August 18th, 2016


Its demo updates + Japan Sales Post+Pokemon Center Pick ups

Hi, guys. I got to check my Its Demo yesterday so I grabbed what I was able to find that everyone wanted! More people wanted jars than I could find, but I found the bracelets and espeon slippers and snagged them! Only Pikachu goods are really left and basically no makeup. The Pika/Slyveon face powder and some nail polish is left though. No pouches were left at all....

I thought about going to Nagoya to check the other ITS DEMOs tomorrow or tonight to also grab some Pokemon Center goods after my suitcase that got left behind in Shanghai comes. If anyone wants something picked up from the Pokemon Center let me know! I am going to check about the special Nagoya goods. Here is a link to some of the Pokemon Center goods.

I haven't been able to contact anyone about totals or shipping for their ITS DEMO goods yet, but the list is updated: so you can look to see what I got for you!

Also I got some of the Ditto clearfiles and some ITS DEMO goods for sale here! So if you want to add these items to your purchases let me know!


custom pins group buy - ALL CLAIMED!

Hey! A friend just showed me these on Ebay, they seem to be custom pins not based on any official ones :o so I'm organizing a group buy! Each pin will be about $2 before shipping.

I ship from Italy. I don't mind trades for Hawlucha stuff :)
I've been grandfathered sales permission since 2007 (old username: moguryuu)
link to my feedback

Available pins - ALL CLAIMED! thank you :)

- Hawlucha - CLAIMED
- Ditto - CLAIMED
- Slurpuff - samo22 PAID
- Starmie - spikeymerch PAID
- Scyther - thedaftlynx PAID
- Mr. Mime - pkmnexcavation PAID
- Medicham - thedaftlynx PAID
- Zoroark - pepperzark PAID

Looking for american middleman !

Hello everyone !

I finally found the giant 26 inch play-by-play charizard I looked for !
I discuss with the seller who can't ship the plush in France, but removed the announce the time I find a middleman XD

Did someone there could please take it for me? He is pretty pricy but I can't remember exactly how many (approximately 500$, I will give you the money before payment !)

Thanks a lot !
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SF Worlds

Ahh Day 0 is here! I have been meaning to get a big post for Worlds but I haven't seen an official list with pictures online.

Here are prices!

According to this: the retail merch store is open to the public and open starting today, Thursday. Hours: Thursday 4-8pm, Friday/Saturday 10am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm

EDIT: Forgot to mention the Razer Store is near the venue and is having a Pokemon World Championships viewing party and giveaway!

SF is THE place for Pokemon Go fun. After all, Niantic's main office is in SF with the view of the Bay Bridge outside. I've been to SF a handful of times since July and everywhere I go there are PokeStops lit with lures everywhere. Also, pretty much almost everywhere in SF except near the water there will be a Zubat following you. XD Here's a Pokemon Go guide to the places in SF.

Also, you will be able to check out the new this new tracking system they are testing out atm. It shows Pokemon that are Nearby at PokeStops.

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Hopefully, I will be arriving to venue once I get off work sometime after 6pm today depending on traffic and if I finish my work early, orz. I'll be wearing the Pikachu World Cup baseball hat. Also, if you see someone with a big red phone case and a Lure sticker on the back, that's me.

Hope everyone has fun in SF and at Worlds!

PS: I have a Twitter feed list of people that will be at Worlds for those who want to check out the fun. I will be compiling more throughout the day till i'm done with work.
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"Disturb Not the Harmony" Bespoke Lugia Sculpture Auction!

Hello guys! I hope you're all well! =D

It's been quite some time since I last posted an entry like this, but I promise you it's definitely worth the wait!

It's one of those rare opportunities where I put one of my sculptures up for auction! =D He's been premade with love and care and all he needs now is an adoring home to take him in and treasure! This is your chance to own a ONE OF A KIND, bespoke sculpture completely handmade by myself, Medusa Sculpts without the hassle of waiting for a commission slot and for your sculpture to be crafted. You can own this fella as soon as the auction ends within a week! Exciting stuff!

So the part you're all waiting for...who are we auctioning!?

Here's a preview and link to my auction page where you can find all the relevant information! ;P

Click this link to go to the auction page! (My feedback and sales permission stuff is there too, not to worry! ^_^)

Thanks for looking guys, and the best of luck to anyone who decides to bid! =D

Trade/Sale Post

Hi guys! I'm looking to trade these Pokemon for other EX's, or sell them.

Trades have priority, but if there is no interest on that front then the prices are:

(Mint) Shiny Mega Gardevoir: 8 shipped
(Great) Delta Gardevoir: 7 shipped
(Mint) Glalie: 4 shipped
(Mint) Flareon x2: 6 shipped

Other sales here:

And here's a link to my store! With the new games coming out, keep in mind that I make a whole team of sprites for just 8$ ;)

Gets & Trades & Applause, Applause, Applause!

I never post anymore, MUST CHANGE! Heehee!

So, wanted to show you guys some new gets from my trade as well as a custom from one of the sweetest people I have met on this community ^^

First I will start with 2 pieces of art from my most recent figure for art trades!

First up is from eboncharizard!

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Next up, ninfiachan!!

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Still waiting on art from a few others, will post those as soon as the trades have been complete ^^

AND NOW, a customer masterpiece from the one and only cyber_onions!!!!

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Here is what I have for trade right now, seeking specific items BUT will be open to all things if you are interested! Just want to find these items some better homes o3o

Seeking mostly applause plushes I do not currently have, open to trade for duplicates as well. I love these little guys! Also, seeking any kid figures that are specifically designed after the anime, those are always spiffy to have. Will buy any of these items if you have them for sale and do not want to trade! Seriously, take my munnies!!!

Teehee! That is all! <3

wanted: HGSS, Fennekin/Sylveon

Hello community! It's been quite a while since I've shown my face around here- if anyone's still about from years ago, you might remember me as a Mightyena collector! Collecting's chilled out quite a bit for me as other things have taken priority over the past several years, but I still enjoy merch when I have the chance to pick it up. I hope you all here have been doing well!

Anyway, I'm here today to see if anyone has a copy of Heartgold/Soulsilver they're looking to sell! My girlfriend is wanting to play it and we've been having a hard time finding anything. Looking to pay less than $30, Pokewalker does not need to be included (but cool if it is.)

If you have any Fennekin or Sylveon merch, we are also interested in that!

Thank you!
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Charms Sales and Auctions


How's everyone doing? Haven't made a post here in a few months, but lurking and commenting here and there. I've been waiting until I was able to revamp my sales post, but I've just been too lazy to take everything out and then put them all back again, lol. So for now, I've just been photographing some of my charms that I'd like to put up for sale/auction here.

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Here's a preview of what I'm selling:

For auction:

IMG_2515 (Custom).JPG
- Each will be sold as a set.
- Only the Pokedoll charms can be split.

For sale:

IMG_2525 (Custom).JPGIMG_2535 (Custom).JPG
- Each will be sold as a set.

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Thanks for viewing and hope you guys enjoy the end of your winter/summer!
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Looking for Pikachu Plush

Hi again! I'm here with a question... I was browsing for card binders, which naturally led me to plush things. Surely everyone has that problem, right?

Anyways, I'm here to ask about the 'Pikachu of the World' plush series-they came out August 6th?-specifically this adorable guy!

Edit: Thank you for showing me some great retailers to get him from! Can't wait until he's here :)

I'd love to snag one. Does anybody know where I can buy his full-size plush online? I'd check eBay, but I don't have the skill of sniffing out possible booties.

(I'd also love to get the hand towel as well)

I was going to whine about needing a Pikachu kuttari, but the Pokemon website has them! I can get that fix, at least.