August 12th, 2016

Pokédoll Hunting-

I am interested in buying some Pokédolls. If you are alright with linking your sales posts in comments or letting me know about what you are selling that would be appreciated! MWT or mint with detached tag are fine.

New wants

Hey guys!

I'm looking for a Butterfree Pokédoll (with or without tag). I'm also wondring it's value, since I cannot find it anywhere..
See original image

I'm also looking for the new Tomy Banette plush! AND the Banpresto I <3 Gothic one (MWT).
See original image

If you can help me; that would be shipped to France :)
Thanks for reading!
linameerun, zigzagoon

☼Big collection update, Ziggy time! ☼

Hello hello everyone!

Hope you all have a great day!
I think we all saw the post zigguppafu officially retired from collecting. I can't imagine I would ever reach that point, but I also thought zigguppafu would never reach that point. But because of her, she did lots of her collection away from Zigzagoon. And I (almost) bought everything from her, which I didn't have yet, and was on my want list.

Now, I also wanna show off my new gets, from zigguppafu but also from others, please see below! :D

First of all my best get so far (I think!!!), the Pokemon Center 2003 Polvorones tin, I love it so much! I already had the clear file of this one, and I didn't know there was more of it, until zigguppafu showed me! :D I will never ever do this tin away! (On the back it's Torchic and left Treecko).

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Thank you so much for looking, I honestly didn't know there was this much zig stuff!
Of course I have more on my want list, if you see something, please don't hesitate to ask!

Or click here;

And if you want to see my full collection:

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Have a nice day!

strawberry jolt

Looking for Co host


The lovely Iaibou posted a couple of days ago about a lot. So I thought why not GA it.

But I would need someone to do the spreadsheets and posting. I can do shipping and bidding. This would be my first time to do a GA so please bear with me :3

Pictures under the cut :3

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Glow in the dark Mimikyu charms for sale! + looking for a couple of cards!

Hey there! Short post today:

So I finally went ahead and made some acryllic charms with my own designs! Seeing how much people enjoyed one of my drawings involving Mimikyu, I chose to make some merchandise for the little guy, as I love its design and found it would look really cute in charm format. So... here it is!

This charm is 1.5" tall, printed on glow in the dark acrylic with glossy details, and comes with its own strap so that you can attach it to any device you like. They're only 10USD/9€ shipped and you can buy yours HERE!
If these guys do well, I'd absolutely love to make more of these in the future, so I'm open for suggestions! Doesn't have to be glow in the dark, of course.

If you'd like, I could also combine it with anything from my sales below. Just let me know in your comment that you want one of the Mimikyu charms and I'll get it for you manually - no need to use tictail :)

I also updated my RedBubble with more Pokémon designs which you can get on tees, stickers, notebooks, phone cases and more:

As for my wants, I'm also looking for the following TCG cards - in English, please! I can pay for them, or trade them for some stuff of equal value from my sales post. Shipping would be to Spain.

Thank you very much for reading!

My latest custom dynamic Pikachu diorama!

Hey guys, how's it going? So my friend asked me to make a unique Pikachu figure. Pikachu probably has the most official merch out there and it's kind of hard to make a unique one but anyhow here's the result of my imagination. Since I always sculpt on the fly without a proper reference, a lot of parts change in the middle of the whole process. Being a dynamic sculptor, a lot of times final isn't final so let me know if you got any suggestions as I always like to learn from everybody.

So basically Pikachu is 'grounding' its tail to summon thunder. People with electronics background should relate to this haha.

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I'll be back for more soon so chow for now!