August 30th, 2016

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HGSS Energy Cards

Hello Comm!
I came across these beautiful designed energy cards and I'm looking to see if anyone in here owns them!

Looking to buy a set if possible, mostly need 13 of the fire energy but willing to look through the other HGSS energies!
Chef, Charmeleon

Many metal coins, spinner coins, dice, and Jakks Pokeball stressballs for sale

Yup, like it says, got a bunch of smaller items for sale.

My feedback ->

I was given permission to sell in pkmncollectors by entirelycliched on 2/11/2013

I mail out from within the US, and it will usually take up to one week, two weeks tops (Usually mail on wednesday and saturdays only)

Price given will include shipping and materials.

Please be able to pay within 24 hours. Not open for trades right now.

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akiba toys and taobao? help.

has anyone used either akiba toys or taobao to buy anything before? i'm familiar with YJ and it's middleman services, this seems similar. my only concern is ordering something and never receiving it, i've had bad experiences with chinese sites before. for example alibaba has terrible service and there's a very real possibility that you will lose your money and not receive your item. any experiences or info anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Grail Want and Trades for it!

Hello everyone.. ive been lucky enough recently to become the owner of THREE Ninetales metal figures.. unfortunately none of the are the specific color I am looking for.. the one I want is a silver Ninetales.. at the moment i own Gunmetal, Green, and Lime.. and in beautiful condition (lime has a couple very small paint chips but they are hardly noticeable)

I am really REALLY hoping someone out there has a silver Ninetales they would be willing to trade for 2 of mine! let me know

Custom Figure Showcase

Hey everyone, thought I would make a collection update for myself and wondering what else is happening.

So, as the title says,
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Here are my customs!
And probably my first ever custom re-built ever was a plamo Xerneas in its Neutral form.
A sleeping Zygarde core figure turned into a Zygarde Cell,
Two Flabebe in their white and yellow flower forms
and finally two Vivillon in their night and white patterns.

The funny thing is that for my Vivillon I used the XY Pokedex to cut out the Vivillon wings and used crazy glue to fold the wings =P

So what do you guys think? I know I'm an amatuer in custom designing, but I honestly just feel proud for myself after making these. Plus, I'd love to see what other customs are in work of progress or best ones you made. :)

Anyways guys, peace. I promise I'll make a collection update picture soon. So don't worry.

Build-A-Bear Eevee back in stock! And quick Hoenn plush wants

I had to order it via phone, as the website was glitching up for me (resetting everything I filled out when trying to advance to the next screen, ect)

And just a few quick wants.
2 Banpresto plush, and the "12 inch" Beautifly. Any condition on these is fine, I'd prefer them all without tags but please feel free to make any offers :D

And were either of these Jakks mini plush ever found? I'm near positive Beautifly was never released, at least in the US. But I thought I had seen Dustox in stores many years ago? Thanks to anyone who can give any information on these little bugs :)

Small Gets!!+Collections update!

I'm very happy with my recent gets, unfortunately I missed out on a Shinx Pokedoll plush but anyway!
With the recent Shinx I got plus finally getting a place to show off my plush, I'm actually happy with what I got so far! My only concern is, how do you people manage to display your pokemon plushes?

I've been struggling to figure out how to place them. In the end I just try and group them the best I can. Which kinda sucks because some of my favorite are too small and are hidden, like my Spritzee plush.

But anyway! I want to show off my new gets and collection!!

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Grails, Sales, and more!

Hey everyone!

I'm back with a quick collection update, grails, collection site, and some sales!


today's grails are:

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I forgot to show some other gets but here's where the collection site comes in!

Dun da duh

Please feel free to click the banner and check it out! I do plan on adding some background as to why I collection the Pokemon I do, so stay tuned!

And last but not least, I got sales permission recently, so it would be really cool if you guys could check it out! Fair warning, I am running a little low on packaging at the moment -_-'

Until next time, happy collecting~ 059.png

cere cere
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Display Question + 2015 Halloween Strap Sales

Currently my collection is being stored in bins to keep them dust free until I can get proper display equipment. For bigger items like my plush I was thinking about getting the detolf from ikea and doing a diy dust-proof (dust mites are not my friend). However, I'm not quite sure what's the best thing for smaller figures? I've thought about acrylic cases but there are so many online and it's hard to gauge quality and size from pictures, so if you have a favorite make or shop please let me know!

 photo preview_zpsiejk7ru6.jpg

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Umbreon by me

Halloween Circus Straps+Charms Claims $10 and under, and bonus Mascot claims!

EDIT: order has been placed! Mascot plush claims are no longer possible. However, please feel free to claim the remaining rubber straps!! :)

Hello everyone!
I'm here to bring you some of the Halloween Circus rubber strap and charm claims, as I need some adorable dressed up Umbreon myself :) I am pricing these low because I want us to get our straps! :D

Rubber straps and charms range from $5 - $10 Let's make this happen!! :D

As a bonus :D , anyone who claims a charm or strap can also claim Halloween Mascot plush for $18. Please note plush mascot claims are for Strap and Charm claimants only. Slots are limited.
Also note I regretfully can only ship to US addresses at this time. I am so very sorry but at the moment I have no experience shipping internationally and I don't want to risk a lost package. I hope this will no longer be the case in the future <3 US middlemen are welcome.

For rules and claims please click the cut!
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A quick gets post

Hello all! A small package arrived today from Japan. Normally I don't report each and every get but this time I was so impressed with this one I couldn't resist. Feast you eyes :) Sorry for a rough quality.

So, I got three Grovyle things: one in a bottle, a "regular" one and a big one. That mega Sceptile is just for comparison. When I opened the package and saw that big Grovyle, I became totally speechless. It is simply awesome ^_^

That's all for now. You have a happy end of August! AND, if you have some extras related to Sceptile line, let me know :)

Going to Los Angeles, JAPAN & CHINA! Looking for Stores that sell Pokemon Merchandise

Hello Everyone,

I will be traveling from Aug 31 - Sep 10th and will be going to Los Angeles, Japan, & China. Below I will have more details of the parts of Japan and China I will be staying at well on vacation. I am asking members from the community if they can provide me store names of places that sell Pokemon Merchandise in each area. While in japan I am trying to look for stores that may carry older Tomy figures as I am in the hunt of some of the older figures and also looking for metal figures maybe I can find my Wailord metal figures. Any help would be great :) thank yo guys!

-August 31st - Los Angeles, CA
-September 2nd & 3rd - Tokyo, Japan
-September 4 - Mount Fuji, Japan
-September 5th - Kyoto, Japan
-September 6th - Osaka, Japan
-September 7th - 9th - Beijin, China
-September 10th - Fly from China to LA, then LA to Chicago

P.S I am also going to be relocating from Chicago IL to Lexington KY by the end of September not sure if there is any members that live in the area but I am excited about the change : ).