August 14th, 2016

Quick Wants Post

Hey guys it's been awhile!~ Just posting a few of my wants for a few new items I've recently taken a big interest in and some older items from my last wants list that I haven't found yet. All items must be in mint to good condition. Hang tags for any plushies I'm looking for aren't important.


Ichiban kuji figures: (must come with the display stand)

-Vaporeon, Jolteon, Flareon


-Roselia ufo plush
-Pokebox milotic plush
-Any of the eeveelution kororin friends
-Kyogre pokedoll
-Salamence pokedoll
-Manaphy pokedoll
-Shaymin land form pokedoll (older release preferred)

That's all I can think of for now~ Please be reasonable with prices! US sellers only please! Thanks for looking~

Selling 2016 Tomy Combusken and Marshtomp & Flygon Sales Reminder

Click the above for a full size picture.

Big thanks to chikorita_152 for providing me the information I need to find this! I bought the set for Grovyle, so Combusken and Marshtomp are needing new homes. I'm not looking to make an extra profit on these, so I took the price I paid - $18, which includes sales tax - and divided by 3 to get the cost of each individual figure. Combusken and Marshtomp are $6 before shipping and PayPal fees.

As of 8/14/16, Combusken is sold.

I also want to give a reminder that a lot of my Flygon collection is still up for grabs. Sales permission and more information is under the cut.

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Some more weeding sales!

Looking to sell somethings from sets that I can't keep up with anymore/gave up on finding since it was getting to hard to find them.

Click on the photo or click here to be transported to my sales post ^_^

Sales permission was granted by areica96 May 26, 2016

Thank you for looking and have a awesome sunday!

Alola Vulpix and Spinda Wants Reminder

Hey again!

Just a quick reminder to say that I still have one Alola Vulpix plush left for sale!
Click the image or the link to go to the sales page~

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Also I'm still looking for these Spinda items! Please let me know if you have any of them or know
anyone that does ^^

(I have bought the spinda kids already, but still need the clear one!)

Thanks for looking! ^o^

Moving - Help me get these out of my house Sales - Low prices & LOTS! :))

Hello lovely comm!

This is the second time I'm making this post because I accidentally deleted everything. :')))

I am moving in 10 days to Colorado (I've officially made that public! Woohoo!) and the movers & packers came in like a whirlwind, leaving some items that I meant to ship and shipping some items I didn't want to have shipped.

So now I REALLY need to get these items OUT of my house. @__@ I simply cannot pack them in my suitcases. :(
Please help me get them OUT of my house! I've made some cheap lots with things from old sales, and also things I love but simply cannot bring with me.

Stuff is open to offers, as well as if you'd like to take everything, I'll give you a GREAT deal!! <3
I really just need these items gone, and some money to help with the move! :)

I also have EXes and full arts not pictured that I will sell for CHEAP and in bulk! Let me know if interested!

WAY more items under the cut!

IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpgIMG_1819.JPG

IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpg
IMG_0059 (2)-edit.jpg

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Commission auction reminder - less than 3 days left!

Hi all! :)
Just a short reminder for my auction which ends in less than 3 days!
There are still 2 slots with no bids!
Every slot starts at 10$ for a holo art card commission!

If you´re interested, click the following link to the auction :)


And btw, for all who participated in my contest - I shipped everything out last week :)
growlithe leap

sales... again! :o

hi, all! I was supposed to move into a new apartment this week, but it got pushed back to beginning of September, so I still have time to sell extra merch I have! I added a bit of new stuff (pins, etc), and then there's still some other merchandise that is available from the last post. I added OBO for a lot of plush I am selling, so feel free to haggle if interested!!! Preview is below...


denkimouse gave me sales permission in August / September 2010
feedback link is >>> HERE <<<
I am a fast shipper from the U.S. and I WILL ship international!
I'm not responsible for items getting lost in the mail.
>>> if the extra $$$ for insurance makes you more comfortable with shipping, let me know!
 Please include username and item(s) when sending payment.
 Items will only be held when asked or when you've stated that you're committed.
Prices are in USD and do not include shipping and handling unless specified.
I only accept payment through Paypal.

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Thanks in advance, all! Comment with questions / if in need of extra pictures!

Bulbasaur TFG, Mewtwo TFG and Banpresto Latias Plush for Auction and Sale!

a few questions

Hey guys,

I'm facing a dilemma. My Pokémon collection has grown to be huge, and I truly enjoy collecting and don't plan to completely stop anytime soon. However, collecting does take a toll on my bank account, and my family disapproves of my hobby.

My questions are, how do you deal with your closest family disapproving of your collection? What do you consider as a "stopping point"? Do you consider collecting as a hobby, or a hoarding addiction?

I apologize if this post is too personal, and I'll delete it if it's against the rules. I just wanted to see your opinion since it is a collecting community.


Possible Mirage Plush?

Hey everyone! I have a question about a pikachu plush I got waaay back in the early 2000s when I was just a lil kid. My older sister went to Romania that summer and brought back some pokemon related stuff for me. One of them was this plush...

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Also, just for fun, I'd love to see everyones mirage plushies and collections! Tell me stories- where did you get them from? Was it a lucky find? :)


5 year Anniversary post!

Hi guys long time no post for me! Anyway next week is my 5th year anniversary of being on Pkmncollectors however since next week I am going to a wedding, I am unable to post, so here it is a week early! This time, I will be giving a brief story of how I became a pkmn collector and joined this community!

My name is Emma but I go by Dragonrider49 on the internet. I am 27 (28 in October) and I have been a Pokemon fan since pretty much the beginning with Pokemon Red and a Gameboy colour. Here is a picture of my replacement copy. ( My original fell victim to dead battery syndrome and thus I threw it away) If you haven't already guessed, I collect Dragon pokemon. From Dratini to Zygarde, I love them all! ( Looking forward to some Alola dragons.. not sure about exeggutor though. )  I first joined Pkmncollectors in 2011. I was at a pretty low point. I had just moved house and broken up with my boyfriend and I was feeling lonely. After browsing the internet I stumbled across this community and I joined shortly after. I never regretted that decision. By doing so, I made new friends and found all sorts of new merch from around the world.

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Berry Vulpix

Grab Bag TCG Sale!!


I have said in my last few posts that it has been a while and why I end up sadly being away from the community. SO, I won't bore you this time with that. :)

I come to you with something I hope everyone will like and something a little different. Last week I got all of my cards out and went through them to give duplicates to a friend's boyfriend. He was missing his old cards from when he was a kid and I wanted to do something nice for him(and get rid of some cards ;) ) So that got my thinking. I thought it would be fun and a great way to share my cards if I did them grab bag style.

Please click below for more information on how to get a stack of cards for cheap!! :) :)

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  • kozinu

Kozi Sales Update <3 Plushies, Talking Figures, Sealed Pokemon Blue & m0ar!

 Hallos! I've updated my sales post. The date may be old but all the photos are from the last week or so and it's up to date. :)

-All pkmncollectors rules apply
-I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.

Please click my banner or the link directly below it to view the full rules & info and all the photos!

(I am willing to trade with my sales, too. I am looking to collect some specific kuttari at the moment. I will consider some canvas, mascot or petit plush too, I LOVE tiny plush. xD My preferred 'monz are: Vaporeon, Togekiss, Bulbasaur, Espeon, Flareon, Pikachu, Mew, Minccino, Cinccino, Sylveon, Eevee, etc.)

Or click here to go to the sales! <3