August 13th, 2016

Kura pokedoll

Sales Reminder. :D

I have sold a few items from my sales post but I still have alot left, so if you're in the market for anything or just feel like looking please take a look!




Have a good weekend everyone!
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Totals for Wind-up Pikachus, Mega Poncho Pikas and round straps! *o*

Hello guys!

I got some stuff for you in the mail this week so I'm ready to ship your items ^o^
I'll be shipping them out on Thursday! so please pay by then so I can get everything shipped at once ^-^

And the good news is that I've been able to fulfill ALL the CLAIMS! ^o^

Sorry I'm not able to take pics of Round Straps and Wind-up Pikas because they're in the other room and I have guests there so I don't want to disturb them u-u.

Check the total below for payment info and your total!

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If you have any questions feel free to ask!
Thanks again for ordering so much stuff from me! :D

Also expect some claims soon for the newest line of figs that spunkybandy posted few days ago! I'm super excited ^o^
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Pokemon Get Collections Candy "Bakuretsu no Volcanion Hen" 10 Pack BOX (CANDY TOY) - Payment 3 Due!

Hello to everyone who participated in my Group Buy for the candy toys. I have them in my possession ... actually, I've had them for about a week now, but due to my schedule at work, I was unable to get to the Post Office until this morning to price out shipping costs for everybody. But I digress, I just got back from the Post Office, so the time has come for the 3rd and final payment so I can hopefully ship these out to everybody by Tuesday morning.

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Major want / I dun goofed

I've been a slacker when it comes to re-vamping my pokemon collection, thus leading me to miss out on this beautiful plush that was on Pokecenter:

Lapras is and has always been my all time favorite, as a 10 year old gameboy collector and a 23 year old cool-kid.
I once had a Lapras collection with over 100 pieces, and I sold the majority of them to go to college.

Well, if there's ever a Lapras item I've wanted this bad, it's this one (besides the massive NYC plush... a girl can dream ;)

If anyone has a double, I'd gladly buy it off your hands. :)
Also looking to buy Gengar plushies, and the new pokecenter growlithe / arcanine plushes! (I know growlithe is available on the website, I figured I'd check to see if anyone on here had him!)

Thanks for being wonderful as always! <3

Pokemon Moon: Cresselia appreciation post !

Hello, nice to see you again! ;)

Now that summer is almost over, we're just a few months away from Pokemon Sun / Moon! In preparation for Gen 7, I've been thinking about my main Pokemon collections and my current collecting goals. I want my main collections to complement each other, so I've decided to replace one of my main collections with Cresselia! Which one am I replacing? Read on to find out! =p

More info + pics are under the cut(s):

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The main point of this post is Cresselia appreciation! Feel free to post your Cresselia collections, merch, art, stories, or anything else you can think of! Lunatone and Pokemon that evolve using Moon stones are fine , too! <3
Also, if you have any Cresselia items for sale, please let me know!

Thanks for looking, enjoy the rest of your weekend! =)

Is my Mew a bootie? + Updated Sales + LF Darkrai, Shaymin, and Legendary Bird Trio Events

I have an AG Tomy Mew plush that I purchased many many years ago on eBay, and if I remember correctly it was from China, I think. I'm not sure. Maybe it wasn't. Either way, I thought they only had one but they had several in stock and used the same crappy photo for the listing. At the time, I wasn't nearly as aware of bootlegs. I also have a Tomy Gizamimi / Notched eared Pichu plush, which looks very legit to me but my mother bought it for me, I think, and she never knows when things are bootlegs or not. She also bought this many many years ago on;ine, probably Amazon, so I have no idea who she bought it from or where it came from.
Pichu seems to be legit!
Here's a post preview, as this is pic heavy:

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If you're just here for my sales post, it can be found here:
I've added tons of Jakks plush, including Leafeon + Eeveelution Jakks figures.
Also, I missed the Darkrai , Shaymin, and Legendary Bird Trio events and would be very grateful if anybody could trade one of each to me!

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It's been a long while since I have posted here, and I mean, a loonnngg time haha. BUT, I am still lurking around~ Buying things and what not XD (And I really hope this is allowed D: I just don't know where else to look really, because I havent seen any for sale)

Anyways! I was hoping you guys could help me with figuring the average cost of these Pokemon items. My sister was going through and getting rid of parts of her collection, but wanted me to figure out how much these items sell for.
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NYC Nintendo World Trip!

Hi everyone! I'm currently in NYC, and a few days ago I visited Nintendo World (for the first time in years!!) I took merch pics if you'd like to see... surprisingly the selection is different than the Pokemon Center website.

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This is what I got from Nintendo. The cards are my best pulls from a three pack. The Gardevoir EX is up for trade if anyone is interested!

On a side note, don't you love it how Pokemon is everywhere now? They even made a Pokemon Go reference in the production of Avenue Q I saw yesterday. I died inside a little bit.

And here's a link to my store:
All current orders will be shipped next week.


*~Hurr Durr Durr..


So tonight I went on an unexpected date. I planned to sit, relax and eat dinner since its so damn hot out. When I answered the door to get my Chinese food, the delivery person pointed to a small box on the patio. So, because I'm hella awkward, I like, stuttered, grabbed my food and package and sneaked back in thru the door.


Sneak peak at my handsome fella:

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Have a wonderful night everyone!!

latest jewellery and wants please!

Hi! First up, I am looking for these items if anyone is able to sell them me?

Manaphy, arceus and shaymin mythical collection cards, in *mint* condition please!

and a chatot pokedoll! I'm not worried about tags, as long as it is clean and in good condition :)

Secondly, I have made a new piece of jewellery! It's flabebe!

It is made from bronze, so has a nice gold colour :) I can make you the same flebebe in gold or silver coloured metal for £70 + postage. Message me for details if you are interested!

Thanks for looking!! I'm going to sleep now :3