August 8th, 2016

First package using FromJapan + A grail of sorts

Look what came!!!!!
It's my very first FromJapan package full of Y!J goodies!! More under the cut!

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WHEW! Did you get through all that? If you did, you're pretty awesome!
I'll be back soon with another update seeing as I have another grail in the mail (hey that rhymed!).

Until next time! Happy collecting~

Quick wants: Mew kids

So I have decided I need some Mew kids for the collection! Prefer them to be in good condition, let me know what you have, shipping would be to USA/77306 and I'm ready to pay :).

Extra want: The laying on the back clear Mew kid

The only one I really don't want is the "eyeliner" Mew kids, so keep that in mind please!

Also: Grail plush wants:aka I will love you forever/pay you ridiculously if you have one to sell
Fuzzy Pokemon Center Mew
1:1 Talking Mew (HUGE bonus if the voice box works!)
Huge Tomy Mew

Last sales reminder for a few weeks

Hey everyone

I'm leaving for California and Japan next week so my last shipping day before that will be tomorrow. The next time I'll be able to ship after that will probably be the Tuesday after Labor Day.

Having said that, I hope to make my next gets post on any stuff I end up getting from the several Pokemon Centers I'll be able to visit while in Japan.

Here's a link to my sales post:

Thanks and I'm especially looking forward to seeing what Japan is like :)
Rattata Pokemon Time

Lady Pika gets <3 + decision to weed collections

Hi everyone! I have received lots of amazing female Pikachu gets over the past few months. I thought I'd share some photos with you all :)

First up is this amazing Double Chance girl Pikachu plush from the Modern Japanese-style Art ichiban kuji that took place at the end of last year. There were only 100 of these made! I am so happy I was able to obtain one <3 I had wanted one for a long time and was finally able to get one from Y!J. Thanks so much to tsuiling for letting me know when one was up for auction! <3

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On another note: I have made the tough decision to weed out some of my collections. Girl Pikachu is still my main collection, and I haven't slowed down on collecting her at all, but I have decided to stop collecting a few of my side collections. I recently got sales permission, so I am working on my sales post and banner, which will hopefully be posted in the near future. I am going to start off with mostly selling plush, and then afterwards will sell other things such as figures, flats, etc. The main Pokemon I decided to stop side collecting is male Pikachu. He just has way too many items and I found that I was buying things I didn't even like, just to add to my collection...Which didn't make sense and was way too costly for me. I am still going to buy a few items of him that I really like, but I don't side collect him anymore. I have also weeded out stuff of Pokemon I never really collected, but had some items of. I will post my sales here on the comm as soon as they are ready :)

I hope you're all enjoying your morning/day/night!

Looking for Shiny Kids!!!

Hi everybody!

I've acquired a TON of shiny kids lately, and I'm here with an updated list of shiny kids that I'm looking for!

PLEASE let me know if you or anyone you know has these for sale! :D

-Mudkip (mouth closed version)
-Empoleon (I'D LOVE THIS ONE)

Thanks everyone!!! :D

~ Ebon

MASSIVE plush update in store

i just got in a very very large shipment of plush from japan, which, i only kept a few of ,mainly snivys~ haha. Sooo, the rest i have sorted through and posted in my store. In addition, since so many plushes came in i had to weed some of the plushes in my collection. so if you are interested in plushies please come tae a look at my store! I have added MPCs, Tomy, Banpresto, etc etc.... many many things haha.


click the picture or HERE to go to my store

a gets post with my snivy will be coming soon~

4th Year Anniversary and Reintro <3

Hi everyone! I've recently passed my fourth year anniversary here on the comm, so I thought I'd do a little reinto, with a look at my collection <3

So first off all, I have been collecting since 2005. I started when I was in primary school- I'm a little bit hazy on what exactly started my passion, but I do remember getting my first three Pokemon cards from a kid on the bus home from school. (If I remember correctly, the cards were a Phanpy, Donphan, and Abra lol). Soon after that, my dad took my to Toys R Us where I got my very first Pokemon - Pikachu! And that was the start of the long road of collecting.

Here's a look at my collection from 2006!

collection start.jpg

And here's a little piece of what it looks like now in 2016 (you can double click to enlarge):



One thing about my current collection is that I really don't have room to display it all. I like a neat and clean room, so about 60% of my plush are under my bed in boxes, and around 50% of my figures are in a shelf in my closet :( Once I have my own place, I will make sure everything is displayed. I've also actually stopped collecting plush (with a few exceptions here and there) so at least this problem won't be getting any larger lol.

I've also found pictures from different times in my life with me and my Pokemon- it's funny seeing evidence of how I've grown with them always being a part of my life. If you'd like to see, I have some pics under the cut c:

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I've made tons of amazing friends over my four years here on the comm, but for those of you who don't know me, here are some basic facts (both Pokemon themed and real life) c:

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Lastly I'd just like to say thank you to all the mods for making the comm a safe, friendly, and organized place, and a thank you to all my friends, buyers, and sellers who have made my stay on the comm absolutely fantastic. Love you guys!
Pokemon - Pikazard zzz
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Sleepy Time Ichiban Kuji claims + Auction lot + Worlds Gathering? + Sales!

Hey all, I've got claims for the soon upcoming Sleepy Time Ichiban Kuji on my claims post!

Also have another eBay plush auction lot up that ends in a week~

Is anyone setting up a PKMNCollectors gathering for this upcoming Worlds August 19-21? I didn't intend to go all three days at first, but with GO out and the plethora of epic catch stories coming out of SF ...but also the stories of random shootings at PokeGO players in SF =_= ......... urrrg. I really want to check out Pier 39 a lot though. We like... need an alliance of PokeGO players for that weekend ensuring that everyone's safe, posse style~... What day/time would be best for everyone?

Last but not least, sales plug!!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )
new eeveelutions

Multi-purpose post of multi-purposeness! I'm back with a collection update!!

Hello everyone! I have been a bit inactive lately due to a big move, but I am now finally all moved in and my collection is all newly set up! I am so glad! (My babies had to sit in a storage unit for two months, but now they are all safe and sound!) I've still been collecting, just had a lot of changes going on in my life and I hope to become fairly active here again! If you'd like to see more pics of my collection, visit my journal here:


I also was wondering if anyone knows where to get these ITS DEMO keychains. I am interested in the Sylveon and Espeon only, so if anyone wanted to buy the Eevee and Umbreon with me, that would be super!!

Image result for its demo sylveon download

(Images were obtained through a google search. If they are yours and you would like them removed, I will! ^^)

Also, who else is SUPER EXCITED for the Alola region Vulpix and Ninetales new forms!!?? I know I am!! I almost cried when I saw the trailer! I was in shock! These new forms compliment them so well!! I was wondering if anyone is doing any small customs for these guys? (I am looking to pay around $15 right now)

download 2