July 23rd, 2016

Looking for these!


I'm looking to get others like these:
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They were "batteries" included inside the Burger King Gameboy Color toys. I already have the ones pictured along with others, looking to get different ones. If you have any for sale please let me know and the price :) I prefer buying multiples from the same seller to save on shipping, but open to single ones as well. Shipping to zipcode 00778, just in case.


Collection update + Who's that Pokemon?

Hey everyone! It's been a few months, but here's another collection update! Edit: I'm also celebrating being on here for a year! WOOO!

On my last post I mentioned how I was waiting to receive the big Squirtle and big Bulbasaur to complete my big trio from JPN! And boy are they BIG. Perfect for cuddling!

More collection update pics under all the cuts!
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And of course some randoms additions! Well I guess minus Slowpoke and Mew (altho my mew collection is small and I really need it to stay that way lol)
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So I'm sure some of you, at least those who've I bought from, may have noticed a new Pokemon that I'm after. I think it's time to introduce the newest monster that's fighting for space in my room:
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I think that does it for this upda--- *faint growling in the distance*
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Okay that's really it. I have also gotten a lot of figures recently, but I'm gonna save that for a later update. 3 months of collecting whew. My wallet is just in constant pain, but my collection makes me extremely happy so it's worth it :)
Next up I have my first package from FromJapan coming soon along with some other Japan stuff (um HELLO Growlithe Kuttari!!!!!!). I'm also working on a new wants list and a collection website that I can hopefully get up and running soon. On a bitter note, I still haven't gotten an Arcanine in GO when literally EVERYONE has one :( Growlithes please loooove meeee.

Anyways, until next time, happy collecting~ arcanine

Looking for Shaymin 20th Anniversary Stuff!

Good morning!

I hope you are all having a fantastic summer.

I'm currently in the market for all of the Shaymin merchandise from the 20th anniversary campaign (especially the plush, but also figure and card pack). I'm hoping to buy all from the same seller if possible, but please offer if you just have the plush (since it's going to be the hardest to find).

I'm located in 92025.



Hey guys been pretty busy lately, so I wanted to post a minder for the items I still have for sale. :)

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Also open to haggling, as I want these items gone, but please stay reasonable. :) Have a nice weekend!
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Weekend sales post with some unique stoofs! Come look.

Come check it out. QUICKSALING Gengar Pokken figure for an UNBEATABLE PRICE.

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Pokken Gengar figure - taken out once and put back in - QUICKSALE - $19!!! STILL AVALIABLE AS OF 7/24

Kangaskhan Mystery Dungeon playset figure - $8
Crobat zukan piece with scuffs on back and peg stuck in hole - $5
Braviary moncolle figure - $2
Skiploom PT NO strap - $4
Kabuto TFG no base - $29

Sales reminder, but also open to trades!

Just putting this here one more time ^_^ but also wanted to mention I'm up for trades as well :) some things I would be interested in are a swirlix pokedoll (JP) ditto bulbasaur transform plush, and some of the plush keychains from last years summer festival release (the mudkip was so cute!) but yeah feel free to mention other things you may want to trade ^_^

permission by Allinia 6-11-14

Er.... I can't seem to access the feedback system 0-0 but I assure you it's 100% positive!

I ship from MS and do not offer international

I come from a smoke/bedbug free home.

If a package gets lost please contact me so we can figure something out

I don't mind some haggling, but don't be offended if I offer a counter offer :)

Each order comes with a free Pokemon card :)

If you order by Monday morning, I can ship that day :)

Raichu $20 pikachu $23 and purlion is $9

Ichiban kuji pikachu strap $7.50
Shiny pikachu charm $9 (normal pikachu for comparison) and the mega Altaria badge is $5 :)


This clearfile is just $3 :) also open to trade for another clearfile show me what you got~

God pony sales

Hello all! These god ponies need homes. I have decided to let go of half of the collection. Much of the merch I actually want isn't available at the moment, and this collection really only started because I wanted to collect every legendary figure + their forms when I first joined this community. Plus I need more room for other things. I can ship out Wednesday and Friday of next week!
I have added everything I wanted to boot to my sales post! I'm keeping all of my dark plate items because dark plate is love.
All of my unwanted tomys, chougettos, and keshipoke are included! Various normal type items are mixed in. I even have the 2009 pearly tomy in there. I will trade ANY of these for the remaining zukan I want. I need dragon, electric, poison, rock

Click the link to be transported to items and rules~ http://giratina.livejournal.com/3599.html

To make this post less boring, I managed to find the pearly altered form Giratina keyholder I've been looking for :D I found it MWT for $7 on Y!J. First Giratina figure I got in a while! I also received my Rayquaza puppet plush yesterday. I don't suggest putting your hand in the puppet part unless you've got tiny hands. Mine almost got stuck gfhlkgfgl

Gets Post + Still need ID help!

Hello everyone!

I hope you're having an excellent summer :)

I've gotten some additions to my ever-growing collection, and I thought I'd share!

Also, I still need some ID help with the charizard and clefairy squeaky toys.
Sorry for the less-than-stellar photos- my phone doesn't like taking nice pictures.

On to the gets!

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And now the strange squeaky toys that I'd like some information on.

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Thank you for reading and have an awesome day/night!

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Auctions! *o* ~ends 30th July~

Hello there guys! ^o^

The time for some auctions has finally come!
Here's a tiny preview *v*

So I have Glaceon chupa figure, few pretty old postcards, a bunch of Eeveelu items, some holo pogs and MORE!

Auctions will end NEXT SATURDAY (30th July) at 10 PM my time (Poland), please use the timer -  click

Shipping starts at $1.7 worldwide and usually doesn't go over $3.5, if you're concerned how much your shipping would be please ask for the quote!

If you have any questions please ask them by replying to the first comment!


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Ok, that's it guys!
If you have any questions feel free to ask by replying to the first comment!
Thanks for looking and have a great weekend!
I'll be back within few days with some huge and awesome sales :D

You can bid as soon as the thread for the item you'd like to get is up!
ughhh, all threads are up! XD
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