July 24th, 2016

Wants and sales

Hey guys and gals :) quick post here. I'm going to be getting in some new stuff for sale soon and I wanted to bump my sales post again. Feel free to make offers, I want to get rid of some of this stuff! I don't bite! :)

Also another pitch for my wants:

Thanks to everybody, I was able to obtain flareon, vapreon, and eevee bell plush and a buneary pokedoll (still looking for a buneary pokedoll with jp tags)

Researhing for Nidoking, Nidorino and Nidoran mâle Merch !

Hello Dear Community!
This is my first ever post, hope this will go well :D

I searching for any merch from nidoking, Nidorino or Nidoran mâle.
With Postage to France ( Most of the time the price of postage scares me )
I'm especially looking for stuff that I will fall in love with aha !
For those how would like to see my display. I Have photos on Instagram
Here's the link https://www.instagram.com/misterdearlove/

Thanks for having me !

Sales update and collection photos!

Hello, friends! I wanted to share that I've just updated my sales post. I moved house just recently and was forced to do some weeding since I simply don't have space for some things anymore. Please give these guys a new home! Click the banner to go the post.

IMG_2898 IMG_2901 IMG_2899

I also just finished setting up my collections and thought I'd show photos of everything!
IMG_2972 IMG_2990
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That's all I have for today. Thank you for viewing! Please enjoy the rest of your day!
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Real Attack Infernape figure by Jakks

I'm looking for details on this Infernape figure. I know I had it at one point. But I may have lost it as I can't find it. I remember it was a decently big Infernape toy with some articulation. I was wondering of anyone has it? I'm curious how it scales with the current TOMY Ash figure and the D-Arts starters. Is it to big? Is there even an Infernape that scales decently with 1/12 figures?

Pic in link since Im on mobile


August Plush Commissions {CLOSED}

EDIT: All spots are full, thank you! I'll be opening more once I finish these~
Hello again!
I'm here to say that my commissions for August are open! ^^ I just finished up the round from June and with that I now have a couple more
styles to offer!

I will be doing commission slots a little differently this time. I won't have a set number of slots open, they will just be open until I feel like the workload is where I want it. But the rule for one plush per slot still stands!

I can remake a lot of the plush I've already made, but some were commissioned as OOAK so please keep that in mind.

Some of my rules have changed so please take a look at that~

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I'll answer any quotes or inquiries in the comment threads below~ :D

Commission Slots:

1.syminka It's demo style Houndour keychain plush (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
2.syminka It's demo style Growlithe keychain plush (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
3.starrypurrloin Purrloin OC kuttari (50% PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
4.tifflesarcanine Rockruff pokedoll (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
5.chronidu OOAK Seviper kuttari (9inches) (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
6.clair2522 It's demo style Skuntank keychain plush (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
7.clair2522 It's demo style Wigglytuff keychain plush (PAID) (FINISHED) (SHIPPED)
Thanks for reading! ^^
Cute Eevee

Moving Sales!

Hi everyone, I hope you guys are doing well and enjoying Pokemon GO :).

I'm moving across the country in August so I need to clear out some of the remaining Pokemon merchandise. I've completely updated my sales, added some new things, took new pictures, and reduced prices. All non-clear kid figures are now $2, regardless of rarity. Plush have also been heavily discounted.

Also, in honor of Pokemon GO: Anyone who shows me a screenshot of a 500+ CP Pokemon gets a free kid figure with purchase :). I'll need to see a time stamp, a note with your name, or something similar to make sure it's from your game.

**Sales permission granted by astralvulpes in 2009**

Sales Preview:


Link to sales: http://samisales.livejournal.com/1290.html

Permanent sales post! Plush + figures

Hey guys! I'm finally working on remaking my sales post, so today I'm bringing the plush + figures part c:  I've taken completely new photos, added new plush and figures, and reduced the price of some stuff. I also have two new helpers that will help me announce my sales post updates from now on - Pikipek and Mienfoo! My former banner's Smeargle is now figuring out his schedule so that he can pose for my flats and custom art commissions banner, which will come together with the other half of my sales post very soon ^_^
Sales rules/info:

  • My sales permission was approved by entirelycliched on September 20th, 2014. My feedback can be found here. All PKMN Collectors rules apply.

  • I ship from Spain and I ship internationally. I usually ship within 1-2 days. Given price quotes are for regular shipping - tracked shipping is also available for 3USD extra. I won't be responsible for lost or damaged items that didn't have a tracking number.

  • All of my items are stored away from smoke, pets, and food.

  • All prices are in USD and do not include shipping or fees. I only accept PayPal. Please don't forget to send your payment as "Goods" and state your username and what you bought in the memo!

  • Commitments get priority over quotes. I will only hold an item if you're 100% committed.

  • I do accept trades or partial trades for things in my wants list, as long as you've got 10 or more feedback - if not, your item(s) should arrive before I send mine out.

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Tomy help?

I've been reading a few guides and browsing lots of images but sometimes it's hard to sort things out-so I've come to ask the true professionals.

Have I just purchased a legit tomy? The lack of silver/gray stripe at the top of the box worries me, but I've seen other 151 'mons without it too so I hope I'm safe.
I neeeeed this guy in my life!

EDIT: General consensus says that this guy is legit. Thanks guys! I hope to have my collection out when he arrives. :)

2.5D figurines soon available for custom commissions!

I came here last late May showing this new project alongside to the already long existed handmade keychains but the preparations and sudden commissions took me longer than expected!
Putting this new brand crafting goods to under control took it sweet time but finally I got there!

2.5D figurines! 15 cm tall (A6 size) crafts with several layers of sponge in different parts of the body granting some dimension, breaking the 2D wall! They'll range betwen $20-$25 depending the complexity of the character!


In the previous post I presented that charizard over there, a 10% zygarde and two yo-kais. All of them got forever homes so I want to thank once again mothsicles and ibburger for giving the two mons mentioned forever homes! The Colress and genesect figurines were commissions from a past buyer which already have them at home too :)

Also thank you for j_degnan for giving me the idea for this concept! You get the credit for it!

This long preparation was also due to the planning of what else I can offer for these new custom service. Asides the usual original sketches, I will have another neat freebie: stickers giveaway!
Full details will be revealed once I open the commissions, but take these I give away for digital art commissions at the moment as an example:

The figurines will get an exclusive set which will change every month!

So that means I will open the commissions in this community on 1st August!

Stay tuned! ;)