July 25th, 2016

Venu Pokedoll

quick lil want post

hey guys! long time no post. hope the holy trinity of pokemon collecting are treating you all well. i'd stay and chat but i'm just after a teeny little want today

a poliwhirl metal figure! a natural metal colour would be ideal but this begger is not a chooser, i'll take what i can get.
shipping would be to australia

thank u my beautiful peach sundaes!!


Hey, guys.
I have a ton of f figures and plush for sale. Some plush are pretty rare too. http://gaarasyami.livejournal.com/37949.html Please check it out!


Sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/
(community rules apply)

Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please let me know if you want insurance added.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment.
If you say you want the item please pay within 24 hours. I will not hold items.
Prices stated don't include fees or shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from the USA . I will ship international but it's expensive from the USA!
I do not accept trades.
Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/gaarasyami/
sailor pika

2016 Pokemon World Championships art and Pikachu plush revealed!

Woah, longtime no post but Pokemon Worlds is next month, August 19-21st in San Francisco, California!

Love the artwork and the Gen 1 Pokemon :3

I was just in SF this past weekend and caught so many Pokemon in the North Beach & Marina District area. I took Sailor Pikachu and took a pic with the Magikarp in the bay! Golden Gate Bridge in distance.

Who will be going to Worlds? Can't wait to see you all there! I will be there with my local SF Bay Area friends but it will neat to meet others!

Looking for Slowpoke glass tumbler!

Hi everyone! this might be a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone might have the Slowpoke glass tumbler from the US Pokemon Center site that they would be willing to sell? (Or maybe know of a site to get it that I haven't found?)

I bought one for my boyfriend as a birthday gift, but I just knocked it off the table and broke it. Of course now it's out of stock. I'd really like to replace it for him! Thank you! 

Handmade Lucario Cosplay!!

Hello everyone! I have been silent about this (not so) little project I was commissioned to make for fellow LJ user.. splash ! As some of you know I am a fursuit maker and they have given me the opportunity to bring a Pokemon to life for them!

As the title says, it is a Lucario!

Look under the cut for more pictures and information on this fella!

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Kura Icon by Pichu90.

MPC Plush for Sale!

I was looking at my MPC plush that I have and have decided to part with a few of them.:

Charmander- $13
Gogoat- $14

Not pictured but also available- Litick- $14

All have all of their tags attached and have been used for display only. All of my sales info can be viewed here: http://pkmncollectors.livejournal.com/13646573.html

I will ship within the US and Internationally. Paypal only,no trades. 

A new collection appears! Also recent gets and questions on a Raichu

Hi my name's Abailie and I've been a collector here for a while but I don't post terribly often but I had a few things I wanted to share. So I absolutely love the Kuttari line from the Pokemon Center as well as the jumbo sleeping plush and before I knew it I was collecting sleeping/laying Pokemon, which makes perfect sense because sleeping is one of my favorite pass times. I love how easily the Kuttaris stack and how the recent banpresto laying Raichu just blends in so easily with them. (He's like their king) I keep all of them on top of the headboard of my bed because, you know they're perfect there. Worth noting though in the picture that the Typhlosion, Weavile, Treeko, and Shinx are all not Kuttari. The Typhlosion is from Pokebox (it's a great plush btw) the Weavile and Shinx are Tomys and I believe the Treeko is from hasbro during the advance generation. I do hope that the Pokemon Center starts carrying the other Kuttari waves soon.

I also recently got the New Raichu from the Banpresto I <3 Pikachu + and frankly I was a little confused by it. I noticed it's arms were strangely long and that it was a more vibrant yellow than the other Raichus from the set. Typically the I love plush tend to lean more toward the pastel colors. What confuses me the most though it has all of the right tags, and other than the color it's a great quality which makes me hesitate to think it's a bootleg. I also didn't buy it from China I got it from a California based seller on eBay with very good feedback. I was wondering if anybody else had this plush and noticed the same things?

looking for kororin photos

Hello guys!

I'm interested by some of Kororin dolls, especially the Eevee's family but I can't find good photos of them.

Look at this cute potato.

Does anyone owns them? If yes, could you share some photos please? :DD

Thanks in advance ^w^

Pokedoll Pins and Badges, Sales/Trades/Wants

Hello! Just a few sales and trades today...
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Sales (will also trade for a US Secret Base Lapras doll):

Ponyta/Rapidash Hanafuda Can Badge - $4
Pokedoll Stamp Pins Snivy, Tepig, Oshawott, Emolga, Audino, Minccino, Scraggy - $5 each
Pokemon Center Type Selection Fairy Pouch - $45

The following Pokedoll items are for Trades only, for other Pokedoll pins and can badges only at this time. Please do not ask to buy or offer a trade for non-pins/badges--I'm really trying to work on my can badge collection first. Here's what I am offering:

Sparkly Pokedoll Stamp Pins - Whimsicott, Minccino
Pokedoll Can Badges - Squirtle, Cyndaquil, Mudkip, Plusle
Pokedoll Figure Keychains - Turtwig, Chimchar

I'm also willing to buy! (*if any of these are your pics and you don't want them used or would like to be credited, please let me know!):

Pokedoll Badges.jpg

Pokedoll Badges 1.jpg

Thanks for looking!

Question about Meowth Statue

Hello, this is my first post. ^^

A while back I found this Meowth statue (5 in. tall) out of its box at a flea market.

I'm guessing from the sides of the stands that there are others that connect to it. It also has a hole underneath (perhaps a bank??) Could anyone tell me where it comes from? thank you

Sales update!

so i have added many non flats to my shop! plushes and mini figures mainly... I also still have many flast lefts such as pan stickers and vs cards... please come by and take a look!

Here is a preview of my store:

click the pictures or HERE to go to my shop!

Thank you!

Pokemoncenter Group Buy #2 Payment 2! Good+Bad News

Bad news first!
They only shipped me the pins and not the shirts/hats/tcg stuff :(
I let them know and they'll be shipping them out tomorrow;
This affects deranged_girl violetcyrene magmanerd
(Don't worry about sending payment until I get your items!)
I'll let you guys know as soon as they come in; sorry for the trouble ;;;;

Good news, all the pins are here! Payment 2 and images are below~ thanks everyone for participating!

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Mewtwo destroy

Ohai again guise! - or - random collectors' question

Hai again guise! It's been ages since I logged in to buy some new merch. If only money weren't an issue.

But anyway, I'm back in the collecting game once again. And I have a couple of questions for y'all:

  1. Is there such a thing as a (legit) sandslash plushie? If so, does anyone have one for sale?

  2. For those in the UK, has anyone tried this website? http://kuurupop.com/pokemon-21-c.asp Does it have legit merch, or are these all bootlegs? That 'pikachu costume set' makes me question everything, so I just want to be sure.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I look forward to even more collecting with you all :)

ebay auctions - Heracross UFO, Cresselia UFO, Togekiss UFO + more!

Hey guys! I'm here again with some updated auctions, this time through ebay to make things a bit easier for me ^^

Putting a few up here with direct links to their auctions, as I actually have a few rare plushies here, and I want to make sure that those looking for them don't miss out!

My Ebay Items: Click Here!

Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo.

Banpresto Heracross UFO MWT

Banpresto Cresselia UFO MWT

Banpresto Togekiss UFO MWT

Banpresto Halloween Glameow MWT

Also there's a lot more already listed, including shimmery Shinx and Luxray DX UFOs, both the DX and standard sizes of Banpresto Yawarakai Charmander plushies, the 2010 Banpresto Dragonite UFO, Banpresto 2005 Giggling Mew UFO, Banpresto Korotto Manmaru Ampharos and Raikou UFOs, tons of other Banpresto plushies and keychains. Plus some backpacks, and figures and all sorts of stuff. Please do keep checking back. Daily I am adding more and more, listed as soon as I have a picture and have done some pricing research into each item. If I give up on finding info, I'll just list them low and hope they sell for any price. I need space so I can display my beloved collection! ^_^

If you win something and want to wait to see if you win anything else, please private message me through ebay and let me know. I'm always happy to combine postage, but I do like to know you're waiting and not just a slow payer haha. Also, the international postage shown is likely to be off by some degree. Postage of 500g to the USA came to £12.45 GBP for example, and that covers a few plushies in one package. If you want to offer me a BIN offer, I am open to it, so long as the item has no bids already.

Remember to check back every day to see what gets added!

Mega Want!

Hi guys! So I was doing some scrolling through some selling websites (gotta love those sketchy eBay wannabes, amirite?)

Anyways I found this little guy and I was wondering if anyone had one for sale? :)

Not sure what brand it is, but it's about 2-3 ft. Thanks! :D