July 22nd, 2016

Authenticity help wanted for these old TOMY figures!

Hello! So I have had these older pokemon toys in their japanese bubble packing forever now and I just noticed on 3 items that the packaging is different from my others to make me question the authenticity of these old pokemon toys. I would love to collect all of the original 151 in this kind of MOC packaging plus togepi and a few johto starters to re-live my childhood but I wanted to come here for detailed tips on how to spot fakes first! I know there are all kinds of releases for these toys, and I was wondering if these are the real deal with just a different packaging variant. I understand Hasbro distributed these toys to the US and Audley distributed them around Japan back in the 90's.

EDIT: These TOMY's are authentic! If anyone else has these in their original Japanese packaging with Shopro stickers I would LOVE to see pictures of them!

So the items in question are my #43 Psyduck and Golduck, #44 Seel and Dewgong, and #45 Sandshrew and Sandslash. I previously used to own these same toys as a kid (but distributed by Hasbro from Walamrt so I know they were legitimate) and nothing seems out of the ordinary as far as paint or color errors to indicate that they are bootlegs. The only things I see out of place are the lack of Audley logo at the top left corner, different Japanese characters in larger font than all my other MOC pokemon TOMY's, and a Shopro sticker instead of a MediaLink sticker. I have bought recent official Pokemon merchandise,such as UFO banpresto plush from japan, with the Shopro stickers on them so I am curious about these 6 little toys. I bought them off ebay years and years ago, I didn't spend very much on them, maybe $6 for each.

[click me for more pictures!]

Missing Audley Logo on the left packaging of Seel and Dewgong, present on the packaging on the left with Seadra. Also notice the Shopro stocker and the MediaLink Sticker. All my gen 1 Japanese TOMY figures have the MediaLink sticker, but my #43, #44, #45 have this weird Shopro sticker instead.

Backsides of the packaging/backcards:

Stamps on toys:

Here are all my other Gen 1 TOMY's I own, hopefully everything else here besides these three in question look official! I hope to collect the rest of Gen 1 someday.

And my new Team Mystic shirt juuust because why the heck not... xP

*Even if these toys are not authentic I still plan to keep them in their packaging and hang them on my wall amongst my official ones. They have been with me for a long time and I still enjoy them! Need help identifying fakes so I can be a smarter shopper and get legitamte gen 1 TOMY Pokemon toys from now on! Thanks in advance for all the help!
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Updated Sales!

Hey all, I updated my pokemon sales (and set of Splatoon PJs) now that I'm on a pseudo summer break form school!
Click the image or link to be transported to my sales permission, rules, and the items :) Update coming soon! (maybe...) That custom Whimsicott is $18 shipped in the US, please someone take it. This is just a preview image, there are a few more items there

Pokemon - legendary bird trio
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Custom Sales Reminder: Pokemon GO Team and Shuffle Sprite Patches

Hi all! I've fulfilled my prior patch orders and I'm ready to take on more! One thing to note is that I've corrected the Team Mystic logo embroidery so all the Mystic patches I will print will feature the correct version of the logo. :D

I'm also selling a handful of misprinted patches (mostly of the incorrect Mystic logo) at a discount, and as always I'm open to commissions of patches based on Pokemon Shuffle sprites!

Everything can be found on my monthly customs post: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/21451984.html

Do you know if this plush is available somewhere ?

Hi ! How are you all ? I'm in Japan right now and went to the Pokémon Center yesterday ! It was an amazing experience and I got to buy quite a few things ! However, I had no such luck with UFO catchers. I tried several times and spent more than 20 euros trying to catch a Banpresto Eevee, but I'm not very good at it ! However, watching people play was very nice ! More importantly, the Sylveon MOVIE XY & Z Korotto Manmaru plush was nowhere to be found ! I visited multiple Adores and Sega arcades, to no avail. Collapse ) Do you know where this plush is available to purchase, please ? I'm not looking to buy now, however, but rather when I come back. Thank you very much ! EDIT : I caught it myself in an UFO catcher today !! The moment when the claw lifted the plush above the opening was breathtaking !

Sales reminder! New stuff added!

Ended up spending a bit too much on SDCC stuff so now I have to sell haha xD

Added a few new items too :)

Here is my sales post: http://pikasang.livejournal.com/750.html

Sales permission was granted by areica96 May 26, 2016
Rest of the rules can be viewed in the link :)

Prices are very negotiable right now because of regrets lol so feel free to offer to your hearts content! (Low balling will obviously be turned down Ex: Item is $20 and you offer $10 for it :P)

Thanks you for reading! And I hope some of these plushes find good new homes!
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Reminder - last chance to claim these guys + some BAD news ;-;

Hello guys,

This is just the reminder that it's your last chance to pre-order these guys from me, click on the pic to be transported to claims posts!

Mega Pikachu poncho figures vol. 2: CLICK

Candy get figures 19th Movie ver: CLICK
Today is the last day I'm taking pre-orders for these!


Also I have some bad news about Choco-egg figures vol. 2 - I probably won't be able to get them for you guys ;-;
I'm really sorry about that and I hope that you'll menage to get them from some other source!
If something's change and I'll be able to get them I will let you know asap!

Tagging people who claimed choco-egg figs from me:
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Sorry and thanks in advance for understaning guys ;-; that's the first time I'm unable to get something for you and that makes me really sad haha DX especially since a lot of you claimed figures from me... ;-;I hope that'd be the first and only time that something like this happens.


Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
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Anyone doing pickups for next round of Ditto-faces??

Update: ORDERED! Thanks everyone! I'm so excited!!!!!


Anyone doing pickups for these babies? I'd love to discuss pickup and shipping prices, please! (Vulpix, Pichu, Raichu, Espeon and Umbreon are all scheduled for release in August!)

Raichu Marbles +Marble Sales :D

I recently bought a lot of pokemon marbles from ebay because it had 3 raichu ones I didn't have ;;w;;
This is now my glass raichu marble collection <3

Left to right: amber, lavender?, light yellow, dark blue, and 'oil slick' :D

On the other hand there are plenty of marbles I don't want to hold onto xD They're all only $3 each (besides the 'oil slick' ones which are $3.50) so please check em out c: I'd be happy to trade them for raichu or pikachu marbles I don't have <3 (The only pikachu one I have is dark green~)

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Thanks everyone <3

EDIT: ALSO I have an odd request, I'm looking for the French version of Pokemon Emerald if anyone has it? :'3 bit of a long shot but I thought I'd try here before buying possible bootlegs on ebay |'D