August 1st, 2016


Looking for a GA co-host--Grass Pokedolls

Hi! I found a lot of grass type pokedolls on Y!J and am looking for a GA co-host!

This will be my first time hosting so I'd like to do threads and spreadsheets. I would be claiming the bright green mini-Turtwig doll (to the right of the oversize Turtwig, above Sceptile), the Budew pokedoll, and might bid on more items.

List o' pokedolls (most, if not all appear to be MWT):
10th Anniversary Bulbasaur
10th Anniversary Treecko
Mini Turtwig
Oversize Turtwig
Amigurumi Turtwig

*ETA* I made a mistake in the lot--there is a MWT Turtwig pokedoll and just one mini Turtwig. The list has been changed to reflect this.

Custom 2.5D Figurines Commissions Are Now Available! + August Free Stickers!

EDIT: Commissions are now closed for this month! They will reopened on September 1st with a brand new set of stickers, stay tuned!
You can reserve a slot for next month although!

After three years of experience in handmade keychains commissions finally there’s a brand new type of custom crafts available
for worldwide orders: 2.5D figurines!
But what's a 2.5D figurine you may ask?

It’s a mini sculpture that contains several layers (usually 5) of thin and thick sponge EVA in different parts of the body, granting a more defining and creative perspective! As it breaks the two-dimensional wall (2D) but it’s not fully dimensional (3D) it is called a 2.5D figurine!

The Rules:

  1. You may request ANY character you would like from any franchise, including personal original characters! There’s NO limits in that regard. Pokemon, digimon, gemsonas, ponies, sonics, humans, mechas, robots, furries, etc!

  2. References pictures if original characters are required, please!

  3. The buyer may suggest which kind of pose would like for the figurine. I shall grant it with strict precision and only advance to the making after their approval!

  4. Payment via paypal only!


$20 - $25
15 cm tall (roughly 5,90 inches, A6 paper size), very light and the supporting piece is removable.
Prices depends of its complexity ($20 if a simple design, $25 if a detailed design)

These first two figurines are examples of simple designs while those who require more effort such as Genesect and Colress shall be classified as detailed designs.

Two separate figurines interacting each the other can be granted as long they get their own base piece!


Half of the size of the regular figurines (7.5 cm tall, roughly 2.9 inches), can only contain 3 layers of thin sponge.
Only simple designs are possible or very chibified versions.
Good to create cute interaction sets (such as the two white lion yo-kais above) or a mini collection.

Until now, every keychain commission contained the original sketches as free offer for the purchase. But now there’s more to give away!
From now on, every month will count an exclusive set of three stickers to offer! Starting in the first day of the next month, a brand new trio of stickers will be presented!
These are the three stickers to be distributed during August!

So your order may receive these offers if...

    • One 2.5D figurine (simple/detailed design): 1 Salandit Sticker + Original Sketch + Worldwide shipment fee for only $3

    • One 2.5D figurine (simple design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Two Mini 2.5D figurines: 1 Salandit Sticker + 1 Mimikyu Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment!!

    • Two 2.5D figurines or One 2.5D figurine (detailed design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Three Mini 2.5 figurines or any order with total amount starting $40: 1 Salandit Sticker + 1 Mimikyu Sticker + 1 Legendary GO Teams Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment

    • Three 2.5D figurines or Four Mini 2.5D figurines or any order with total amount starting $60: All freebies above plus ONE SURPRISE! (the bigger depending the generosity!)

    And that's it! Please comment if interested and I shall provide the next instructions for a quick and safe commission ;)

    I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched

    Pokemon Sun/Moon August 1st Update

    July 19th Reveal Thread
    June 30th Reveal Thread

    Ohhhhh boy do we have a boatload of new information out today. Underneath is cut is ALL the information, feel free to discuss away! I'll keep adding information throughout the day, there's a lot of new stuff that was just revealed!

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    On an unrelated note, the feedback system is back up! Thanks everyone for being so patient!

    Awesome get!

    I know the umbreon tomy isn't the most uncommon collection piece, but I'm so excited to get this mint in package Hasbro set! I remember seeing these when they were still in stores and wanting to get all of them so bad! I have been searching for the pog for a long time, but I don't remember ever seeing the pack with umbreon when they were in stores, so I was worried it never got a US release. Now I not only have the pog, but the whole set that came with it. I opened the corner of the package carefully to flip the pog around and then taped it back together. I otherwise plan on keeping the whole set just as it is in box. Too bad there are some scratches on the plastic in front of the figures, but it doesn't bother me too much.

    More pictures:

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    jan and raichu >> BFFs

    Hi!! A re-intro and sales!

    Hello fellow pkmncollectors!! It's been a really long time since I've last been on here! I've changed my username from "squalls_scar", but maybe you'll recognize me from my collection photos or even my bountiful Raichu icons?

    I wanted to drop by because Pokemon Worlds is quickly approaching, and I'm thrilled that I'll be able to go for once seeing as how close it is to me this year!! I hope to meet some of you there! But first I should re-introduce myself~

    My name is Jan, and I've been a pkmncollector since 2010. Before I joined, I didn't have much Pokemon merch besides the occasional toy from whatever local retailer. It wasn't until I decided I wanted a matching set of dolls for the Pikachu evolution line that I learned about Japanese Pokemon merch. My mind was BLOWN. As I researched the possible sets of dolls I could get for the Pikachu line, I had the urge to collect beyond that. I started to grow very fond of Raichu (I always had eyes for Pikachu growing up; to be honest, Raichu scared me as a kid), and eventually I ended up with the collection I have now.

    My collection isn't limited to just Raichu though! I collect whatever tickles my fancy! Though I guess my biggest side collections are for Vulpix (so glad it is getting more merch these days AND A NEW FORM), Fennekin, and the Eeveelutions. If you did not know already, foxes are my favorite animals. <3

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    And like most collectors, I have to make more space for new merch... So please take a look at my current sales!

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    Thanks for looking!! :)
    Pokemon - Bulbasaur

    Pokemon Kana tote bag question + Bulbasaurs wanted

    I'm in love with the Pokemon Kana promotion and need some of those items in my life. However, because I would be using the items on a day to day basis, I want to make sure they're practical enough for my needs.

    Does anyone own one of the tote bags? If so, would you be willing to take pictures of the inside? I'm most concerned about whether there is a zipper / velcro / etc at the top to keep items from falling out, but I would also like to know the approximate size (depth in particular; I think the width and height are listed on the official promo page) and if there are any inside pockets/compartments. I'm guessing the answer is "no" on extra compartments since it's a tote bag?

    On that note, I'm also looking to buy the starters + Pikachu mug from the same promotion, plus some recent Bulbasaur mechandise.

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    I'm willing to look at other Bulbasaur items too, but I probably already own them if they are older releases. Please list your prices when posting. I am in the US for shipping purposes.

    Korean PokeKyun Box Opening Livestream

    Hi, Everyone!

    Today, I'll be opening a Korean PokeKyun box. This'll probably be a pretty short Livestream since it's only 20 packs (100 cards).

    If anyone else has Korean PokeKyun (or any language other than English or Japanaese) for sale or trade, please let me know! I don't think I"ll get a full set in this box, so I'll probably be looking for a couple cards after the livestream.

    If there's any cards you think you'll be interested in, feel free to comment and I"ll let you know if I get any duplicates. ^^

    Livestream Link As usual, my dogs will probably make an appearance at some point. My livestreams are silent, so don't worry about your sound. I will be typing in the chatroom as "maitaidelight" or "risha."

    I will edit this text once the Livestream starts. Which should be around 5:15pm Eastern Time. Livestream Over!

    Pulls were about what I expected. 3 EXs and 2 FAs. I was really hoping I would pull all four Eeveelution cards but I didn't think I would. Still 3 out of 4 is really good! :D

    I have more than one duplicate of most of these. I only have one duplicate of Charmander, Flabébé, and Flareon EX.


    Ones I'm looking for from Korean PokeKyun:
    007/032 Flareon EX Full Art
    010/032 Pikachu Full Art
    020/032 Mega Gardevoir EX Full Art


    Also, I should be doing a Steam Siege booster box opening Livestream on Thursday and possibly a French booster pack opening either during that Livestream or sometime next week. EEE! It's so nice to be opening some packs after my hiatus. XD!

    If anyone is definitely interested in the Steam Siege packs, let me know. I'll have at least 42 of them when I pick up my order.

    I still have the cards and TCGO Codes mentioned here for trade/sale - Link And, I'm still looking for the items mentioned there as well. ^^

    ~ Risha

    And, in less happy news, RIP Mew! ;_;

    My dogs NEVER go near my collection stuff. But my aunt's dog decided that this Mew sticker would make a tasty snack yesterday. :( I wasn't very attached to it but it was one of the oldest items I kept from when I was a kid. At least it's not complete destroyed. BUT STILL! UGH! x.x

    Class is now in session! + Weeding sales post

    Today I walked into my room to see this...

    Raichus learning to be raichus x3

    Anyways, I hope everyone is doing great so far and preparing themselves mentally and physically for the beginning of school x_x Recently, my sister and I decided to do some weeding to make space for other stuffs (collection update coming soon!) So lets get onto the sales...

    - Sales permission was granted by areica96 on May 26, 2016
    - My feedback is here:

    Click on the photo or here to be transported to my sales post :D

    Anything bought today will be shipped tomorrow :D

    Thank you for reading!
    • ku_bek

    Kubek's NEW SALES! *o*

    Hello everyone!

    It's time for some new sales!
    I've got a lot of figures, flats and few other things! (there's about 140 pics under the cut so prepare yourself for some scrolling! :D)

    There're three main sections:
    1. Figures
    2. Misc items
    3. Flats

    As always shipping starts from $1.7 and usually doesn't go higher than $3.5 (worldwide) ^-^

    Please post your order in comment in THIS POST, not in my old sales! ^-^

    Remember that you can always combine these items with items from my old "new" sales XD


    Tagging "few" people ^o^
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    Ughhhh, that's it guys! :D Have fun browsing!
    Btw I just received package with CANDY GET figs so I'll post total for these tomorrow!

    EDIT: OK I think I replied to all the comments! :D If I didn't reply to yours let me know!
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    Rei's intro post!

    Hello everyone! I'm a new member, so this is my introductory post.
    You can call me Rei! I live in Singapore and have been a Pokemon fan for quite a while. My favourite Pokemon is Absol. I do have a collection of misc merch, but it is a rather small one, since I was only limited to buying locally. I recently made a paypal tough, so now it's time to buy everything muhehehe >:3

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    I am still currently deciciding on how many collections I want, so if someone can give me an opinion it would be great!

    ♢How many main and side collections do you have?

    ♢Would you purchase merchandise of other pokemon you like, yet do not specifically collect?

    ♢If you favor a certain pokemon of an evolution line and wish to have a complete collection of them, would you want to have a complete collection of it's pre-evolutions as well? Especially if it's pre-evolution has more merch compared to your favourite stage? [ Ex : Kalos starters merch vs final form merch for Delphox ]

    I'd like to know this because i don't want to end up with too many side collections and no money, so please let me know! °^°

    Anyway, thanks for reading, I hope I can find some cool merch and meet some people ;w;



    Hey there wonderful community members! :D

    I'm here with SIX, that's right, SIX new shiny kids! :D

    Let's go already!!! :D

    Shiny Buneary, Snorunt, and Ivysaur kids, courtesy of jaydee93!!!
    We've been in talks off and on about ivysaur and snorunt, so when they had those two plus buneary (who I have never seen for sale before) available, I jumped at the offer! :D

    Then these grail-level babies came today, ahead of the expected delivery date, and I couldn't have been more thrilled!

    A huge shoutout to kyogres for offering these to me! They're truly amazing in person! I never thought I'd truly own a shiny charizard kid! :D

    Thank you to both users, it means so much to me!!! :D

    Goodnight everyone! ^-^

    ~ Ebon

    Pokemon 20th Anniversary Tomy collection: plush + figures (August 2016 edition)

    Hi again! It's August 1st, so it's time for another Pokemon 20th anniversary Tomy plush + figure! This month's mythical Pokemon is Arceus!

    Before I show my collection, here's a link to the Arceus items that Gamestop currently has available. Click on Arceus to open it in a new window!

    Now, on to the collection update!

    Collapse )IMG_3167preview.jpg

    8 down, 4 to go! This year has gone by so fast..... only one more Gamestop exclusive (Genesect), and 3 more TRU exclusives (Victini, keldeo, Meloetta).

    Do you have a collection of these, or the TCG pin boxes? Feel free to share stories / pics in the comments! I love seeing how everyone displays them! <3

    Thank you for looking, and have a great day/night! =)

    Desperately need help

    I'm not even sure if this type of post is allowed, but if not mods I ask please let me have it up for a little bit of time (even 24 hrs would be awesome!) because I have no idea where else to ask this. Please read the cut if you have had any luck salvaging stained plushes, your input is much appreciated!

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    Thanks in advance!
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