July 17th, 2016


summer sales!

summer sales and lots, woohoo!!!

You'll notice similar items / lots from my post a couple days ago because I decided to redo what were in certain lots (along with prices, and some better / close-up pictures :D)! After a couple of days, I will be posting all these items on eBay, but of course I'd rather sell to members here. (I apologize for the semi-post redo, but here goes)! Most of the prices are based off of sold eBay listings, so I'm open to reasonable haggling --- I'm not 100% sure on pricing!


denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is >>> HERE <<<
I am a fast shipper from the U.S. and I WILL ship international!
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
        >>> if the extra $$$ for insurance makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
 Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
 Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I only accept payment through Paypal.

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thanks, and let me know if there's interest! :) these sales have been crossposted other places because I need new homes for these things pronto since I'm moving in August aaa. 

Team Instinct Stuff

Hey there guys, so I decided to try and make a custom but simple team instinct logo, and now its on teepublic, so if anyones interested heres the link. I kind of felt I needed more on the sides but I didnt know what to put so I just left it as is.
( I was granted sales permission on June 30th, 2016 by areica96! ) Not sure if I need for this type of post rather safe than sorry^^

https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirt/587877-team-instinct Seems they do a sale on it the first 24hours for $14~ , so if any of ya'll are interested get it before they jack the price back up to to $20~

I'm going to try the others, but it was pushing my art capabilities just doing this so Idk how it will turn out xD

On a side note, I'll be getting stuff shipped next week so if anyones still interested in A Zapdos DX Figure to represent team instinct, some vs cards, a custom furret plush and everything else I got in my sales heres the link to there as well :) http://drzoidburger.livejournal.com/1522.html

Teepublic prints and does'em thereself so they dont go through me, so I cant combine with my sales sorry ^_^

Questions about Shiny Mega Gengar plushies

Hi guys!

Banpresto has recently released shiny Mega Gengar UFO plush prize in Japan and I was wondering does anybody bought or owned him yet?

Here's a pic of them :D

I'm very interested in getting one but I'm extra careful and choosy when it comes to the plush material so I would like to ask what type of fabric does it made of? Is it minky? Or the same material as Banpresto's I love Mew large plush?

Also, what type of material does the Pokemon Center Mega Gengar plush made of? Is it minky?

I hope someone can enlighten me and thanks in advanced! ^-^
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Hi everyone  :) I haven't posted in a long time. I recently found one of my grails on Y!J and am not sure whether I should get it or not, it looks a little dirty and comes with a few other plush that I don't really need. So, my next question is for the comm, does anyone have this plush that they would be willing to sell to me? I rather buy it from someone here if I can. I included the pic and info under the cut :)

The auction ended, but if anyone still has this plush for sale let me know!

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Pokemoncenter Group Buy #2 Reminder!

Sorry for the delay! I was supposed to post this reminder yesterday but I've had a busy weekend ^^;;
Therefore, I'm extending the order to be placed on Tuesday; I will ask for all payments Monday (tomorrow) night and they will be due 24 hours from then~

Here is the link to the group buy: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21450906.html

There are still claims needed for pins like Togepi, Chikorita, Zapdos, PIkachu, and more ^w^
The pins that still need to be claimed are in red~ If you want to order anything besides what is listed let me know!

Thanks everyone!