July 11th, 2016

Dragon gets and wants!

Hello all! My Rayquaza collection is growing fast, and it makes me happy <3
I apologize if the formatting is weird on this, LJ won't let me use the visual editor and won't let me preview unless it's posted ;v; I'm relying on HTML coding memory
To start off, I switched out my Dialga/Palkia collection with my Rayquaza collection. Rayquaza is now on the bookshelf, while the creation duo got downsized and put on a single shelf.

Rayquaza shelf got cut off on the bottom, but the mega kaiyodo, kid, and tomy are down there. I've got more coming in, though! The few hanging, and the recall plush, are suspended with thin fishing wire. The McD figure kept sliding toward the middle, but I put a tiny knot into the string so he wouldn't slide anymore.
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Onto the wants! It's not many this time around.
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Collection site

Looking for these 90s Mew cards

Hello friends! I'm not having much luck on eBay and I was wondering if anybody had these cards? Let me know how much you want for them.

I am looking for:
WOTC Mew promo, holo and non holo, English versions only
Southern Islands Mew, English and Japanese versions
Lilypad Mew, English and Japanese, CoroCoro and JR Stamp Rally (If prices are not too high).

I am also willing to trade for them! Let me know what you're looking for.

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Totals for Tomy Style Figs + 19th movie can badges! *o*

Hello guys!

Sorry for posting again so soon but I finally got items from my pre-orders here so they're ready to be shipped out! ^-^ I've been able to fulfil all orders! 8-)

You'll find your total in the cut below, if you have any questions let me know!

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Thanks again for working with me guys, it's always super fun for me! :D
See you soon!
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Any meowth collectors? Curious to see what meowth merch is out there! +sales reminder

Greetings friends! Hope you guys are having fun with pokemon go if you got it haha, but anyways.

Recently I've kind of like meowth and Im curious what other meowth merch is out there, Im not looking to purchase any at this time, Im just trying to see what merch is out there, anyone have any meowth collections? Curious to see them if you dont mind ;o ...or if you do mind I understand...sorry

I know a few of the meowth things but not all so curious what if left to find out about :)

Also, for those who checked out my sales when it had just cards, I have updated it since then with a some random figures, a zapdos dx figure, and a custom furret plush! So if that interests you I'll leave the link below.


Introduction + Want Pokemon Water Collection Figure - Milotic

Hello pkmncollector community! My name is oldmanshoe (its not) and here's an introduction. I wouldn't really call myself a pokemon collector in comparison to a lot of really impressive collectors, but I do own quite a few stuff here and there. I would post a picture of all my plushes and rare pokemon cards, but sadly they're locked up in a storage. But I do have a binder full of pokemon cards with me, but sadly my little brother took out the rare ones to give to his friends (so I don't want to show you guys a bunch of energy cards).
But I do have this on hand...

That little faded use to be keychain vulpix was the start of my Pokemon collection. And that vinyl Vulpix toy I paid $100 dollars for on this very website (which is a lot for 16 year old boy), but knew I needed it (because I lost this toy 2 times in the past). And when I saw this on a 2013 sales post in 2015 I felt like there would be no way in heck I would be able to get it, but surprisingly the owner responded. Sadly a few months later an "unused" Vinyl Vulpix figure would sold on ebay for $60...but I didn't care; I loved my vulpix.

 Anyways I just recently began collecting again, because I came across this toy...

(Hasn't arrived yet so I have to show you the packaged picture)
Probably not really rare, but I just buy what I NEED. And Azurill is my second favorite Pokemon (next to Vulpix being first of course). When I first saw this I was quite baffled because I don't ever remeber seeing a pretty decent sized azurill toy in those sets, so I thought to myself "If I missed out on this what else did I miss out on?" Lord and behold...

Milotic (my third favorite Pokemon). But just because she's my third favorite Pokemon doesn't mean a thing I said to myself I needed this specific figure. The "Pokemon Water Collection Figure - Milotic". And I got that same strong desire I had with the Vulpix (minus the nostalsia). And I don't usally ask for stuff because of my anxiety, but I wanted to just take a chance and ask.

This is what the rest of the set looks like. Its from 2010.

If anyway has a spare willing to sell or know where I can find this milotic I would greatly appreciate it ^.^.

Collection Update + Wants + My Ultimate GRAIL get achieved!

Hey all! So I changed the appearance of my collection a bit and I finally got something I been after for tad over a year! Everything is under the cut :D
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Also is it possible to make a commission request here? I kind of would like to have someone make me a Mismagius perler sprite. :) I plan on eventually to have my ghosties displayed in a similar manner as the kitties since I am sorta a natural horror movie/haunted house fan anyway so I am obviously attracted to the ghosties.

I finally got around to make an actual wants list and it can be found here: http://pokecats.livejournal.com/1350.html
And as always, my collection site, to which I do try to update when I actually have some free time to sit at the computer(s): http://meowthmeow.weebly.com/pokemon-collection.html

Thanks for reading!
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Is anybody doing Pokemon Center Pickups?

Hey Guys!

Usually every month there is somebody doing Pokemon Centre Pick-ups, and I was just wondering if anybody can push me in the right direction to find them!

Mainly looking to pick up the New Kuttari Set of Plush and the Mega Pikachus :)

Thank you so much! And sorry for the boring post

Jaydee <3
*bssm* Bishoujo Henshin

Reminder; Eeveelution Round Charm Auction

Soooo.... I've been crazy busy and forgot to post a reminder over the weekend. As such, here is my one and only last minute reminder that my auctions end tomorrow night! XD; Only one charm has a bid, and that's a pretty sad reason to open and break the set. XD; Maybe a full set auction would have been better? Oh well... ^^; This is a great opportunity for those who only collect one or a few Eeveelutions though, and they only start at $5. Come on over and check it out! :3

Introduction and Collection!

Hi Community! I've been looking around for a while and looking at the community over my sister's shoulder, who is already a part of pkmncollectors, crashdiamond182 so I thought I'd join, too!
My name is Shelby (or shelbert idc that's just my username) and I'm from Georgia, US. I haven't been collecting very long, less than a year maybe, which means my collection isn't that big.
I want to collect a few different pokemon lines, but the main ones right now are ditto, chingling/chimecho, and petilil/lilligant.
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