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09 July 2016 @ 01:03 am
Anyone got this card for sale? Shipping would be to Italy. Would rather not use a middleman and spend over $10 for such a cheap card D: card found!

Also looking for the domino piece from this set (there's some popular Pokémon in here, anyone would like to split? ;w;)

And looking for ANYTHING featuring this happy Hawlucha artwork ;_;

If you have any other items featuring Hawlucha please let me know, as I might be interested!
I have more wants but these are my main wanted items for now.

Sorry for the lack of nice posts from me lately :( I haven't had a chance to really add much to my collection in these last few months.
09 July 2016 @ 08:43 am
Sales permission granted 10/2009 by dakajojo

Hey guys! I made some small updates to my sales, including a full set of Eeveelution canvas for sale.
You can check it out by clicking the photo.

09 July 2016 @ 10:53 am
Second lot of commissions is opening up, with five slots available!

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Just for fun, what pokemon do you want to see a kuttari of?

Who should get a kuttari?


Have a great day :)

"Oh god! Not Lureche -again-!"

...Hi guys! xD Yes...it's me again. Sorry for posting so regularly recently...

I've at least come with something interesting to post this time though =D Gets! All kinds of gets! ^_^

I know I tend to jibber on and on...so lets not prolong this for once and jump right into the fun stuff! Photos!

So what did I get!?Collapse )

Now for my offers reminder! I've still got a lot of stamps and figures without offers and these offers will end TOMORROW! See a preview of what I've got in store below...

...and also find a link to my offer post to see exactly what I have and for more information HERE!

Thanks for sticking around guys and happy collecting! ^_^

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Hey friends! <3

Last night I saw everyone talking on the thread below about how they were having difficulties purchasing Typhlosion Pokebox plush. I've always dreamed of having a plush of Typhlosion since I was a kid, so I was also upset when I discovered there was an issue with the stock. I emailed Pokebox last night and just received this reply:

SO YES, they added some back in stock! I managed to grab one as soon as I saw this and a friend's tweet on Twitter! If you have been trying to get one of these as well, now's your chance! The Furret and Milotic are also still in stock, and at only $18 a piece, it's worth getting any of them!

Hope this helps!

Sarah Ciraulo
So the mailman delivered THREE packages to me today. Three. And I also have some gets from last week that were too small to post about. So here we go! The goods will be under the cut! Thanks to serpifeu, polahbear, and any other sellers I forgot to mention!

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And really quick, does anyone have any info on this adorable little Ditto diorama? I'm looking to buy one of these little guys. :) Also looking for other diorama figures, but this guy is top priority.

09 July 2016 @ 07:32 pm
Hello again! Just a reminder that these two auctions end tomorrow evening at 6:30 PST! The Glaceon kuttari charm from my claims is still available too!
Link to auction/claims/sales post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21420564.html

Thank you! Hope you all are having a great weekend!
09 July 2016 @ 10:34 pm
Hello everyone!
Searching for Serena and Braixen items, particulary this -


Does anyone have them for sale, or know where to get one from?

Also looking for other Braixen (or Serena, if you know of anything aside from the figure and 'Heroine' promo items? I know theres an upcoming mini keychain figure of Serena.)

Particulary these bits under the cut -
Moar foxy!Collapse )
09 July 2016 @ 11:23 pm
Sales permission granted by rypeltajaroll in 2010.


Heya! I only have one thing for offer right now; a hanafuda promotion moltres clearfile that came with the farfetch'd one I received.

Offers start at $20 shipped.

I ship from the US.
No trades right now.
Paypal only.
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