July 27th, 2016

  • jyxxie

More Tomy verification, please

Hey, it's the rhinobunny enthusiast again! I plan to soon make a re-introduction post and collection update all in one, but first-another Tomy question!

I have from my original time here in the comm, a Nidomale, Nidofemale, and Nidorina (And Nidorino) Tomy. However, I fear all but Nidorina are fake! So, I come to you in the aid that you can confirm and/or alleviate my fears!
I didn't pay a whole heck of a lot for these guys, but they did all come from this community...


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Kuttari series 4 on PC.com, Johto monopoly + Snorlax beanbag chair on Thinkgeek

Hey there! There are a few new Pokemon items available, please take a look! =) The pictures are direct links, and will open in a new window.

Kuttari series 4 $9.99 each

Snorlax bean bag chair (pre order, ships in December) $149.99

Pokemon Monopoly: Johto edition $44.99

Thanks for looking, have a great day/night!

  • ku_bek

New claims - round Pokemon keychains! :D

Hello guys!

Today I have one new release for you up for pre-orders.
These are the round pkmn keychains/straps - I don't know the official English name of these XD

Each strap is $5, or you can get the whole set for $21
Shipping starts from $1.7 worldwide ^-^

Check out the cut for better pics, claims and more info!

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That's it for today fguys, thanks for looking!

Zekrom Collectors please help me identify

So this is my second post because no luck on the first post but i got this lot from japan and there was this Zekrom trash can in it and i looked online and i cant find any info at all on it! hopefully a zekrom collector here can help me? haha.

pics of the trash can under the cut!
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,haha any info on it  (year, price, is it rare or something?, etc and stuff) would be great!

also i am trying to clear out some room in my house so i have put alot of things up in my sales i have tons more stuff so ill be updating over the next few weeks :3

Heres a short preview:

Click any of the pics or HERE to go to my sales post

thank you alll for reading :)

Card Trades: EXs, FAs, BREAKS, Primes, LEGENDS, & Promos Available! In Multiple Languages!

Hi, Everyone! ^^

I was wondering if anyone is interested in trading cards? I took photos of some of my EX, Full Art, Prime, and a few Promo cards. I also have English Rares, Holos, and Reverse Holos listed here (this list is slightly outdated. I plan on updating it tomorrow.) I have cards in other languages, but am still compiling a list of those.

I'm mainly looking for non-English cards especially Houndoom and Mega Houndoom cards from Breakthrough and promos or stamped cards not available in the US (ie - the GAME stamped 20th anniversary promos from the UK). But I will also trade for English cards I don't have. If you take photos or make a list of what you have available, I can see if there's any I'm interested in. I also like other flat items - stickers, TOPPs, Flipz, Lamincards, Carddass, Burger King cardboard cards from the first movie, card sleeves, TCG coins, pins, charms, etc. ANY items with Houndoom, Houndour, Zygarde 10%, Mew, and Spikey-eared Pichu.

Some specific wants:

Still need Rayquaza from here.

Still need Rayquaza, Altaria, and Slowbro from here.

And any singles of the Poncho Pika sleeves (or any TCG single sleeves I don't already have.).

I'm still looking for Houndoom EX, FA, and Spirit Link cards in Italian, Spanish, and French. Also, I need Houndoom FA and Mega Houndoom EX and FA in Korean. French: I have the non-RH Spirit Link and have a possible trade for a Mega Houndoom EX and RH Spirit Link. German: I have Houndoom EX and Spirit Link and I think I have a Mega Houndoom EX incoming. Spanish: I might be trading for a Houndoom EX.

Topps Foil Houndour and Houndour sticker cards, and any of the Eeveelution cards from the French McDonald's TCG promo set that released with Dark Explorers cards.

-Sales permission given April 23rd, 2011 by denkimouse
-Feedback thread can be found here - Link

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I also have a bunch of TCGO codes -

2x Barnes & Noble Promotion Codes for Charizard EX and Jirachi (code expires 8/30)
1x Keldeo ex
1x Thundurus ex
2x Shiny Xerneas Tin
1x Shiny Yveltal TIn
1x Pikachu Libre/Suicune Trainer Kit
1x Blastoise Collection
1x Venusaur Collection
1x Darkrai Collection
1x Manaphy Collection
2x Shaymin Collection

3x Roaring Skies
10x Breakthrough
18x Fates Collide


~ Risha_Moon

P.S. If you are waiting for a reply from me, please let me know. Due to some personal reasons, I wasn't online for about a month and got behind on messages. I believe I have reached out to everyone I was discussing trades with beforehand, but I might have missed someone.





Yeah like I thought I would aquire a Smoochum Pokedoll before I ever even got close to owning this. So uh, yeah check it out. Story and pics under cut.


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