July 21st, 2016

Some small sales

Hey guys! Long time no see! Collecting is currently on the backburner for me as I don't have any room to display anything. I'm not giving it all up though, still holding out hope that in a year or two I'll have a place of my own with the space I need for everything. For now, I have some space-clearing sales since I could also use the money right now.

Please note that while I usually put my sales in US currency, this time I've decided to list them as my local currency, GBP. I didn't see anything in the rules about this being disallowed and it makes things a lot easier for me. But let me know if I missed it anywhere :)

Click the cut below to see what I have for sale. Includes some Ichiban Kuji stuff from 2012, a DX Banpresto Shinx and Luxray plush,  Rumble Figures, Jigglybuff Amiibo, Pokemon Time Growlithe Plush, some Tomy figures and other stuff. Will add more if I can get some photographing done over the next couple of days.

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pokemoncenter update! and a quick sale~

so this week, the US pokecen website has updated with a rather small but cute BELLOSSOM themed promo. its mostly clothing, but I'm personally tempted to get the water bottle, just for something different.

clicky me for all the items!

now for the quick sale!

I'd like to re-home my mwt JP version of the secret base clefairy plush. shipping is included in my asking price of $18- but do note that I only ship within the US atm. I use bubblymailers unless otherwise requested.

I was given sales permish on 1/18/14 by entirelycliched under the sn 'soulsalight'
feedback is currently down, but both my prior and this account have 100% positive ratings.

Shiny Gets! :D

Hi there everybody!

Just wanted to show off three new shiny kids I got from munchcollector! :D

I'm a major fan of Gen 4, since it was the generation I was biggest into when I was growing up!

Sadly, Gen 4 kids are the harder ones to find :'/
So, I was very happy to get these three! :D

I was so excited when they offered me these guys last year, but I couldn't afford them at the time, so with my new job, I finally had the ability to get them! I was so excited because I've never seen a shiny pachirisu or magmortar for sale since I started collecting!

I'm super excited, I have three more shiny kids on the way! :D
Until then, please enjoy the rainbow :)

If you have any shiny kids not in the picture, I'm always looking to buy or trade! :)

Thanks! ^-^

Until next time!

~ Ebon


Hi there! I went through a quick and unexpected loss of one of my pets, and decided I need to get something pokèmon to being some light into this situation... Is anyone selling the Altaria petite Pastel Plush? I'm also open minded to little tales merch, show me what you got :)