August 26th, 2016

My tiny Raikou collection


I think my Raikou collection is adorable. Very small, yes, but adorable nonetheless.
I'm waiting for a few things in the mail, so soon this post will be outdated.
But I want to see in a few months/years how far my collection will have gone.

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Thank you for looking! Hopefully with some time my collection will grow ^^

Pin claims and card packs available!

Hello poke fans! My lust for collecting pins has left me with some extras! I am looking for claims for two extra pins from the newest pokemon center pins, I am keeping rayquaza but groudon and kyogre are looking for new homes! Also I bought a pair of card pin packs for steam siege but I am only interested in the pins. I am offering the card packs up for sale for $10 a box (3 packs included). I can leave them in the card board (proof that they cannot possibly be weighted) or take them out to save on shipping. I am keeping the mega gardivoir and volconian pins! So you would be buying only the card packs!

$ 6 . 33 each PINS CLAIMED

$10/3 pack
Also, here is a plug for my sales page:
      I am willing to combine shipping if you are interested in anything else from my perminant sales. I have some pins available there too, and as always take offers.

Sales reminder - Last Chance moving sales! :3

So this is just a reminder if you didn't see my sales, there are still some leftovers I really don't want to take to Colorado, so they're up for "last chance" sales before I either try to bring some of them with me, or mostly just give them to Goodwill. :)

Name your price! I'm open to any offers. <3

Thanks guys, you've all been so helpful in getting these out of my house! :D

I move on Monday, so I can ship domestic orders until Sunday or even Monday if there's time!

Click pictures to be transported. ^_^

Stuff is open to offers, as well as if you'd like to take everything, I'll give you a GREAT deal!! <3
I really just need these items gone, and some money to help with the move! :)

OH! By the way, ALL packages from before are SHIPPED except for jyxxie 's which will ship tonight or tomorrow. <3

Stuff is open to offers, as well as if you'd like to take everything, I'll give you a GREAT deal!! <3
I really just need these items gone, and some money to help with the move! :)




New Gets <3

Hey guys!
So as some of you know, I no longer collect plush. However, I had to make an exception on a whim a week or two ago and it's the best decision I possibly could have made. Ever.



Aren't these two precious? I got a 1:1 Meowstic and a Pika SB keychain. Meowstic has been a want of mine for years now. As I was reorganizing my sisters collection while she was at camp I came upon her male Meowstic... two days later this little one arrived. I've always preferred male Meowstic, but I think this purchase just swayed me in the opposite direction tbh.


Someone is very happy with their new friend <3 These two have been my sleeping buddies while I'm sleeping on the couch downstairs... will this heat ever end?

The rest of my gets are under the cut!

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On a separate note, do you guys ever mix and match animes? I gave Maki and Nozomi here a few Pokemon lol

And here's a link to my store! It's buy 2 get 1 one free for large sprites and buy 3 get 1 free for small sprites until the end of August.

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Cool Noivern

Open to trades!!

Hey everyone! I really want some of the items in my wants list which is here
I'm willing to trade most of the items in my sales. Please help me get the items I want :3
Trading is not available for people living outside of the US. Shipping is TOOO expensive
Click on my sales banner to go:
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Thanks so much!!

It's coming......Halloween wants!!!

September is next week, which means.....HALLOWEEN SEASON HAS BEGUN. And let me tell you I'VE GOT THE FEVER!!!!! While I have my main mons that I collect, I like so many others. Instead of trying to get a little bit of each, I'll just go for a theme. So, if you have Halloween merch, let me know!! I'm seeking everything especially non-pikachu items, but that doesn't mean I won't take pikachu stuff. I get paid on Sept.10th so I wouldn't be able to make payments until then.

I prefer Halloween, but I AM looking at all other spooky type pokemon collections.
Just to give you an idea of what I'm looking for I'll post these pics...They're just ideas. If you've got ghost/dark-type pokeplush post them anyway! I'm really open :)

Thanks for looking :)
Green and Gold
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Finally! Metal figures totals! + Extras sales!

Hello there guys!

Metal figures
Time for the totals! What did we get?

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I have still some extras up for sale! I even have a full set of Mega Gardevoir and Mega Alakazam!!! Riolu, MegaGardevoir, Puni-chan and Mega Gengar are 5$ each and the others are 3.50$ each!

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Also, I am still taking orders for these guys! So far I can only get one set for us, I hope more get claimed, so people can get the ones they want! Please GO HERE or click on the picture to go to the claims post!

That's it for now, thank you so much guys!