September 3rd, 2016

Red Gyarados

Help me out?

Hi everyone! I haven't been around lately--too much other stuff going on. :)

Anyway, I have some cash left over from back to school shopping (I'm as surprised as you are), and now I'm looking for a couple things off my wants list. Top priority is the New Year Pikachu pair plush (the Japanese version) and the 2015 Charizard plush. I'm also interested in useful stuff--pens, clear files, deco/washi tape...

Show me what you've got!

Reminder for the Iwanko/ Rockruff Custom Pokedoll Plush Auction | Ends in less than 24hours!

Just a remind that my auction for a  Iwanko/ Rockruff Custom Pokedoll Plush is still going on, ends in like 10 hours. Right now for this custom little cutie at time of posting, the current bids only at $36 !~

You can bid here:

On a side note I'm still in search of the 12'' Munchlax Tomy Heartland Plushie. Let me know if you have it for sale.

Tamamushi University Magikarp event and Gen 1 distribution

Hey, guys! I'm looking to know if anyone knows someone that mightve been at the Tamamushi University Hyper Test event or personally knows of such info. Most people don't know that there was also an event given out for the Gen 1 games that distributed a Magikarp with Dragon Rage, just like the famous card. I'm just looking for info of those who mightve attended so I can get the specifics on the event and hopefully get into contact with said individuals for more details on the distributed Magikarp. Im aware of all the basic and obvious info from bulbapedia and what not. Im mainly looking for info on the Gen 1 magikarp game event that went along with the famous UniKarp card distribution and people who mightve attended the tournament, using leads such as the merchandise sold at the event, itself. If anyone knows of people that have such items like the one shown below or specific information, please let me know! I know ive seen posts about the old merchandise before, meaning the owners likely attended the event. Thanks again for the help, as always!

LF OLD Sealed Booster Packs

Hello collectors! Since prices on eBay are either ridiculous or become ridiculous when these are put up for bids, I was wondering if anybody has any sealed booster packs of the following sets:
Base Set
Base Set 2
Team Rocket
Gym Heroes
Gym Challenge
Neo Genesis
Neo Discovery
Neo Revelation
Neo Destiny
Legendary Collection

I'm going to do a gets post soon, but first I'm waiting for something else to arrive. Until then, show me your booster packs!

FromJapan question- Shipping heavy items?

Quick question about those of you who also use FromJapan. I've only ever used EMS to ship my items out, and I know prices can get pretty crazy the heavier it gets. So, I have avoided purchasing certain items that I thought might be too heavy (like large plushes). Is it a lot more practical to ship heavy items with SAL or other shipping, or is there much of a price difference?

What do you guys do? Thanks!

Mew Giddy

Question and Looking for Cynthia Collectors!

So last week I learned about the Trainer Collection: Undella Town promotion, and fell in love because Caitlin is probably my favourite human character from Pokemon! Now I have some quick questions!

First off, does anybody know where I can find a full version of this art? It's gorgeous, but it looks like the top and bottom have been cropped off. I have no idea where this image was originally posted. :S

Next, I've been eyeing the Caitlin magnet, can badge and drink glass from this promotion, but I don't want the Cynthia ones. Would anyone like to split a set with me? We would be buying from gaarasyami. I would only get one of the 3, and am most interested in the magnet.

Lastly, be sure to check out my Sales Post!

Thanks for reading!


vulpix plush question!

Question has been answered and I found one to buy, thanks everyone!

Hi all! My question is two-fold:

1) Do any Vulpix collectors have both the Canvas Vulpix and Sanei All Star Vulpix for a size comparison?
2) Alternatively... Do you just have an All Star Vulpix for sale that you could give me the dimensions of? ;D