August 10th, 2016

Mewtwo is a Ninja

I have a confession to make.
The very first time I saw a Ralts, way back when RSE was new, I thought it was a grass-type. It looked like an onion to me!
Now I have one on my team in Ruby on the emulator on my phone. She's named Eva.

The real purpose of this post is to point out an oops I saw today at the grocery store, where they're selling some Pokemon tomys and cards and Pokemon GO! guidebooks. (I bought one of the books, mostly as a memoir thing. All the pokemon are listed alphabetically.)

They were selling both articulated Mewtwo and Greninja, but there was a third package between the two that looked like it couldn't make up its mind...

Am I the only one who found something like this, and do you think it's of any value to own MIB? I didn't buy it, but if anyone desperately wants it, it's at the Wegmans in Easton, PA, US-or I can go back and see if it's still there and grab it.
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pokecenter pins gb!!! [ordered]

hi, all!! I've ordered a bunch of those pin sets from the Pokemon Center site, and still have three leftover. The order hasn't arrived, but when it does, that's when $$$ will be due! It should be sometime this week.

Each pin is $6.33 before shipping and fees. :)

original claims post is here ---

[CLAIMED] - CROCONAW (linttastic)

comment to claim!!! thanks in advance to those interested :)

Handmade pokemon holo cards - 4 slots up for auction!

Hey everyone :D

As many of you knows, I love to make pokemonart and esp. aceos (pokemon cards). It´s kinda a childhood dream for me to make my own pokemon tcgs, esp. holos! I already made a lot of pokemon aceo-cards as commissions through you! :D <3

Now I tried to find a way to make a holographic background onto my handmade cards. I made 4 cards for my first try and I´m super happy with how they turned out! Ok, I screwed up one card by using too much acryl gel :( but it was a try-out and at least, I´m super proud of my other 3! :D

~ Start price for each slot is 10$
~ Shipping worldwide 1$ (no matter how many cards lol)
You will find any other infos under the cut! :)

I also made a facebook page for my art, if anyone is interested to follow me, here is a link:
You can also see my sketches there and new art I make :D It would be so great if I get more people there! :)
(hope this isn´t against the rules - if so, please tell me and I delete it!)

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Thanks all for looking and have a nice day/week! pelipper.png

Small in-case figs GA - we won! Payment 1 here ^o^ + extras available

Hello guys!

After small bid war we managed to win this lot! There's also some discounts for you ^-^


eevee_evs_lover, agui_chan, bamwowza, dezchu, aarux, feraligatrdan, tifflesarcanine, mandamaeh, shelbert67

There's also few extras up for takes - you can see detailed pics of these here CLICK
(money from extras will be used as discount for payment 2 for participants)
In-case Sandshrew - $2
In-case Lickytung - $1
In-case Chansey - $2
In-case Moltres - $3
In-case Starmie - $1
In-cube Treecko - $3
In-cube Mudkip (2) - $3
Pokemon Party - Jynx - $4
Pokemon Party - Marill - $4

Comment below to claim any of these :D


Below you'll find spreadsheet and payment info:
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Thanks for participating in this GA ^o^
If you have any questions feel free to ask them in comment!
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24 Hour Reminder and Little Wants

Hi everyone! ^^

Just a reminder that my "End of Summer Auctions" end tomorrow, August 11, at 2:00 PM EDT/Detroit Time. There's a little less than 24 hours left, and some items, like the Pikachu Seal Books and Pokemon Collosseum Can Badges, do not have bids. I also still have items available for straight sale, so don't miss out!

You can click here or the banner to be transported!

auction banner.JPG

I'm also looking for...

Pokemon Kana Eevee Badge

PokemonCenterTissueEevee-500x500.jpgEevee Tissues
(I know the tissues are on Pokevault, but I'd like to try here first.)

I may not be able to get some of these at the moment, but the rest of my wants can be found here ^^ It's a big list of all of collective wants, so be prepared for a non-Pokemon items.

If you have them for sale or know where I can find them, please let me know!
Thank you for taking a look! Have a great week!
(●◡●) kuro

Wailord & Dragonite Pokédoll

Hi hey hello there! It's been a while. Just stopping in to try and re-home the last two plush :o

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Dragonite Pokédoll MWT - $180 Shipped

Has all original tags, slightly curved but would flatten out fine. Collapse )

Wailord Giant PC Plush MWT - $120 Shipped

Has all original tags. This guy is HUGE so I will be squishing him as much as possible to ship him. Collapse )


It's been a while since I last posted in here... As a short (re-)introduction, especially since there are a lot of new members: I'm a Salamence line, Rayquaza, Rattata and Raticate collector. :)

And for now I'd like to present today's arrivals! :)

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I've also updated my collection website with my new gets, except for the three plushies.
If you want to visit it, click on the picture: