July 18th, 2016

Looking for Umbreon chupa HOLY GRAIL! plus small intro

Hello community I haven't actually introduced myself yet, but you might have seen me around purchasing and just socializing and gawking at how amazing some of your recent gets have been ^-^ Well hello guys and nice to meet you all, I suck at intro's so I'll try to make it short xP
I'm Pokewomon as you can all obviously see haha, and I collect a good number of pokemon like the eeveelutions mainly Umbreon, Mightyena line, Houndour line, Growlithe line, Manectric, Absol, Shinx line and many more I wouldn't really care to list xD I collect to many :P (poor wallet). I'm mostly a figures collector and I've noticed a lot of ppl here collect plush and I told myself I wouldn't but I've been being slowly sucked into plushing myself so we'll see how that goes ;v;

Okay besides that I'm here looking for the Umbreon old version chupa with all its dynamic pose glory. It has eluded me ever since I started collecting ;-; sad I know, heres a pic just incase you have no idea what I'm talking about
It's the black little fox above.
I'll take it for whatever price as long as it's not insane :/ like I don't want to have to go sell my kidney to cover the price xD that would be an unforgettable experience o.O so if you are selling or know anybody who might be interested in selling plz let me know and I'll give you an internet high five T-T)/ and I don't care the condition as long as it doesn't look like it went through a woodchipper if you know what I mean. I have obtained all the old version eeveelution chupas except this little guy and it'd make me super happy to be able to finally own him ^o^)9

And if you do have the chupa but don't want to sell it I'd still love some pics ^-^ that's how much I love the fig that pics are enough to make me happy lol, and also I'd like to see pics of your collections and tell me what your favorite piece is from it and tell me how you got it :). I really need some inspiration right now, and whats better than getting it from others collections c: and I also want to get to know you guys a little better and what pokemon are your favorites and whatnot, thanks guys and have a great week. And good luck on any grails you guys are after :D

Sorry if this post is crappy xP but I litterally made it in less than 5 minutes, and it's my first so :P and also let me know if I did anything wrong, I would love to fix it.
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Major grail wants

Hello everyone! I know I posted this a while back but I am still in search of a few grails of mine. No lo ng er need any of th e bell plushes except jolteon. That rayquaza has been a thorn in my side and escaped me to many times. If anyone has these or sees them for sale please please let me know!

Small bump for my sales page:

1:1 Pokemon plush collection update: Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle

Hey there! I received my Jumbo Pokemon Center Bulbasaur plush this morning, so I can finally share pics! (Charmander and Squirtle arrived last Friday) These are the USA releases, it cost $199.97 for all three.(with free shipping)

The box Bulbasaur came in was labeled and numbered on the outside, something I've never seen when ordering from pokemoncenter.com. Mine was #4 out of 700, I'd love to know what your number was if you ordered one! Did anyone here get #1? I posted about the stock here before I ordered, so I missed out on the "top 3" lol.

So, you're probably wondering how they compare to the Japanese releases..... Was it worth the extra cost to import them? Would've you been better off waiting for the US releases?.....let's find out!

Detailed pics / size comparisons are under the cut!

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Since I'm already posting, I'll share the rest of my 1:1 Pokemon plush collection!

Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Chikorita <3, Togepi, Marill, Celebi, Mew, Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, Piplup.
I actually have a few other Pokemon items arriving today, like HG + the pokewalker, but I'll save them for another gets post. (which will hopefully include the Cresselia pokedoll I'm bidding on)

Thank you for looking, and have a great day/night!

Umbreon, Espeon

Venture into the unknown: Clay sculptures

Hey everyone! I have been trying to figure out a new hobby for myself given all the things I used to do I cant really do anymore due to physical limitations and suchnot. After seeing the beautiful work others have been able to do with clay from the store, I decided to give it a try and I was pleasantly surprised at the results! I have to give a shout out to kinokokoneko for giving me hints and tips to start with! I wouldn't have known to start without him, so thank you much! All the below sculptures I show below have been created with Sculpey |||, with an aluminum foil and wire under-skeleton. All sculptures where made with colored clays, so no painting was needed.... just build and bake. My first one was shiny Jolteon and are lined up in the order I made them. =)

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I am so proud of how they turned out! What do you guys think? They are welcome additions to my pokedoll figure row. It looks so much nicer with a sylveon up there... (and yes, I plan on shiny sylveon!) Any comments, critiques, tips or suggestions are welcomed! Thanks for looking guys.

Hi! And summer cleanout

Hi! I hope everyone had a great weekend.
I'm doing a summer cleanup and have a few quick sales today, including the adorable laying Raichu plush and some cute cushions. :)

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I also still have this beautiful Metagross custom that is still looking for a home! He is 18" wide and made by the super-talented Magnastorm. <3

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Thanks for looking!

✿ Huge Auction Reminder!! ✿

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG
I know it's a bit early for a reminder, but i'm celebrating my birthday tomorrow and wont be around for a couple days!! I just want to make sure i post this little reminder to you all that my giant auctions will end on Friday!! So get your bids in! <333

Click on the banner to go!
Those and SO MUCH more await you!! <333

~ Thank you all for looking! Until next time! <3
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Alola Starter LED Sculptures and Sales

I just wanted to let you guys know that I have made sculptures of the new Alola starters to auction- Rowlet, Popplio, and Litten!

They are currently up for auction on Ebay as a set:

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately, life has been busy! As some of you may know (but most probably not), I am 7 and a half months pregnant and me and the hubby have been preparing for our little girl to arrive! *happy dance*
That's why I haven't been active much with collecting or on my Etsy shop. Any funds I make from the auction and my sales will go straight to our baby savings and buying her the things she needs. :3
I still get a lot of messages asking about commissioning light up sculptures. Unfortunately, I haven't been up for commissions lately and don't know when I will have the time again to take any. So, if you've been wanting one of my light up sculptures this is a good chance to nab one... err three! <3

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Pokemon Voodoo Doll Charms Auction - Eeveelutions & Kanto Starters

It's been a long time hasn't it? Well I came up with a new Pokecraft I wanted to share with you all. You've probably seen the cute little voodoo doll charms in gift shops and airports. I just found those so cute I had to give making my own a go. I've been making people characters for awhile, but with Pokemon Go being released I was inspired to try making Pokemon! So here they are, all the Eeveelutions and Kanto Starters. Each are hand made and come with a custom tag with a little saying inspired by their Pokedex entry from the games. I am also auctioning off a custom slot! Please take a look under the cut for more details!

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Pokemoncenter Group Buy #2 Payment 1! ORDER PLACED

  • Please send payment 1 to diamondphantom@gmail.com within 24 hours from the time of this original post!

  • In the note include the following-- 'Pokemon Center Payment 1--username, item 1, item 2, etc'

  • Reply to this journal when payment has been sent and include your location+postal code, thanks <3

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Original Group Buy: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21450906.html

Thanks everyone :D