September 1st, 2016

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Purchasing figures

Hi .
I am in the middle of preparing my want list for September .

Can you guys recommend for me sellers member that having alot of figures to sell? Am already dealling with few in the community.  But I have to compare quantity and prices in order to distribute the cost of shipping
Hopefully I will post my want list tomorrow. (Picture searches under process)
So if you are selling figures specially Tomy . Or know someone that is selling please send me thier sale/store page .

Thank you all . Have a great day :)

Bowtie pig

Mimikyu charms!

Hey there everyone!

I wanted to remind you that I'm selling 1.5" glow in the dark Mimikyu charms at just 10USD including worldwide shipping! Can be combined with my sales post below.

That's all, hope you've all enjoyed your vacations and good luck for those who are just starting school! 

Pokemon "20th anniversary" Tomy plush + figure (September 2016): Victini

Hey! Today marks the official release of this month's mythical Pokemon: Victini! Victini is a Toys R Us exclusive. The plush are $16.99 each, and the figures are $14.99 each.



Don't forget to download Victini as a mystery gift for X/y + OR/AS ! No stupid gamestop code required!

I was able to get the figure a few days early, and I just ordered the plush as a local pickup from my closest TRU location. As far as rarity goes... Every other TRU exclusive 20th anniversary item has seen a few restocks, so if you miss out on the first run dont resort to ebay! When I bought my Victini figure the other day, they literally had EVERY TRU exclusive in stock. (multiples of each) Gamestop has restocked Darkrai and Arceus, but not Mew. I feel like this line wouldve been better off as a total TRU exclusive, and just cut gamestop out entirely. Mew would see restocks, and the pokeball figures would all be in the same packaging type. but its whatever. lol I'll update this post with my 20th anniversary collection after I pick up the plush later today.

Thanks for looking, and I hope you can find Victini easily!
Umbreon by me

Halloween Strap and Charm claims - Still open!

Hi everyone!

There's still slots open for Halloween rubber straps and charms. Prices start at only $5! I want to get this order in very soon as they release on the Japanese sites tomorrow, so please claim if you're interested! :)

Claimants can also claim a mascot plush if they like :)

Please click the following to check it out! <3

Custom 2.5D Figurines Commissions!! + September Stickers Giveaway!

EDIT: Commission requests for this month are now officially closed! First priority reservations for October are open! :)

Hi there!
After a great month of crafting with many figurines shipped to their rightful buyers now it's time to open September for more and a brand new set of three stickers to be distributed in all orders!
What I have to offer? 2.5D figurines! These 15cm (A5 size) crafts are made of 4-5 layers of thin and thick sponge, with a small supporting piece included just like a real figure you may see or collect!

As it breaks the two-dimensional wall (2D) but it’s not fully dimensional (3D) it is called a 2.5D figurine!
The biggest difference is not just its unique crafting method but flexibility to grant ANY character you want!

The Rules:

  1. You may request ANY character you would like from any franchise, including personal original characters! There’s NO limits in that regard. Pokemon, digimon, gemsonas, ponies, sonics, humans, mechas, robots, furries, etc!

  2. References pictures if original characters are required, please!

  3. The buyer may suggest which kind of pose would like for the figurine. I shall grant it with strict precision and only advance to the making after their approval!

  4. Payment via paypal only!


$20 - $25
15 cm tall (roughly 5,90 inches, A6 paper size), very light and the supporting piece is removable.
Prices depends of its complexity ($20 if a simple design, $25 if a detailed design)

Eevee and Shmoopie are examples of simple designs while Xerneas shall be classified as detailed design.
Two or more separate figurines interacting each the other can be granted as long they get their own base piece!


Half of the size of the regular figurines (7.5 cm tall, roughly 2.9 inches), can only contain 3 layers of thin sponge. Only simple designs are possible or very chibified versions. Good to create cute interaction sets (such as the two white lion yo-kais above) or a mini collection.


Last month a brand new feature was been introduced to all orders: free stickers distribution! There's a set of three every month, exclusively for these figurines and Digital Art commissions!
These are the three stickers to be given during September!
2.5D FIhgurine Cogmmission Sheet.png
So your order may receive these offers if...

  • One 2.5D figurine (simple/detailed design): 1 Raichu Cousins OR Frozen Foxes sticker + Original Sketch + Worldwide shipment fee for only $3

  • One 2.5D figurine (simple design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Two Mini 2.5D figurines: 1 Raichu

  • Cousins Sticker + 1 Frozen Foxes Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment!!

  • Two 2.5D figurines or One 2.5D figurine (detailed design) + One Mini 2.5D figurine or Three Mini 2.5 figurines or any order with total amount starting $40: 1 Raichu Cousins Sticker + 1 Frozen Foxes Sticker + 1 GO Team Leaders Sticker + Original Sketches + Worldwide Free Shipment

  • Three 2.5D figurines or Four Mini 2.5D figurines or any order with total amount starting $60: All freebies above plus ONE CUSTOMIZED MYSTERY GIFT! (the bigger depending the generosity!)

And that's it! Please comment if interested and I shall provide the next instructions for a quick and safe commission ;)

I received sales permission on 12 January 2013 by entirelycliched
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Domino pieces claims! :D + few updates

Hello guys!

I'm ready to get these domino pieces so I'm  checking if there's any interest. Let's hope we can get enough claims to get these! :D
All pieces are priced indyvidually, shipping is only $1.7 worldwide (up to 6 pieces I guess).

EDIT: In case you don't know - these are made of plastic :D


Also I have few updates for you at the end of this post!

Check the cut for claims and list of all domino pieces! :D
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* Halloween Pikachu keychains - all claims will be fulfilled, I should have them in hand within about 10 days!
* Candy machines - I have them in hand - all claims fulfilled), will post totals soon! (probably along with Halloween Pikachus, we will see :D)
* Pokeball projectors - all claims will be fullfilled, I should them then here within 1-2 weeks.

Thanks for looking! ^-^
Pokemon, Team Magma, Maxie

Looking for Chandelure items from 2016 Sleepy Time promo

Hi, fellow Pokemon Collectors!

I was wondering if anyone was selling goods from Banpresto's recent Sleepy Time promo? I think these were Ichiban Kuji prizes. I am interested in any of the Chandelure items!

I definately would like the Chandelure keychain and the pouch that features both Chandelure and Gengar. I can't tell if the purple-topped milk bottle also has a Chandelure or looks like there's Gengar on the side opposite Mew, but I haven't seen a clear photo of the back yet.

Anyway, if you are selling these or know a place to get them, I'd appreciate the heads-up. Thanks and happy collecting!

Pokemon of the Week - Chimchar Line!

Over the next few weeks we'll be revisiting the starter pokemon! With the hype coming from Pokemon Sun and Moon and the reveals we decided to go back and feature all the others that lead up to Sun and Moon.

The rules are simple, you can post pictures, discuss how awesome this pokemon is, look for merchandise or even tell us stories! Please remember to keep it on topic.

(These posts are meant to be all about these pokemon, so your post doesn't have to include merchandise! Have one in game? Saw a cute picture online? Post it!)

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Some teacup Pokemon for sale + others!

Hello there guys!

I have some non-payers that claimed the teacup Pokemon, so would anybody be interested in these guys?
I have one FULL SET for 30$, otherwise 3x extra Squirtles (6$ each), 1x extra Charmander and 1x Bulbasaur (8$ each).

Metal figures
I also have a bunch of new metal figures extras for sale! Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the sales post!

Lastly, to get a second set, I need Pikachu, Eevee, Plusle+Minun and Meloetta claimed! Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the claims post!

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That's all for now, thank you!

Clearfile GA payment 2 + sales

Hi guys, Clearfile GA arrived so last payment is available. And please remember that Umbreon clearfile is available for 6.53$ + shipping.

  • diamondphantom: Raichu and Pichu. I can ship them together in a bubble mailer for 4,26$, ship them together in a rigid envelope for 15.20$ or ship them separately in two rigid envelopes for 9,59$. They are quite flexible so I think they would not be damaged in the mailer but let me know.

  • silverinfinity: Espeon 3.78$ It will be shipped on a rigid envelope

  • Please send your total to: dorapgr (at) with your address and items, thanks!

Also, I have updated my sales with a few old items and a Caterpie bell plush! Please take a look <3


Question on the Masquerade Party

Hello community!

I know I've been dead for quite a while (same as my wallet, sob) but now that Halloween is around the corner, at least when it comes to Pokémon Center promos... I've come back to life!

Today a friend RT something on Twitter, two pictures to be more exact. One of them was the illustration for the Halloween Circus and the other one was the most beautiful illustration in the world, which is for Masquerade Party.

Now, here comes my question... does anyone know if they are going to release a clearfile or postard or any sort of decently sized flat of it? ;w;
Bellossom Lotad &amp; Skitty
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Pin Display & Small Sales.

Hello, everyone. :D

I've been thinking of different ways to display pins and charms. With my old collections, I used tiny cork coasters and painted them white.. but I didn't really want to do that again, and I wanted something that blended in more with my home. Something less tacky, I guess? ;u; Not that I get into home decorating or anything like that, but I just wanted something that kind of blended in with my overall room theme.

Anyway, pictures are under the cut. I think what I came up with worked pretty well. ^^

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Also, I added a few more things to my sales.
The things that don't sell will be going up on a lot on eBay in a week or two.