August 5th, 2016

Hello again, and a collection update!

Hey everyone!
It's been a SUPER long time since i've been on here, mostly due to being busy with school and work.
I joined many many years ago and was always more of a lurker than an actual poster, buying things here and there, but now that I have been able to redecorate a little bit, and got some additions to my pokefamily, I really wanted to show everything off!

I mainly collect Clefairy (of course), but I do also love poliwhirl and tepig! Bulbasaur is great too.

Well, please feel free to check it out!
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I hope you enjoyed that! I am always looking for other Clefairy merch that I don't already have, but right now i'm trying not to spend too much as I just had a big splurge recently!


Small gets and a zukan base want

I made a both exciting and really sad discovery.
I was looking for that Rayquaza zukan I mentioned in my previous journal. Well, good news. I found it! Baseless, but I found it. However, the sad discovery follows that get.

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Now for the want~
The special RSE zukan I bought came with the wrong base. I could see it from the photos that it was a brown base and not a black base. Which brings me to my want! I am looking for the black base+peg of Rayquaza's. I can do $10 shipped for the base (or less if it's worth less)! I was gonna buy a whole different one, but the one I was looking at was either bought or taken down (I'm gonna assume the former).

Odd Pokemon finds! Also question about threads in plushes

This is a compilation of two different posts, both of them interesting finds I wanted to show.

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Thought I would show you these.

Also, here's a plush design question.

I really adore my Fennekin plush and I have it close to me a lot. But his front paws are bound by a thread.
I've long wanted to take a seam cutter and cut that, then his paws would be free, and I could do even more with him.
But it seems like on some level, that would be... doing something bad to it.
The same thing is with the tail on my Vaporeon, all curved and bound by a thread, but could be straightened.
Does this seem like an ok thing to do?

Also curious, if you play Pokemon Go, what team are you on?
Poll #2051228 What team are you?

What team are you?

Team Mystic
Team Instinct
Team Valor
Team I don't really play Pokemon Go

Flats Sale in Store!

Hello I have a lot of flats right now so i am running a buy 2 gat 1 free sale on all my flats! the flats i have range from pan stickers, bromide cards, vs cards, and amadas. Please come take a look at what i have!

Heres a preview of my flats:


Click HERE of any of the pictures to go to my store!

Thank you!
Glomp Attack

Last USA sales post for a while

Hey, guys. I go back to Japan soon so this will be my last sales post for my USA goods for awhile. If the item is small I can probably bring it back to Japan to ship cheaper for those who are not in the USA. I have two packages already for that.

I updated my photos. Please check it out!

Sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :
(community rules apply)

Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please let me know if you want insurance added.
I will ship within 3-5 days of payment.
If you say you want the item please pay within 24 hours. I will not hold items.
Prices stated don't include fees or shipping. Please ask for a shipping quote.
Shipping is from the USA . I will ship international but it's expensive from the USA!
I do not accept trades.
Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here:


hi! it's been MONTHS, but i finally managed to set everything up- at least, i think this is everything! i still have a few flats and at at least one plush in storage. i'll probably do a checkover on my site later

so for a quick little reinto, i'm lila, and i'm a typhlosion line collector. quilava is my favorite pokemon. i recently moved from louisville, KY, to salt lake city, UT, and in doing so also had to move my entire collection, so i was out of the collection scene for a while.
so anyway! everything being set up means i can get some photos together!
(warning, image heavy)
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thanks for looking, and it's great to be back

Kura pokedoll

More things added to sales post! + Clauncher Card up for Sale/Trade

I have added even more items to my sales post in preperation for Sun and Moon, and just to make more space. Including a Steel Plate Arceus Zukan and a Jakks Luxio figure! Please take a look if those or anything else in my sales would be of interest:

I got two packs of the newest english TCG set- Steam Seige yesterday,but I happened to get one duplicate (Clauncher 33/114). If anyone would be interested in buying or trading for it I have it listed in my XY Era Trading Card List:

I also have some duplicate cards from the HG/SS Era through the B/W Era listed here:

And I still have some misc. flats such as pokemon time bookmarks and stickers in my Flats Sales Post;

Have a good weekened everyone!
ღ Pokémon // Rebirth

Insert Coin Pokémon Range!

I don't know how many of you are aware of Insert Coin Clothing - they're an awesome independant UK brand that does official collaborations with various games to produce really gorgeous clothing! Shirts, hoodies, jackets, dresses, accessories, you name it... I own an embarrassing amount of their clothing, and can vouch for their quality. They ship worldwide, too.

They just announced that they're doing a Pokémon range this year! And not only that...

"The range will launch exclusively at a special pop-up store in London, UK, at the end of August, before landing on our website later in the year."

I've never felt so happy to be a Londoner, I'll be going along to take photos and buy everything for sure!
linameerun, zigzagoon

Ebay auction and some updated sales!

Hello hello people of the good world!

It's almost weekend again and then I am always a bit more happy then normal! =)

For now, I have a big lot on ebay live, please check it out:

Unfortunatelly the shipping costs is high internationally :( But when you live in Europe the shipping fees are 15$ (not 25$!! dont know where to change so ill pay you back after you have won the auction).

Also, I want to add my sales banner here again, because I have lots of sales and also some new ones:
Or click here:

Also thanks so zigguppafu I have got loooots of more new Zigzagoon stuff, I will have them next week and will also make a collection update! :D But still I have more stuff on my want list: >>> <<<

Thanks for watching :D
Also, if you have an list  with tags, please add me up to your list for all Zigzagoon stuff, and Pikachu cards!

Have a nice weekend!

Pokemon gets: new Tomy plush Banette, Riolu, Noibat, Eevee, Pumpkaboo + figures

Heeeey! I found the entire new wave of Tomy Pokemon plush today, and would like to share some pics! I also found the new articulated Tomy figures of Mewtwo and Greninja.

This was my face when I found the Mewtwo figure:

New tomy plush:

New tomy articulated figures:

More pics are under the cut:
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Thanks for looking, and have a great weekend!

Vacation sales / Thrift Store finds

Hi everyone! I actually found something good while thrift shopping today. I found a vintage toy store and they actually had a lot of pokemon figures most were old burger king toys but i did find some tomy figures and some cool bigger hasbro.they had a hasbro articuno i wish i bought but it didn't have his tail so i passed. all are in my sale below except venasaur which i am keeping. i need these plush gone i'm going on vacation next week and need these out of my room before i go. these will be shipped Saturday

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Sales ~
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Umbreon Goldstar restauration + Auction

Hello dear collectors!

I have something special today, a POP 5 Umbreon Goldstar I managed to snag up from European PCM at quite cheap, but in horrible condition with sharpie smeared over it. Now, as someone who makes their living with altering and restoring trading cards, I couldn#t pass up the opportunity and decided to make it look pretty again - and offer it up for grabs to you guys.

Read more to see the before/after shots and the auction details!

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Hello comm! ♡ Thank you so much to the members who helped me with my Japan funds in my last sales post!! ^^ I said I'd be back with a collection update the next time I posted but I'm in need of some money so sales it is! :3

I promise I'll do an update soon and I'll throw in a preview of my collection for you in the cut below :D

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I mostly collect eevees and dog/cat pokemon so there's a chance that you might find something if you enjoy this type of pokemon ^^
I also have some charms and other stuff as well, please take a look

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Thanks so much for looking ^^