August 27th, 2016

Updated Wants Post

Hey guys~ I just wanted to post an updated wants since my last post got me a lot of great finds. Thanks to everyone who either sold to me or pointed me in the right direction! :) This post is kind of long so I'll try to use cuts on the long sections. Please let me know if I don't do it right.

Most Wanted:

- Pokemon Center Dragonair Pokeplush

(I've seen it for sale here and there but the prices for it are way out of my range of what I'm willing to spend on it so I'm hoping someone here will have one for a more reasonable price)

Plush Wants:

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Kid figures: (I'll be adding to this as I find more figures I like)

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Other Figures:

- Ichiban Kuji Flareon pokedoll figure

That's all I can think of for now~ US sellers are preferred for easier shipping. Eventually I'll get around to making a permanent wants that way I don't end up posting the same stuff over and over :) Thanks for reading! ^-^
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Shaymin EX

Hey comm!
Was wondering if anybody here had a Shaymin EX from Roaring Skies for sale or trade!

I have quite a lot of things to offer in exchange if you're interested in a trade.

Not really looking to buy for eBay prices ^^;

Eevee Build-a-Bear coming soon!

I havent seen any mention of this on here yet but I saw these today of a new eevee plush from build a bear! Sounds like its going to be out september 1st and theres an online exclusive with an outfit and card just like pikachu had~

I personally didn't care for the pikachu but this eevee is super cute! The fluffy hoodie looks like it has silhouettes of all the eeveelutions!

☆ FINAL sales before moving! Giving away A LOT of stuff for FREE! ☆

I'm going to make things short and sweet, please take all of these things out of my hands! :') I'm selling things for very cheap! This is the last chance, everything else I will donate to the local flea market. ^_^


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Collection site and ISO

Hiya Comm! (´ω`)ノ゙

I just finished my collection site and thought i would share it with you guys, come have a look!
(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜
Also wondering does anyone know how to make the image headers for links? I'd love to have one for mine.

I am looking for any Pokemon Mystery Dungeon merch you guys might have too. Plush, figures, flats, misc anything with PMD on it :3


Pokemon Go team charms for sale!

Hey all! I just finished up my first ever batch of charms, Pokemon Go team charms! I'm very proud of them!
They are 1.5 inches long single sided acrylic charms in a Chibi style! For $1.50 extra you can add a large sticker to your order!

More photos and sale permission under the cut!

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All these charms are available on my Storenvy! Click here to be taken there~!

There is also my standard Pokemon sales, with a lot of rare plush still up for grabs! Click here or the Entei below to be taken there!

TCG Trade

This post is mostly to see if I can get rid of some of the TCG I don't want and replace them with ones I do want. I do have a couple plush for sale as well.

Trade Rules
-Shipping from Iowa, US.
-Sale permission granted 4/15/13 by Dewott
-Will ship internationally.
-Cards will be sent in a top loader in an envelope.

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A hello to the community!

~Hello everyone! I was recently added to this wonderful community and thought id introduce myself!
~Im a 22 year old breeder from the Hoenn region! (Yeah I wish) but Ive been into pokemon at a very young age and have been on recently hardcore collecting toys and what not again after my parents had thrown away a lot of toys as i got older
~ my two favorite pokemon lines are Poochyena/Mightyena and Cleffa/Clefairy/Clefable!
~Im also trying to make my poochyena/Mightyena my first completed collection
~ I have two wonderful friends I met on twitter that introduced to pkmn collectors! pkmnexcavation and gymleaderwhit
~Hoenn is my favorite region of all time and I love collecting all merch from that region!
~I apologize for the mess I just wanted fast pictures of everything I had!
~Im always up for trades and buying!
~Lastly I also collect Final Fantasy and Fire Emblem Merchandise!

Its nice to meet you all!!


Hi everyone,
it's been awhile since I last posted because I was super busy with school and I hadn't bought anything new. UNTIL TWO WEEKS AGO and it got delivered today. yay! I was so excited for it to come and had been wanting one MWT since I started collecting pokedolls :)

I didn't expect it to come so early, because the seller shipped it roughly a week ago and delivery to The Netherlands from the USA takes 2 weeks or so. But back to my grail get.

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Problem with Buyer... Need Some Help!

Hey guys! Sorry to post again so soon, but I need some advice.

In my etsy store I recently got an order for this item, a perler bead sprite game (x3).

For this game the buyer is supposed to fill out a survey for each sprite so that I can make one that matches their personality- basically my idea of who they'd be as a Pokemon.

So the buyer purchased and paid for the item, but never filled out the surveys! I'm not sure if it was someone from here or not, and frankly I'm not sure what to do. I've sent them several messages over the course of about a week and I haven't gotten any kind of response. What should I do? I've never run into an issue like this. Etsy is telling me that I need to ship the sprites in about 10 days, but I can't fulfill the order without the three surveys. Should I send random sprites? Refund them? I also don't want to put myself at risk for a negative feedback, which would possibly happen whether I send them random sprites or if I canceled the order altogether. So anyone have any advice? ;A;

Here are some Lati's to make this post a little more colorful lol



Edit: thanks for the advice everyone! I ended up canceling the order :)
Mewtwo and Mew

Reintroduction and Gets: grail, SSS, and more!

Hey guys, it's been awhile! I've been pretty quiet for the past 6 months, but I've gotten lots of merch, including my SSS, a grail, and more! First, a quick about me:

I'm psychmoonshadow, or Psychic! I've been on this comm since 2008, and I love psychic-type Pokemon! My all time favourite Pokemon are Mewtwo, Mew, Meowstic and Scyther, who are my main collections, though I try to keep my collections on the small side. I ran a Pokemon-themed sub-event at a local animé convention this year called Pokéthon, I'm a mod on Serebiiforums, and I'm the Eastern Canada Warden on The Silph Road, a Pokemon Go community!

First off, has anyone seen the Sun and Moon Mega Ring set being made by Tomy?
 photo Z-Ring set_zpsch1xu58h.png
Apparently, it can connect to your SuMo game, so when you use a Z-Move in the game, the ring lights up and makes sounds! Or you can set it to role-play mode just for fun. Details here!

Now onto the gets! To start off, this is ridiculously belated, but I never posted about my Secret Spring Swap gets!

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Next, I went on a trip to the US to see a bunch of my online friends in June! We all write Pokemon fan fiction and are huge nerds, so I made a short trip to visit a bunch of them in New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts! Of course, no trip to NYC is complete without stopping at Nintendo World with your Mew plush friend!

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So did I get any Poke-merch during my trip?

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Now here is a smattering of gets from the past few months!

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Lastly, I got one of my grails!

 photo Mewtwo PakiPaki_zpsskulh3qt.jpg
It's the Paki-Paki Mewtwo! There are some really intense Mewtwo collectors who often buy up these guys, and I feel so lucky to have gotten one at a good price from splash! What makes this guy so special is that he's posable, and despite being from 2001, all of his joints work great! I only wish his tail was longer for more posing options, haha.

With all of these new plushies of my favourite psychic kitties, I decided to take a photo with all of them together!

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Lastly, my Sales Post is back open for business! If you love Halloween like I do, I'm selling official Pokemon Halloween cards with little ghosties! (Left: front, Right: back)
Halloween card (inside and outside) photo Halloweenboth.jpg

Thank you all for reading!