August 23rd, 2016

My Gets From Pokemon Worlds

So I didn't post right away since I already posted recently but here comes my post with all the merchandise I got from the Pokemon Center, but before we get to that. I'm going to show off the pictures I took of the Pokemon Center.

[Click to reveal pics of Pokemon Center]

One of the sections that had some figures but also some of the plush keychains you can carry with you wherever you go. They even had some of the Pikachu mini plush carry bags. :)

The special edition and exclusive Pikachu plush for this year's World Championship. I love how they are holding the little taxi trains, cable car, or whatever it's supposed to be. lol.

Some pics of the Nendoroid N and Cynthia Figures. Theey are pricey for sure. xD :O

Just had to get a pic of all these Arceus Pokedolls. Aren't they just sooo adorable? :D <3 Perfect for the month since Arceus is the Pokemon for August. hehe ;)

More plushies to look over like Snivy Servine, and Pignite.

AND YES MORE PLUSHIES like the Worlds Pikachu, Tepig, Blastoise, and Venusaur.

These were really nice pins but they were $25 and I thought it was a little too much for right now. Totodile is sooo cute. :)

Yes another look at the same plushies. I love the plushies too much that I guess I took an extra pic. lol. xD

OMG I wanted that Trainer Size Treecko plush sooo bad, but for one I already have the standard size Treecko plush I got from Target a couple years ago

and I only have so much space to put him at home. lol. He would have a great cuddle buddy but I'll get him one of these days. Speaking of the big plushies, I heard the life size 1:1 Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur plushies sold out on the 1st day.

Now with all the Pokemon Center pics done with, it's time to show what I got from the Pokemon Center. I definitely spent what I predicted but without further a do, here it is.

[Click to see what I bought]

Yep as you can see, I got a lot of cool stuff, especially plushies. :) <3
I also got some of the special shirts that include the 20th Anniversary logo with all the starters in their full fledge color and the special shirt for this year's Worlds. About the 20th Anniversary Logo with the Pikachu colors, don't get me wrong I like it but all the starters one generic color was just too bland for me. I love them in their original colors; makes it a really cute shirt. Anyway on to the individual merchandise photos.

2015 US Pokemon Center Venusaur Plush

Here is the Venusaur Pokemon Center plush I got from #PokemonWorlds in San Francisco.
Venusaur may be least favorite of all the 3 originals but I knew I had to grab him while I was there. He is really soft and cute too. :D <3

2011 US Pokemon Center Axew Plush

I know I already have an Axew plush but I got that plush like in 2011 and posted it here in 2012. I'll link it below. I figured it would be time to get another one. Axew is one of my favorite Pokemon from the B&W/Unova saga.
He is just soooo cute, especially in the anime. <3 <3 8)

Axew Jakks Pacific Plush:

2016 US Pokemon Center Arceus PokeDoll

I was so happy to see this guy in the Pokemon Center. I was planning on getting the 20th Anniversary one, but it was hard to get and I was saving for the Pokemon Center. Also perfect to get since this Arceus is the Pokemon for August. lol. It definitely was worth it. Arceus may not be my favorite legendary Pokemon, but this plush is very cute and so well made. I love him!. :D :heart: I'm not sure why the tag(s) show 2016 since I remember this plush being released earlier but I think the reason was that this was recently released at the US Pokemon Centers.

2011 US Pokemon Center Snivy Plush

I grabbed this guy so I could have the complete evolution set of Snivy, Servine, and Serperior. I mean sure Serperior is a PokeDoll, while Snivy is a regular plush, but I still count it. Just like Servine, he is very nicely made; very soft and cute. :) <3

2011 US Pokemon Center Servine Plush

I grabbed this guy as well so I could have the complete evolution set of Snivy, Servine, and Serperior. I mean sure Serperior is a PokeDoll, while Servine is a regular plush, but I still count it. He is very nicely made; very soft and cute. :) :heart:

2016 US Pokemon Center Secret Base Wailmer PokeDoll Keychain

OMG I have seen this plush before online, and this is one of the plushies I had to get too alongside Wailord. That water spout is just way too cute. Makes him even more adorable. Wailmer is an adorable Pokemon in general, no doubt. :) :heart:

2014 US Pokemon Center Wailord Plush Keychain

I knew I needed to grab this. Not only are these plush keychains really cute & well made but they can be carried around on a lanyard, car keys, door hanger, and much more. Wailord is a really cool Pokemon in my opinion.

2016 Pokemon Worlds Exclusive Pikachu Plush

For those who don't know, I've been collecting for many years and I still have not grabbed a Pikachu plush yet. I decided that it's finally, FINALLY, to get a Pikachu plush. I knew these would sell really well, and I was actually surprised they still had some available when I went there on Saturday. I thought they would sell out on the first day, but lucky for me they did not. :) I actually really love this plush; I love how Pikachu holds the San Francisco bus, and that you can adjust his cap too. Really nice and cute plush.

Froakie Hat

I've seen this before and I've always wanted to get one of those "plush" hats. Now sure this is not exactly defined as a plush but I'm going to upload it anyway. Here's the thing though: Well I didn't try the hat on before purchasing it and even though it's one size fits all, my head is a little too big for it. Oh well...... HAHA. It will barely stay on so I can still use it. XD Froakie is sooo cute. :)

And now onto the shirts.

1st one:

As I said, I absolutely loved this shirt. Don't get me wrong, I love the Pikachu version, but I think all the starters in plain yellow is just too bland and generic. It's so much better and cuter in their colors. Awesome shirt

2nd one:

Really nice shirt and nice to get it for the exclusive event

With that, that is everything. Thanks for reading and looking. Feel free to show me your merchandise you got. I would love to see it.

only 1 grail to go!

Today my newest pin came in, the 2008 Pokemon Center Christmas Pin. Big thanks to ku_bek and oberonsoasis for letting me know it popped up on YJ, I always appreciate the heads up. With this latest addition I'm only 1 pin shy of completing the set. With any luck I'll find the 2009 pin before too long and achieve my goal of getting them all before Christmas. I never really thought it would be possible to find them all within a year and I couldn't have gotten this far without the support and resources this community provides. Thank you all so much.
Here it is:

They look so good all together and soon they'll be complete. People have asked me why I started collecting Christmas things and to be honest I don't have a specific reason. I think both Pokemon and Christmas remind me of my childhood and this is a small way of commemorating each year that Pokemon has been a part of my life. Each pin represents a new year of video games, trading cards and toys that brought me and continue to bring me so much joy. With the 20th Anniversary upon us it made me realize there's no reason to assume Pokemon won't be around for a 30th, 40th, 50th and so on. I got to live through the birth of a wonderful franchise that will hopefully live on long past my own life and when I'm old I hope to have all the pins from the beginning until my end and then pass them on to someone else to carry it on. Plus how cool will it look when I'm like 80 and I have like 70 different pins going as far back as the late 90's. I suppose that's why I collect them, to preserve Pokemon's history and my own history and memories of what Pokemon means to me.
linameerun, zigzagoon

☼ Moving sales and many discounts! ☼

Hello !

Yes you read it good, I am moving out!! I have lived always with my mother and now it's time to take care for myself (and my boyfriend). We are living in 2 diffrent cities and he is moving to mine, so I'll still be close to my mum :) When I have my home ready and I have new pictures of my Pokemon stuff, I'll show you!

For now, I have moving sales, lots of things need to go away. And also i have big discounts, because they really need to go!
Take a look here:

Also I am still looking for loooots of Zigzagoon stuff:

Also, I am looking for the wailmer pail: (sorry if this is your picture and you don't want me to put it here. please tell me and i'll delete it!)

Also I am looking for Pika cards:

Thank you for watching, let me know if you want to do a trade for something for my wants! :D


Guess Who's Back? Simplified Plush Commissions!

Hi everyone! You know 'em you love 'em! Back by popular demand, I am offering Simplified Style plushies again! I had originally decided to offer this style only once a year, but I recently graduated from college and am in the midst of job hunting and sewing gives me something productive to do during the day, and so simplified plushie making it is!
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What areSimplified Plushies?
Simplified plush are 3 to 4 inch plush made from 2 sided patterns, with no elaborate stitch-work. They have many flat 1 sided pieces that are used for the more complicated details of the plush. They have plastic safety eyes instead of embroidered eyes. These plush will only be made of felt. For Aditional examples of simplified plushies click here
Each Simplified Plush will be $18 plus shipping and paypal fees
You can also add a pink or red bow, or a little bell for an additional $1
Payment is due for them in full when the plush is finished :)

You may commission up to 2 plush per slot ( should I finish these slots before the end of August I will be offering additional slots through my deviantart )

Slots Available

1. latias_latios_7 - Moltres (Finished) , Mega Latias (Finished!)
2.latias_latios_7 - Mightyena (Finished!)
3.faleepai - Noivern (Finished!) , Rattata (Finished!)
4. doryphish333 - Entei (Finished) , Shiny Entei (Finished)
5. trigris - Feraligatr (Finished!) , Shiny Feraligatr (Finished!)

All the slots have been filled thanks everyone! (keep an eye out for another commission post in September!)
Adorable Killua

Small Update and Eeveelution Relax Plush are in from Japan!

First off THANK YOU SO MUCH stalkingsuicune <3 I LOVE MY ICON!!!

Our relaxed plush are in from Japan! Please comment with your Zip or Country in the comments and I'll get you a final total ($19 + Shipping/Fees)! :D

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Also, I got a few gets! :D The first of figures I've ordered for HunterxHunter have arrived, and I've gotten a few more enderman items too! All have been added under their respected sections on my collection site!!! :D In relation to Pokemon though, michmell helped me aquire one of the new sylveon items out! I've also gotten some new Charizards and Lucarios, but I haven't gotten to updating them on my site yet! ^^; They'll be coming along soon!

So I officially removed the eeveelution pages from my collection site and left just Flareon's and Sylveons! Flareon's is out of date but I caught Sylveon up today! :) I also completly redid the Hoenn Kids Figure section (I used my phone for the photos to try that out) so please check it out! I've been hard at work trying to keep up with everything coming in and redoing older pages. It's a lot of work.
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As always, thanks for looking! Please check out my updated collection site! I always love sharing it with you guys!

Auction reminder + new nostalgic TCGs released? *_*

Hey everyone! First, a short reminder for my auctions who end in less than 3 days! There is many cool and rare stuff for a low startprice and most things have no bids! So please take a look! :)
20160819_151042.jpg<--- sneak peak (click the link to go to the auction^^)

Other thing, did you see this?? :D

It really makes me happy they got back to the old nostalgic design for pokemoncards!! I love them sooooooo much!! I will totally buy me at least one of the boosterpacks, since the packaging by itself looks so cool!
I got the information on facebook from pokeshopper!
They said:
"Here's a high quality scan of the upcoming CP6 Pokémon Base set reprint pack artwork. It will be released next month as a special 20th anniversary print, and boxes shall be available for pick ups. Will you be celebrating the 20th anniversary with these? Stay tuned for further information at"

So does this mean that the cards will have exactly the same artworks like the old base set? That they´re really just reprints? Or if they made new artworks in the same nostalgic style? I´m really excited!!

Have all a nice day!
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Halloween charm pre-orders! + some other information and sale!

Hello there guys!
First thing, these adorable Hallooween charms are coming out, so I thought that people would be interested in them! I just would like to have a Joltik one, and I am happy to help out getting more for you as long as the charms are majorly claimed (I can see Electrode or Meloetta being less popular for example). EDIT: THERE IS A TEENY TINY GOOMY ON ELECTRODE'S HEAD, OMG! Thanks for pointing that out princess_snivy!!

Please read the rules before you decide to claim!

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Another thing:

Metal figures
These runts should hopefully arrive to me this week! The customs have stopped my package, hence why it's taking a bit longer, my apologies! Be please ready to pay sometime in the near future! If somebody else is interested in these, you can still put some claims on these when you click the picture, or over HERE!

Also, if somebody else would like to claim any of the new McD's toys coming out this September, please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the claims page!

Lastly, these guys have been sort of an impulse buy, and now that I have been weeding a lot, I would like to sell these guys too. I paid 86$ for them, so that's the amount I would like for them! Let me know please if you would be interested!

That's it for now, thank you so much guys!

Rare figures

Hey guys, me again! Just wanna say thanks for all the help I consistently get with all my inquiries haha. Thanks to alot of your help, my main collections are almost done! Only a few more shiny kids and hasbros. But Once again, I wanted to know as much information as possible about the rarest and most unique pokemon figures, whether it be tomys, hasbro, shinies, what have you. I wanna hear about all you guys' personal favorites and grails, or even figures that you've only heard through rumors. All info and discussions are appreciated!

reopening the cosmicxshop!

hello my dearlings~

I spent this morning looking at some pictures of potential sales... and went ahead and posted them to my majn journal. its all plush, such as: pokecens from both the us and japan, jp versions of some promo plush, jolteons (including a palm sized custom), etc. nothing is priced higher than $15 dollars, and shipping is on me. items will be shipped on the weekend at the latest, depending on babysitting my sister's (s)kiddos. . <3

all my sales details- permish, feedback, guidelines- are on that post, and comments should be left there, if you'd be so kind~
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WTB: Furret Tomy

Just a simple post for me today... I was hoping to get a Tomy Furret!
I've been playing Pokemon Crystal on my phone and Sentret was the first Pokemon I caught in the wild. I named her Val-after a coworker who is rather small and annoying (Sentret appears as much as Rattata in the beginning!) but she soon grew to be my favorite companion in the game and a total powerhouse! Before her, I never kept a normal-type on my team.
I'm thinking of teaching her Ice Punch, what do you think?

Aanyway, I'm hoping to get a decent-quality Furret, ideally for $15 shipped-but show me pictures and counter my offer, should you have one to sell!

Image taken from google, if it's yours and you don't want it up, let me know!

Reintroduction cause I moved


Doing a reintroduction since it fits into this post haha.

So my name is Grace, I am 20 years old. I live in Virginia (US). I go to a very small college just North of Richmond studying business management and communications. Besides Pokemon, I enjoy thrifting, crafting, and acting. I will be staring in a short film coming out later this year, Amethyst, by Frolic Pictures.

I have been collecting Pokemon since 2011. It started because freshman year I wanted to be a "scene" girl (type in scene girl on Google Images if youve never heard of it). Scene girls like nerdy stuff like My Little Pony, Invader Zim, and of course, Pokemon. I started aquiring these things, especially Pokemon. Well, the scene phase ended, but the Pokemon didnt :3 Mew was my favoite Pokemon at the time hense my username, but eventualy I realized Mew has wayyyyy too much to collect. Natu grew on me and he is now my favorite little pea bird, I just didnt think my username needed to be changed. Mewisme700 got a nice flow to it ;D

I collect Pokedolls and the Natu/Xatu line primarily; the majority of my collection was just stuff I got at thrifts, yard sales, antique stores, and flea markets.

Anyway, so I'm about to start my freshman year of college, and instead of a dorm, my dad felt purchasing a small house was a way better investment considering my dad spends money to never get back for me living in a poopy dorm as opposed to a cute house in which my dad can sell and get the money back.

So here is the place with my collection up and running!

And yes, that is an inflatable couch. Its amazing.

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If you dont feel like dealing with the cut you can watch my most recent collection update on Youtube Here.

My website can be found here. It is roughly updated but some tiny things arent updated.

Follow me on Instagram @mewisme700 !

Have a great day/night!