August 21st, 2016

Pokemon Lot

Princess Snivy
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McDonald's will have these toys in Slovakia! Happy to pick them up for you!

Hello there guys!

I have just looked up my Slovak McDonald's, and they have announced that starting form September 16th, they will have these Pokemon toys as well!!!! I am so super hyped, because I want obviously Snivy!!! Right now, they have Secret Life of Pets toys, but starting from September 16th, they will have Pokemon!!!

So I am happy to pick them up for you for 5$ each for you!!! Oh god, you can't even imagine how excited I am for these!!!!

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Froslass custom plush

Hello there ! It's me again ! This time with the last plushie I made, a Froslass ! I'm super proud of her ! She was a lot of hard work but the result is worth it ! Let me know what you think about her :)

She is 65cm tall, made fully of minky, with appliquéd details, hollow body, mask...Better pictures under the cut !

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End of summer sale! + Question

Hey everyone! I have a question for you guys...Do you guys include other things you collect in with your pokemon collection or do you keep them separate? I'm a bit curious if people in the comm include other things they collect with their pokemon collection! (if this isn't allowed please let me know!)

Now, onto the sales!

End of summer sales and beginning of school sales! (Prices lowered)

Click on the photo or click here to be transported to my sales post ^_^

Sales permission was granted by areica96 May 26, 2016

Anything bought today will be shipped out tomorrow!

Thank you for looking and have a awesome sunday!
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McDonald's Pokemon toys in Poland - photos! + possible pick-ups ^-^

Hello everyone!

Ok guys, I made video showing all figures, but It's in Polish - sorry XD
Feel free to check it out ^o^

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So as you already know - there's new line of McDonald's toys in Poland... POKEMON! :D
I picked them all up for myself on Friday and I've been meaning to let you know about this today but I see that you were faster haha! DX I was super busy with my sales and didn't have time to take good pics of these little fellas u_u

I didn't know about this release before, I found out about them on Friday! (release day)
I hopped on my bike right away to go to the nearest McDonald's and they were there! :D Really exciting!

So below you will find detailed pics of all the toys from the first wave I took for you :)
I can also pick them up for you this week, it'd be $4 per figure if you're interested ^-^ Check the details below!
( I know hebilea ofered pick ups for them as well so if you're not in rush or something lol XD you can get them from her ^-^)


Here we go!
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Pick up info:
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Thanks for looking guys! I'm super excited about this and really surprised that they were released in Poland first O_O I'm still in shock! XD If you have any questions feel free to ask!
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vaporeon set

WTB: Eeveelution Necklaces, and Dori Dori Fennekin plush

Want to buy the following Eeveelution necklaces, and dori dori Fennekin. For the necklaces, I do not have a preference in metal color (but I'd die for the rose gold version of Flareon!). I'm located in the USA, and I have a flexible budget (but not infinite, unfortunately). I realize these necklaces were pricey, so I kind of know what to expect. If you are selling, or know someone who is just leave a comment here please. :)


Hi everyone! My auctions will be ending tomorrow night at 10pm EST! There is currently no bids. Make sure to bid in time to win the items cheap!!!

I also updated my sales with some items:

Tons more in my sales:
*Mirage Plushies
*Bell Plushies

.....MUCH MUCH MORE!!!! I am open to haggling!!! If you have anything I want in my wants list, please feel free to contact me!

I currently have TWO regular Glaceon Poke-box coins, I am looking to either trade or sell the extra for shiny Glaceon, regular Leafeon or shiny Leafeon coin.

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I am also looking for Pokebox's old Dogs Keychains, if you have any of the 3 below and want to sale or trade, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!!

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FINALLY.... I want to put this Rare Mudkip and Wailmer Keychain for trade (maybe offers?}

It is in excellent condition! Looking to trade it for some items in my wants list: If you want to buy instead, we can arrange something.

Thanks for reading my very long post ~.~ Have a good evening everyone!

introduction + plush collection (including my Ralts-line collection!!!)

Helloooo, everybodyyyy! My name is Rose, which I mainly prefer being called. Of course, you could call me Scarfy. I'm somewhat of an awkward slob, but I am dedicated to what I love. I love cartoons (Steven Universe being my absolute favorite), drawing, music, and a lot of other things. I am currently engaged, having a wonderful fiancée who loves and supports me through the way

... but you're here for my obsession with a franchise about powerful monsters you cram in balls, right? Right...

The first Pokemon game I ever played was Diamond, and ever since then, I was hooked and I still am today. I show my love for the franchise by... well, buying merchandise, particularly plush toys. They're so fun to collect and they're very cute and cuddly.

How did I get into plushy collecting. Well, it all started with this little guy
[Spoiler (click to open)]
This is my Jakks Chatot plush. I bought this back in 2006/2007 in some geek-shop in a local mall. I remember they also had the Pokemon Advanced Battle line of figures there, but I bought this little birb. I will NEVER get rid of him for he is very special to me. As you can tell he has no tush-tag. I was a dumb kid.

But yeah, just like Pringles, once you pop you can't stop! My collection is years worth of throwing money at people.

Okay, now here's the rest of my collection! <3
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Here's my little Pikachu army. The one on the far left is a plush I got from a Dave and Busters and the two Pikas with the large shine of the eyes I won from the Brookhaven Fair a few years back. The others I think are Hasbro plushes and I have no idea how I got them.

Psychic kitty collection. The only reason I don't have a female Meowstic is because I am a very smart person and thought I had one already when buying one of the males... I'll probably get around to obtaining a female in a few months when my birthday rolls around.

Pokemon Friends plushies! I think I got these for Christmas one year, but I'm not entirely sure. I really love these little guys for how tiny and well-made they are!~ I gotta be super careful with Smeargle since his blue paw print on the back is coming off...
I would love to collect more, but they're pretty expensive for their size. ^^'

My shelf of legendaries! Not much to say, other than I absolutely love that big Diancie I got! I got her from Nintendo World in NYC (thank Arceus I live in Long Island. Going to NYC is just a train ride away)

Okay, now to show off my misc stuff

Here's the top of my dresser! Nothing too notable here, but I still love all of these guys~ (and yeah, that's a Pikachu bank behind the Zorua and Zoroark)

Again, nothing too notable besides the Eevees.
Oh and you get a sneak peek of a certain collection here ;3

And now our feature presentation! The Ralts line collection! <3
[Spoiler (click to open)]

Look at all these guys all over mah bed!
I. Absolutely. Love. The. Ralts. Line.

Ralts is seriously my favorite Pokemon! It's just so dang cute, fun to use in battle, and its evolution are very awesome!~ I always use one on my team when available, and every playthough it has become a very valuable member of my team. I also just kinda find it "relatable" since its so shy and emotions highly affect it. I just want to hug iiiit!~
Now to my collection.

Okay, so here my first two plushies, the ones that started this collection! I bought these two on the same day at Nintendo World. I remember the day before I bought, I saw a tumblr post about this Ralts plush and I squeed very loud. When I entered the Pokemon section, I immediately grabbed Ralts and squeed!~ (and had a girl my age laugh at how pathetic I was :P) But that's not all, I also found the Gardevoir keychain! To be honest, I like the Japanese version of these mascot plushes better since they have a little chain instead of this fat plastic thing. Oh well.

More Pokemon Center plushies!
Got the Mega Gardevoir for my birthday and Kirlia for Christmas.

This Jakks Pacific Ralts is actually pretty rare! Thankfully, someone had her available on Amazon. It was a bit expensive, but worth every penny. Right next to her is this ultra-cute Kuttari Gardevoir! I bought this before Wave 4 was released in the US. I thought Gardevoir was such a random choice for this kind of plush, but also very happy! <3 ... I wish they made a Gallade version D:

Shiny Mega Gardevoir! Although this is just a recolor of the other Megavoir, I still love this thing. It's so soft and cuddly! <3

Oh, and right next to her is actually not something I'd recommend. This right here is a bootleg made by a company known as OlyFactory! Their plushies are not official! Although some of their plushes look nice, don't get suckered into buying bootlegs like I did!

I already made posts about these guys, but here they are.
I ordered the San-Ei Ralts while I was at Myrtle Beach. I saw the announcement for the third wave of the All Stars plushes (where this is from) on Pokepolitan and immediately fell in love! While I was on vacation, someone was selling them and I couldn't wait until I got home. I ordered it in a heartbeat! <3
She is currently my favorite plush I own. She's absolutely perfect and adorable!~

Banpresto Gallade was a miracle. Normally he goes for a very high price due to his rarity, but I found mine for 30 bucks. Very nice! As of posting this, I have a Banpresto Kirlia coming to me in a couple of weeks! >u<

And finally, Banpresto Mega Gardevoir. She's very cute and I'm glad they made a plush that's not just a recolor of a previous plush!

Of course, this collection is still growing and I'm now getting into more serious collecting now.

Anyway, I hope you all have a nice day! :D