July 19th, 2016


Updated sales post~

Jeez all I post now in days are sales, I'm so sorry about that :/ but next post I plan on doing an update ^_^ I added some cool new things to my sales so please have a look :)

I was granted sales permission by Allinia 6-11-14

Er.... I can't seem to access the feedback system 0-0 but I assure you it's 100% positive!

I ship from MS and do not offer international

I come from a smoke/bedbug free home.

If a package gets lost please contact me so we can figure something out

I don't mind some haggling, but don't be offended if I offer a counter offer :)

Each order comes with a free Pokemon card :)

Raichu PC plush $20 Beauty Cosplay Pikachu $22 purlion banpresto $9(legit but head string fell off)

Zygarde 10% figure $6
Lisia and Altaria badge $5
Shiny pikachu charm $9 (christmas pikachu for comparison only)
Ichiban kuji pikachu Keychain $7.50
[VY] Liese

Sales update - figure sets & retired Poke-Box charms!

I don't like spamming the community with my sales updates, but I added dozens of figure sets to my sales today, including lines like Salamence, Gardevoir, Eeveelutions, Skarmory, Arbok, Ampharos, Metagross, Nidoking, Nidoqueen etc!

There are also some retired Poke-Box charms available! Check them out here! Or click the (somewhat outdated) preview picture below:

Thanks for looking! :>

Small gets and wants

Hello all! To start off, I finally fixed my PayPal issue. For the longest time it refused to send money outside of the US and would never include my address. Since the people at PP were no help, I made a new account and now everything is all good c:
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I started listing things on eBay! Here's a link~ http://www.ebay.com/sch/yveltai/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=
I've put up a palkia lot, a giratina lot, groudon pokedoll charm, and various games!
Sales Permission granted on December 17, 2015 by areica96

I revamped my collection site again. The Dialga/Palkia section is finally up to date after weeks of putting it off. I scanned all of my flats (which took 45969047094 years to put them back oooo boy) and added all of my non-flat/figure/plush items such as pencil cases, trettas, keychains, etc. If you want to affiliate, let me know! Here's my site http://giratinaa.weebly.com/

Tomy News Central: Sun and Moon MonColle figures + Updated brand name

Greetings everyone! Today I would like to introduce a new segment for my service on PKMNcollectors as "Tomy Central News" it will be news featuring fresh information (from visual proof included of course) right here, shown on PKMNcollectors only.

Now, as we approach the final end for the XY moncolle era, we expect a new era of Alola toys from our beloved PVC-making company: Takara Tomy.

And according to YesAsia, here are the leaked information of goods we come to expect this year;
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So... yeah. From Tapu Koko, to Snorlax we have an... interesting line-up. Now, the release date may not be around August 10th, because YesAsia isn't too consistant with dates, but that would be rather nice to see them just start right off the bat.

I'm also rather curious what these, Moncolle GET 'grassland' and 'cave' are suppose to be.
So, what are your guys thoughts about this? Excited? Sad that we will not be getting Tyrantrum figures anytime soon? Anyways, thanks for reading and hopefully this was a good take on a new thing.

Red and Green Nendo Get~!

Hi all, it's been a while ^^; Most of my collection is currently in storage, so I haven't posted much. I'll hopefully be getting it all out and sorted in the next few months, so I can do a re-intro/collection post then.

For now though, I literally just got my Red and Green Nendoroid set in the mail an hour ago, and oh my gosh they're so cute~!

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every grail get feels like christmas... literally

It's been a long time since I've gotten one of my grails, way too long. My collection is focused on Pokemon Christmas stuff. As you may know I'm trying to collect all of the Pokemon Center Christmas Pins and today I am one step closer to that goal. I present the 2005 Pokemon Center Christmas Pin.

I can't tell you how excited I was to come across this beauty on YJ. It made my day, heck it made my whole week. It's been months since I found one of my pins. They're so elusive. Here are all my pins to date.

They look so great all together. 11 down, 8 to go. And as always if you have one I'm missing that you're willing to part with let me know.

Wants Chinese 12 inch Abra Plush, Voltorb and random wants

Hello, I am wondering if anyone may have those Abra Plushes bootie that come from china and are about 12 inches. They are a bit pricey on ebay and wondering if someone might happen to have one on a sales post or looking to get rid of it, i am looking to spend 12-15 bucks shipped hopefully with in that range

Also looking for that voltorb bowling plush, just the voltorb and not the bowling set unless you cant separate. Looking to spend less than 20 if possible.

also looking for a Franco and sons Voltorb if they even make em? i have the Franco and sons electrode, i assume and hope they made a voltorb as well and want one.

Also looking for the rubber voltorb and electrode boncy balls, at least they look like boncy balls? i seen them in the community a few years back on someone's collection post, i always wanted them ever since, I think they come in some capsules from a coin/ vending machine from what i can recall but can't find the post of pics of them

also looking for a jakks haunter still, if cheap and with in my budget, i know they can cost an arm and a leg, but if you want to get rid of it and sell it less or have you that has been sitting around in your sales post, i will want to buy

and if any drowsie plushes exist i will be intrested

let me know if you have any of these for sale, thanks :)

Life-size Slowpoke custom plush !

Hey there ! Here is my latest pokémon plush, a huuuge derpy slowpoke ! I began him one year ago so his pattern is not really accurate (if I had to redo him I would change a tons of things !) but he is super fat and perfect for cuddles !! He is 1m20 long (so lifesize :D ) has appliquéd eyes, sculpted ears, tiny teeth, big tongue poking out and even a bellybutton !! He is so nice to slug on during hot summer !

More pics under the cut ! With me holding him for size-ref :D

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You can find on FB with my name Lasciva, peluchière and on DA with peluchiere ! Have a great pokémon time all of you ! :)