7th July 2016.
Originally this was going to be a Moltres based on the unreleased zukan figure, but I decided on Magmar because he's far cooler.
In order to better blend in with my other TFG's I made sure to give him some transparent flames.
The ones that are actual flames anyway!
Magmar (alt)
To me, he'll always be superior to Magmortar!
Smell ya later!
Vulpix PD

Help me find some Wants! Sales update!

So, I have seen a lot of interesting items going up for sale lately and I've decided maybe this is a good time to post some of my more obscure wants!

-Tomy Heartland Mew, I'll need a payment plan or to do some trades along with. Will through money at you!
-Vulpix Clock originating in the UK also comes in Silver and I'd prefer that color but will throw trades or money at you either way!
-Music box featuring Caterpie, I have the other two (poliwhirl/squirtle and Ash/pikachu/charmander and would be totally up for a trade or partial trade

-Lapras hard plastic mini model any color
-Vulpix hard plastic mini model any color

Any help finding these would be wonderful and if you have them up for sale or trade please let me know!

Sales update! I have decided to keep my 10% discount going while I am on travel and cannot set up my lots for eBay. I added a bunch of items I hadn't gotten to post before. Mostly figures and small things that are pretty cool and different. Check it out if you're interested. ^_^
Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.01.14 PM.png
The preview is of some of the new items, click the image or here to go to my sales page.

Quick Want! Looking for Azumarril Tomy!

Hi everyone, I'm just about to head out to North Carolina for my little vacation, and I would like to ask if anyone happens to have an Azumarrill tomy figure for a reasonable price!

Anyways, this is the best reference image I have, its from the Tomy monster collection series so it shouldn't be that hard to notice, anyways thanks for reading and I'll see you guys in a while!

Auction reminder + adjustment

Hello everyone, just a reminder that my auctions are ending in just under 24 hours, you can find them here:


Also an adjustment to the shipping rules, for some reason the entei sculpture and the zukan lot decided to remove the international shipping option, I was able to add it to the sculpture but I couldn't add it to the zukan lot as it had already recieved a bid, however if you are interested I will ship internationally despite what it says :)

Hello Community! Looking for these plush.

Hi everyone, so this is my first time in joining and posting to the community. I would like to say thank you for letting me join and I can't wait to see what others have for their collections. I've grown up with Pokemon since the beginning like many of you, but only started collecting Pokemon plush and figures this year, as in the past, I only stuck to the storyline games. But since my introduction to the various Pokemon groups on Facebook, I've definitely turned into a collector. I am familiar with some of the sellers on here as I've bought from the Pokemon Facebook groups however I am still a bit new on how to buy from others on LiveJournal, but I'm learning haha. I am very excited to meet all of you, and I hope I can help someone out one day with their collection as I know many of you already do.

I was hoping if any of you may be able to help me look for specific plush. These are not my pictures, they are all taken from the internet. If I violated any of the rules please tell me as I am still new to this posting to LiveJournal. I'm looking at the rules and the instructions, but just in case.

In the pictures, I am looking for the Pikachus, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur from the Kawaii Line of 2005 from Banpresto, and they may or may not have red font on their tags. I'm also looking for Raichu Part 3 Taffeta in order to complete my Taffeta set. Please let me know if you have any for sale. Thank you.

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