August 20th, 2016

Quick Intro Post~

Heya! Imma SpikeyMouth or Spikey, 18 and from Northern Ireland :> I've been interested in this community for a while now and I thought I'd actually decide to join ahah. I really think I'll enjoy this community and the members here since I've been a Pokémon fan pretty much all my life and I've always enjoyed collecting items so putting Pokémon and collecting together was unavoidable ..whelp I mean the games do encourage it pft. Not to make this sound too personal as well but looking at Pokémon merch online would always cheer me up in low moods and still does <3 Although now I thought I'd try and buy a few things instead of looking~ I think my first figures were a bunch of bootlegs too so I guess I wanted to try and get more official merch instead.

I'd really love to collect all the merch I can of my fave mon, though specifically I'd love to have a collection of Dusknoir, Glalie/Mega and Metagross/Mega merch. Dusknoir doesn't even have a whole pile of standalone merch too, and Mega Glalie only started appearing on items recently through the last month. Other mon I like as well are the Regis, Zigzagoon, Aggron, Lunatone, Spiritomb, Unown, Porygon, Magnemite, Shellder, Staryu and Dialga.
Items I like the most are small collectables like pins, coins, charms and gashapon figures or even items with unique art like clearfiles. Oh gosh imma sucker for metal pins though~ I'd love to be able to get some old Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald merch as well eventually since that was my fave gen, and even some items from side games like Mystery Dungeon or Ranger. Some Hallowe'en merch is adorable too!

My collection at the moment though is quite a mix, I'll be sure to take pics when I can but here's just my intro post for now :>

Not to drag this on for longer, but something I'd maybe like to organize/make is a website (probably not) for listing all the different kinds of merch that Pokémon have appeared on - like listing the Dex and under each Pokémon name is a database for all the merchandise it has such as plush and figures. Something like that might be a bit ambitious and difficult to do and might take the surprise out in finding new items but I was wondering what people thought of the idea? I know there's a Wiki and a website with a list of different Pokémon merchandise brands, heck even this is a very good resource!

Whelp anyway, tha's all from me, peace! <3
Snarling Mightyena

SF Pokemon Worlds Playmat pickup? - Worlds Pokemon retail center / mini PC

Anyone going to the Pokemon Worlds store in the Marriott Hotel doing pickups for the SF playmat? Will pay item cost and shipping within California.

Hello comm! Long time no post, working on a rare Mighty figures update. Here's some quick photos of the merch at Worlds! All photos have link to fullsize picture for zooming in possibilities. :D


Your first glimpse after waiting in a hopefully short line to enter! And another little line around the back. Keychain plush: Wailord, Pikachu, Pikachu face, Swablu, Mudkip (!), Cyndaquil, Jigglypluff. The tags on mine identify them as Secret Base plush. Pins on the left were mostly Eeveelutions and same for keychain things on the right.

The back wall of this display had 3 ring binders, card sleeves with Dragonite, Team Magma and Aqua, and Cresselia with two other Pokemon. Also notebooks.

On the far left you can see the jumbo Pikachu! He's gonna take up a lot of space on the airplane. Also I believe lifesize Charmander and Bulbasaur. No Squirtle, just Goomy. Fennekin and Chespin. Torchic and Treecko too. [Mudkiiiiiip... :(  ]. There's also kuttari plush: Eevee, Gardevoir, Piplup, and Ampharos. Below them is the Trainer Red Champion and Cynthia Nendoroid sets.

Being the first group on the second day of the store, but official first day of Worlds, two news crews were filming among people in the store. One guy kept saying how they couldn't keep him from his Cynthia. xD

Continuing left you get to more plush bins (legendaries and Pikachu pokedoll) and the checkout counters. They're also on the left when you enter though the line goes to the right and doubles back before you finally get to go Poke crazy.

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Architecture appreciation shot. Style: Craftsman.

That's it! More and better photos on Twitter for merch close-ups. Apologies to people interested in card boxes, mugs and other stuff I didn't get photos of, I had to save phone space for amusing Pokemon Go photos.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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My ebay lot for sale


Hey, I had this listed earlier and there was talk about a group auction but I don't think anything got posted about that. So after this listing expired I relisted it and here's the link in the case someone's interested. I really need to get rid of these and even now the lot is underpriced.

Pokemon Worlds Here I Come

If anyone here will be up in San Francisco today for Pokemon Worlds, I'll be wearing this stuff. I know this is not a Pokemon shirt but I'm sure there will be people who recognize the shirt being from Pksparkxx. Pksparkxx is my favorite Gaming Youtuber. :) Hope to see some of you guys there even if we can't go in the convention center.

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Quicky reminder! Rare items up for auction and sale!

Hello there guys!

Just wanted to post a reminder that I have a ton of rare stuff up for auction and sale, as I am weeding out a lot from my main collections! Please click the picture above or GO HERE to go to my sales post!

Thanks a ton guys for all of your support, it means a lot! I was able to weed quite a good amount by now! :)

Banpresto Mega Gardevoir!

Okay, so I was going to make an introduction post, but I left my camera at my other place and I had some personal issues. By the end of the weekend I'll have one up showing off my plush collection, including my Ralts-line collection!
(I promise I won't spam the place every single time I get a new item, I swear! >u>')
Anyway, here's what I really wanted to talk about. I got this little cutie today!

I've been searching hard for this plush, and I managed to find it for a good price.
The only issue I have with this plush is that the top ear-fins do not like staying up, but I am nit-picking. I like this a lot better than the smaller mascot version of this. I highly recommend this, especially if you love Gardevoir! :D

Also, good news! I won an auction on Y!JA (through FromJapan) and I am going to get the Banpresto Kirlia plush! I will definitely make a post when I get it! <3

Collection Update: Pokedoll Can Badges

It's been a while since I've updated my Pokedoll can badge collection...but here are 2 sets I won on Y!J. Celebi is my favorite, so that set was a must win. The funny thing is, I knew there was an Espeon and Meowth with the checkerboard background, and I actually assumed they came from the same set but they came in 2 different sets with some badges I had never seen before--including Celebi! I was really excited to win these. :)

And now here's my collection so far (Pikachu and Minun are also somewhat new--I can't remember if I updated with them or not):

As far as I know, these badges have put me past the halfway mark to maybe getting them all! Please let me know if you have any for sale or trade! I do have the following extra badges and other Pokedoll merch for trade if anyone wants to swap (see wants here):

*Sales permission granted 2/11/13 byentirelycliched

Also...did anyone happen to win this lot on Y!J? It has a rare Shiny Noctowl charm in it--but I'm actually after the Celebi pencil (lower left corner). If someone did win this and wouldn't mind selling it to me, please name your price!

Last but not least, I have a few sales--Shaymin movie keychains, Pokedoll stamp pins, Brock's pokemon charms and a htf type selection fairy pouch!

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Sorry for the super long post. Thanks for looking!


Value of Play by Play Hoothoot plush? +trading custom Noctowl prototype

Hello everyone! It's been a while since I posted, I've been busy with all sorts of things (starting college after next week!).
Anyways, I've found someone selling a Play By Play Hoothoot plush, this one:

(took the picture off Google, let me know if it's yours and you want me to take it down).

Anyways, the one I found still has the base but I have no idea what condition it's in, the plush itself looks in good condition. The person selling it wants me to make an offer and I've tried looking around a bit but I can't seem find a value for this plush anywhere. I absolutely don't want to lowball the seller but I obviously wouldn't like to grossly overpay either. If anyone could give me a ballpark value I'd be very grateful!

On a somewhat related note, I made a prototype Noctowl Plush a little while ago, before I got my embroidery machine several weeks ago.

He's about 12 inches tall, made from Minky with felt details. His wings are held up by aid of wire. If you need more pictures, let me know! I don't feel comfortable selling prototype plushies, not to mention that I don't have sales permission yet, but I'd love to give him a loving home nonetheless and maybe someone would like to trade for him with someone on my wishlist? I have an (incomplete) wants list here but I'm open to offers! I have absolutely no value in mind, just looking for a cute item to add to my collection and to give this Noctowl a loving home, so if you'd like to have him please don't be afraid to offer.

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Pokemon collection sites: "Cerulean Beach" + "FullMoon Island"

Hey there! =) Today I'd like to share my brand new Pokemon collection sites with you! (The banners are direct links)

horsea.gifCerulean Beach is home to my Horsea (line), Wartortle, and Misty collections. I took most of my collection down to the beach for pictures. lol

chikorita.gifFullMoon Island is home to my Chikorita (line), Clefairy (line), and Cresselia collections.

I've been taking pictures of my entire collection while getting ready for my 3rd anniversary here. (August 29th) I'm still in the process of transforming my personal livejournal page into my own Pokemon collection site! It's a work in progress, but feel free to check it out! (just click my username) Any feedback is greatly appreciated!


I also have been tinkering with ideas on ways to break up the usual " gets, wants, sales, announcements, repeat" posts here. I know we have things like FFAF, but I want to try something different.... like a post where everyone can talk about / post pics of their most meaningful Pokemon items. "Appreciation posts" that arent specific to certain Pokemon, where you can post about YOUR favorites and share stories / etc. I'd love to hear your ideas on that! <3

Thanks for reading, and have a great day/night!

Pokemon plush collection Update (20/08/2016)

Hello people once again.
It's been a while now that I have last posted and especially my posting about my pokemon collection. Since it's been a while, I thought I might as well do an update. Since the main collection post I didn't collect much as this summer I haven't gone far (except for a cruise) and the times I looked never had much pokemon stuff, hopefully I can get more before my school break is finshed. But the four plushes you see is what I obtained so far to which and I will explain how I got them in order. (Excuse the mess by the way, typical teenager room).
Leafeon- Despite being a bootleg, I found him in a second hand game shop. They were expanding on merchandise and I herd the cashier saying he had pokemon plush.
Kyogre- Got him in a sale not long ago actually. Thank you so much pkmncollectors as I know have groudon and kyogre.
Celebi- My mother and sister got lost and found a partial anime store selling pokemon plushies on a day out. I made it my summer goal to go to that store and buy more plush.
Amaura- Found it while scouring through amazon looking at japanese sellers. It did not come with a bag like my tyrunt did. But I'm glad I the same type as my tyrunt is.
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Pokemon Super Premium Collection?

On October 3rd, this box is coming out! The picture is quite blurry, and there hasn't been an updated one since. However, I'm completely infatuated with the figure! The box is a whopping 80$, and I thought it wouldn't be worth it to buy the box merely for the figure. I was wondering if anyone who intended on buying the box would sell their figure? Just name a price to buy and get it shipped to 32168, and if it's a good price, I'll commit to it! Thank you so much!
Also, if you feel like talking, how do you feel about the box? Does it seem worth it? The price makes sense, compared to their other box sets that they do, but it's quite the steep price. How do you feel about the mythical collections so far? And how is everyone's plush hunt going?

reminder for 2009 dragon promotion rayquaza plush auction + sales plug

Hello community! Just a reminder that my auction for a 2009 Rayquaza Dragon Promotion plush will be ending in less than 24 hours! Rules, links, and details for the item can be found here:

I also still have some items up for sale as well! Found here:

Have a great weekend everyone!
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New McDonalds toys???

Sorry if this has been addressed already, I only check the community a few times a week...

While browsing the Vulpix tag on tumblr, I found this photo and post:

"What a 26 years old woman does with her life? She buys a Happy Meal at Mcdonald’s because she wants a toy. Just me!"

Are there new Pokemon Happy Meal Toys at McDonalds? Is this worldwide? Just in America? How many different Pokemon are available? How long is the promotion running? Is this part of the Pokemon Go partnership?? ANYONE?

EDIT - Sources of information thus far:
Video of Polish man unbagging all Pokemon in new promotion -
McDonald & Hobby Toys -

WTB Polish McDonalds Snivy + Selling Steven Stone Figure

As kirsty just posted below, apparently Poland was just hit with an unexpected release of McDonalds Pokemon toys! And boy is the selection interesting. It doesn't have a clear focus theme wise, and even includes a shiny Magikarp toy! And they all seem higher quality than usual!

But what instantly made my heart stop was seeing another Snivy toy in the lineup!! <33333333

If any of you are from Poland, please let me know if you find any Snivy toys! I don't know if there is a Snivy promo card as well, but if so, I'd want to purchase that as well! It's too bad there doesn't seem to be any indication of these releasing elsewhere, but if anyone has any leads for finding these for sale I would greatly appreciate any help! (Might also be interested in other characters such as Vulpix but obviously, Snivy is my #1 priority.)

It didn't take long for claims posts to go up haha!

Since I'm here, I might as well mention that I'm still looking for a home for my MIP Steven Stone scale figure. Still asking for $70 which is what I paid for him. Willing to partial trade and possibly haggle since I need to get him out ASAP.

Sales permission was granted by allinia on 6/10/2014
-All community rules apply
-Shipping from USA, will be around $8 domestic and $22.50 international
-Here's my feedback


Thanks everyone!

Lowest Prices Ever Sale!

Welcome to the Kecleon Shop!!!!

Hello everyone!! Sorry to just post about sales but I really need to get all these items out of my house, I've lowered the prices to the lowest that I can!!! Please help me get these items to better homes. :)

Many of these items are below $10!! There are some free gifts too.

Click here or on the picture above to head to my sales.

I've decided to really just focus on my pin collection and resist all other things... I should be clearing out some of my other plush soon. Just taking some time to say goodbye, haha.

On an unrelated note, I've been really enjoying Pokemon Go!! It came out in my country about a week ago, and everyone here is obsessed.

What's your most memorable Pokemon Go moment? It can be anything, from meeting a fellow trainer or catching a rare Pokemon. Comment and let's share our stories! :)

Do you play Pokemon Go?

Can't play it (not compatible, not released yet)

Pokémon hanging keychains set for sale

I've got a set of the hanging keychains up for sale. They're all the ball chain version, unopened and come with the inserts.


It'd be 32$ shipped to Europe or the US. That's regular shipping, registered costs extra. Please ask for quotes if you live somewhere else. ^-^

Feedback and granted sales permission on 9/24/13 by allinia.

Sales + collection update + FJ question

I wanna start off with my FJ question. I ordered two zukan lots on Y!J from different sellers. I payed $45 for shipping which was a little fishy for me because I've had larger lots that cost a LOT less. I figured "Whatever, they must have used a bigger box than needed like they always do". I received my item Friday and it was NOT what I ordered at all. They mixed up my package with someone else's. I wound up getting about 7-10 CDs, a few flats, and a towel of some JPop band.

I emailed FJ, but they won't answer until Monday. Has anyone else had that issue? Will I ever get my items back or should I just expect a refund and a continuous search of my items? I'm incredibly bummed out and have never experienced such a thing before. Everything together was over $100, too. If whoever they mixed up my package with has basic knowledge of Pokemon merch, they'll probably sell my stuff and I'll be SOL.

Sales under cut. Both eBay sales and LJ sales
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Gets under cut
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