August 9th, 2016

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Hey guys! Just a quick post about available in hand stuff on Sunyshore~

First, we got a few each of the newest promotional Ditto clearfiles!

Available here:

We have some Mega Pikachu items available: tins, figures, and some clearfiles too!

Available here:

And lastly, a few Undella Town charms, and Kanto badges left!

Undella Town charms:
Kanto badges:

Sunyshore is always picking up the latest Pokemon Center items, so come give us a look!

Also, are there any planned get togethers for Worlds yet? :3 Myself, denkimouse, and a couple other community members will be hanging around!

LF Vulpix figures and plush + updated sales post

The plush are my priorites, then Tomys, and then kid figures.
Hello friends! I recently soild some stuff and I'm looking to buy a few small things. I would like to buy some bandai Vulpix kid figures and the following plush:

I am looking for ALL versions of Vulpix kids, but the original ones and clear ones are ones I want to buy more than the others.

I also want to buy both versions of the Vulpix Tomy figure. For some reason, people on eBay want $20 or more for it, and I think that's ridiculous. It's not really worth that much, is it? Does anybody have either of them for sale? Thanks!

The plush are my priorities, then Tomys, then kid figures.

I also updated my sales post, it now has Eeveelution Jakks figures, a Leafeon Jakks plush, and more. More Jakks plush will be added soon!
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Looking for 'vees and another sculpture auction (Alola Vulpix)~

Hello! I was wondering if anyone is doing claims or pickups for the new (UFO?) Eeveelu plushes? I'm after Flareon and Glaceon and hoping not to spend an arm and a leg on them.

I also decided to put up another sculpture I made on Ebay for auction~
This time it's the new Alola Vulpix!
I am not not taking commissions and most likely won't be in the near future, so if you're been after one of my sculptures this is a good one to nab! ;)

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Last but not least, I put the unsold sculptures (Rowlet and Popplio) from my last auction on my Etsy shop for sale for their starting price. Someone give these two lonely guys a home! <3

Ebay Auctions

Hi everyone i put a ton of stuff on ebay over the last few days. i just got a lot full of random things and decided to put up some that looked rare
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Bandai kid sealed box lot ~
32 pokemon plush lot ~
lapras golden metal figure ~
i also have some other bin items too

It's Demo Keychain Sales and A Few Wants!

Hello again!

I'm back with some custom plush sales!
Featuring Litten and the Alola Vulpix in the "It's Demo" style!

I am seriously loving all the generation 7 pokemon! I cannot wait
until Sun and Moon; November can't come fast enough! @A@

Check out the cut for more pics and info!

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Also I am really on the hunt for some Spinda items, hopefully someone on the community can help me out :D
Check below for the wants~

(All images were found on google, if they belong to you and you'd like them removed, please let me know!)
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Please let me know if you are selling these items or if you know anyone who is! ^^

Also, a side note to my current commissioners! I have ordered the fabric for those who needed it
and will let you know when it arrives/any progress that will be made!

Thanks for looking!

Lottery Moncolle Plus Arceus (Metallic version)

Hey guys, got another questions for you sweet people: does anyone have any info or pictures on the Lottery Moncolle Plus Arceus figure (metallic version)? Ive read there was only 200 given out, similar to the Shiny Legendary Beast Moncolles, only fewer. Ive never seen any pictures or any for sale, so I was wondering if anyone here was familiar with it. Like always, any help is appreciated!