August 22nd, 2016

Final Moving Sales - New stuff added, Offers extremely welcome!

Hello again everyone!
I literally have a WEEK from today until I move to Colorado, and I need to weed out the final things I can't bring with me in suitcases. (I get zero free suitcases, traveling these days is so *fun* xD)

I still have stuff from the last few posts, I've lowered some prices, and I've added brand new stuff!!
These include vintage items, TOPPS LOTS (with holo Topps and Johto), EX and full art cards and more.

Items are open to offers, as well as if you'd like to take everything, I'll give you a GREAT deal!! <3
I really just need these items gone, and some money to help with the move! :) <3

Click any pictures to get transported!


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Pokemon - Lucario nod
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New auction lot + Sales!

Hey all,
Cleanup continues after a super fun Worlds weekend, still got so much to do~ I'm super psyched (and a bit surprised) it's gonna be in California again next year, Anaheim!! I haven't been bothering to go down to SoCal for AX for the past couple years, but I would find going for Worlds more worthwhile already LOL.

New massive auction lot up on eBay! Please help me clear out space~

Some other stuff are listed up here!

I've got a few extra slots open for most items in the recent Sleepy Time Kuji!

Claims page!

Sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Preview of new items:

Splash's PokeSales post! )
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I've gone creative and some gets from japan!

I made this post to show some new cuties off I just added to my collection and I'm due for a big rearranging and updated collection post sometime soon I just never seem to get around to it.

But first things first I went to the tattoo and toy convention in Cardiff and met a fellow pkmncollector from here I even got to tattoo her and it was so much fun, she had me tattoo the cutest lil jiggly puff on her, thank you Alice!
I did 2 other pokemon tattoos that convention but I don't think any were done on any members here but if I did tattoo a jolteon or psyduck on you let me know I'd love to see your collections!

I'm unsure if it's allowed to post photo's of tattoos I've made so I won't but if anyone wants to see I'll gladly share a link.

Now for the first unveiling my most recent package from Japan and it was a good one!

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And then there is the other matter, the fact that i fell in love with the new Alola Vulpix and Ninetales, they are just divine!
now I've never made plushies before, but when I saw these i just had to try, keep in mind this is just the prototype and my first plushy ever I will make a better minky version as soon as I find some time but I wanted to show her off already anyway and maybe hear from other plushie creators

So if you've ever made a plush any wisdom you'd like to share and what was the first plush you ever made :)?

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Possible Bootleg or Mirage plush?

Hello everyone! I'm new and this is my first post in the community! So greetings!! I'm cleaning out my toys/plush and building up a pile of pokemon stuff I'd like to sell one day and I came across these:

I got these about 16 years ago during a trip to Mexico. I was wondering if you guys know if these are bootleg or mirage....I remember when we got them they had several pokemon all fashioned in the same style. I remember when I was little thinking it was the real thing...Then I got older and was like lol this is fake....or is it?????They're little pouches with zipper openings in the back. They have these neat little straps on the back. I used to use them to put change in the pouch.
They're about 5 inches tall. The Jigglypuff still has a tag, but I ripped off Dragonite's tag years ago lol... Any information on this would be much appreciated and helpful! Thanks!
Sorry I'm having problems uploading and inserting cuts on mobile. I'm trying to fix the pictures sorry!
I found this post
which has a dragonite similar to mine listed as mirage. Theirs looks like its just a plush not a zipper-pouchy-keychain like mine. Is mine a bootleg off of a mirage? Lol or is it mirage-mirage after all? This is so confusing but I appreciate your help!

New Moncolle EX series of figures

Hey Pkmncollectors, we now have some brand new information about the figures from Takaratomy.

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Thanks for PokeShopper for the images, I have now full conformation about the new set.

So what do you guys think? Personally, I'm not huge on Solagleo and Rockruff's poses and I find some of the re-releases a little questionable, but I am so ready for Litten, Popplio, Rotom-Dex, Togedemaru and especially Mimikyu as well for Tapu Koko. :)
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Plush Commissions Round 13

Hey everyone, it's been some time since I opened slots for my commissions, and I figured I would present the opportunity for some of you all to grab a slot. =0w0= I'm opening 5 slots this time since I'm currently in between jobs and have quite a bit of time on my hands to devote to commissions again. So anyone who was looking to get one of my plush, come have a look at my samples and I can give you a quote. ;D Follow the cut for more details please! =^w^=

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1. diamondphantom - shiny carbink - completed
2. primalraikou - raikou - completed
3. tigerlilygirl97 - shiny larvitar - processing - 20% complete
4. deranged_girl - pokemon time style rattata - completed
5. cosmicxlove - custom styled clefable - pending

Unova Girls Acrylic Blind Charms GB - Claims Needed!

Hello friends!

I've hit an unexpected roadblock with my Snivy collection recently. The Pokémon Center released a new Trainers promotion featuring the girls of Unova (plus Cynthia lol) in a cute chibi artwork based in Undella Town! And how could the PC have a promotion if there weren't BLIND PACKAGED CHARMS TO RUIN EVERYONE'S DAY:

Actual picture provided by gaarasyami of 2 of them: (these are available for sale from them as well if you miss the claims!)

I really need the Heroine/Snivy charms in my life, but they are NOWHERE TO BE FOUND. Y!J, eBay, and even Pokévault don't have them. (I emailed Brian and he doesn't plan on stocking this promo?!)

gaarasyami is willing to buy a whole box, which guarantees one of each charm, if all claims are filled, so I'm posting on their behalf to see if there would be enough interest to make this Group Buy a success!

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***I think Elesa's Emolga is a Ditto? It has the Ditto smiley face?***
***$9 PER CHARM***

Heroine/Snivy: princess_snivy
Heroine/Snivy Round: princess_snivy
Caitlin/Reuniclus Round:astron
Elesa/Emolga Round:squeakaree
Skyla/Swanna Round:wobbuwhit
Cynthia/Spiritomb Round: aarux
Shauntal/Chandelure Round:b4ckbone

Thanks everyone, I hope we can make this work!