July 28th, 2016

MORE Auctions + Pokebox Glaceon Charm + Banpresto Luxio FS

Well, I managed to hit my ebay selling limit with all the auctions I have been listing over the last few days. So there are 100 auctions, 93 of which are Pokemon! I couldn't possibly list everything I have put up for sale, so here's a teaser~

Sales permission granted 3rd July 2011 by dakajojo. Ebay auctions link here.

I have put up the majority of my canvas plush collection, some Shinx line collections, rare singing keychains, some old Banpresto UFOs, some I Heart Gothic/Marine/Pikachu lines, Christmas plush, Halloween plush, 3 working talking plushies, pokedolls and lots more.

And that's just one of the boxes. Some items haven't got an auction up yet. As I said. I hit my selling limit. So if you see something you like that isn't listed, you can ask me and see if we can come to an agreement now, or wait until August and see if it get's listed at the begining of the new selling cycle.

A few people expressed to me that they were interested in non-trackable shipping for lower cost. The short answer, is that yes, I can do non-tracked shipping which usually works out about half price. However, this is only for pkmncollectors community members, is at YOUR own risk, and I won't be able to refund you if the worst happens. I've never had a package go missing before as far as I remember, but there's a first time for everything. With an estimate that a pokedoll sized plush weighs under 200g in a padded envelope, you can work out a rough estimate to your country here. If you are a pkmncollectors community member that wishes to bid and take advantage of this cheaper shipping, ask in this thread or in a private message through ebay.

Also, I wanted to offer these items below directly to pkmncollectors members.

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Inazuma Eleven - Kidou Couch Invite

Lots more eBay Auctions + Sales!

Hey all~
With the Lucario fullsuit that mothsicles made for me on the way, I have a lot of space I need to clear out, so I've put up lots more eBay lots! Some end in just a few days so don't miss out!

Bandai Kids lot

TOMY Moncolle lot

Large TOMY Posables and other goodies lot

Other eBay listings here!

And Sales plug!!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Sales Post PRICES REDUCED!! Also Toy Refurbishment/Repair Commissions

Hello everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know I made a separate PERMANENT sales post! Everything is super cheap since its all things I just want out of my room to make space :>

I even have a really special item in there for cheaper than any non-auction Ebay listing for it! Its a Limited Edition Pikachu Gameboy Color.. Check out my sales post for bigger pictures and pricing information on it and many other items!!

My seller information is also found there <3




Also, I have decided I will offer figure and plush refurbishment, repair, and cleaning commissions! I have repaired refurbished and cleaned many of my own Pokemon merch and friends toys I figured if anyone here ever needed help with their own items I could be of service!

More information on that is here:



Ill do a collection update in a few days as well! If anyone has any questions feel free to comment! If your looking to get a quote for anything from any of my sales posts then PLEASE only comment on those! Dont comment asking for claims and slots here :>

Thank you! I hope you all have a lovely day!


Back-from-Japan Rare Plush SALES

Hey everyone! I haven't been too active in the community because I was studying abroad in Japan! I am kinda back home (only for a relative's wedding) but I am going back to Japan this weekend to finish off my program :) In the meantime I want to sell some of the things I bought while I was in Japan! I bought a lot of Pokemon-related things from Japan but first I am going to sell the plushes I bought in Japan first.

I don't have much plush to sell but I found some rare ones like the "Ichiban-Kuji Banpresto Part 9 Suicune Plush 2001" and a couple of Canvas dolls, Pokemon Time Plushes and Pokedolls. Please Enjoy~

I was granted sales permission on 4/5/14 by allinia. and my feedback is http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/haepbrosonearth/

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Ichiban-Kuji Banpresto Part 9 Suicune Plush 2001 with Both Tags

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Thank you for reading!

August Plush Commissions Reminder~

Hey everyone! Just a little reminder that my plush commissions for August are open!
Please check it out! Just click the pic or the link to go to the commission post for more information~ ^0^

commission collage small.png


Sales permission granted skdarkdragon on July, 8 2015
Feedback here http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/leave/?user=scragster

Thanks for reading! :D


Just thought I'd show of some of my recent (and not so recent, but still awesome!) gets!
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I also will be having a super exciting custom get coming in a little while!! But for now, Pokemon GO and work has been consuming my life. I hope everyone has been having a great summer and has been staying cool. Snuggle your Pokebabies extra for me!

Seeking/an old collector looking to re-vamp!

Hi friends! I've been long gone from the community after I sold off the majority of my Lapras/Bayleef/Tropius collections but alas--Pokemon Go is making me miss it so.


I've been out of the loop for SO long that I've forgotten many of the sites to buy and preview some of these newer plush coming out... Plus I'd rather purchase them all here if I can.

(Isn't there a site that keeps track of all the official poke plush made for a specific Pokemon?!)

So, with that being said, I am seeking:

Newer Lapras plushies:

I saw a few recently that caught my eye but I have no idea what collections and where to find that info out anymore.

Newer Growlithe/Arcanine plushies

--the cuddlier the better!

Large cuddly original starters (bulbasaur, charm anger, squirtle)

And lastly, a decent Gengar plushie!

If anyone could help me find some of these I'd GREATLY appreciate it.
Missed you all. :)