August 28th, 2016


Halloween stickers?

Heya! I have a quick question for everyone.

The Japanese Pokemon Company just posted this tweet

I believe this is a special Halloween cookie but there are either cards or stickers inside. Does anyone have a list of the sticker/card styles? I REALLY love Halloween and if some of these are neat I'd like to pick some up; especially if there are Cofagrigus designs perhaps?


collection update: 5 months later!

Collection Update!!!!!!!!! But first, gets!

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I hope this wasn't too boring of a post! I'll actually be in Hokkaido very soon, so look out for my Sapporo Pokecen Post once I'm back. \(^o^

Your favourite Pokemon Antagonist?

Team Rocket
Team Aqua
Team Magma
Team Galactic
Team Plasma
Team Flare
Team Skull
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Growlithe swing Keychain

Hey guys there was a lot of swing key chains on yahoo Japan and apparently someone bid over my $55. I just wanted the growlithe Keychain. Does anyone have the growlithe swing Keychain, dog tags they'd be willing to sell? Also does anyone have an ability to make a charm? There's a particular growlithe pose id love to make into a pendant. Arcanines too but I'd prefer growlithe

Also does anyone have a good picture of the growlithe canvas tag? I want to get a patch made of that growlithe


Hi folks!

Whew, it's been ages since I posted on here. I've moved twice and I went to Japan for a vacationin the meanwhile. I actually have a pretty decent collection space for my 'mons right now! But more on that later, since I'm still in the middle of moving my stuff to their proper places haha. ^^u

But I'm here to announce a meet-up for all Finnish members! The first one was held in 2013, this is the third one in the process! We have an pretty active Whatsapp chat group where we chat about Pokemon and anime stuff. I have some really really made great friends trough these meets, all thanks to this community. <3

Why not come and join us this time? Click the cut for lisäinfo. ;)

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Kura Icon by Pichu90.

Sales Reminder Post!

I still have to mail out one package and one will be mailed tommorrow but while i'm at I figured it couldn't hurt to post a sales reminder again. If you're in the market for anything or just feel like browsing, feel free to take a look:

You can view my flats sales here:

If you are looking for cards for sale I also have these:

Have a nice day everyone!
fist pump!

Wanted: MWT Jigglypuff Pokedoll

Hope everyone's Summer's wrapping up nicely! I've been silently lurking these past few months but have kept my eyes peeled for a very large grail of mine. I haven't come across any MWT Jigglypuffs in a while so I decided to check the comm because it has yet to let me down.

I know how much they're going for nowadays, so please please please let me know if you're willing to part with yours/ you know of someone who's selling one.


I am currently looking at some of these for auction on YJ. But they are all hitting around 1500yen+, which then id have to pay domestic, then international shipping.... -_- and on Ebay, it's around $50-$60.. soo.. before I bid or buy, wondering if anyone would be willing to sell one for a decent price. Thank you!
picture from ebay listing
Pokemon, Team Magma, Maxie

Random Plush Collection Update and Claims Reminder

I reorganized my Pokemon plush. I didn't quite realize I had so many!

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In other news, we are only one keychain away from ordering a full set from gaarasyami! If anyone would like to claim an Elesa/Emolga keychain, please go to the original post here:

Undella Town Pokemon Keychains.jpg

Thank you and happy collecting!