September 6th, 2016

Some Trash Wants!

Hello everybody! Been a while since I posted anything. As many of you know, I'm primarily a Pokemon TCG collector, but recently, as an extension of that collection, I've decided I wanted to start collecting the wrappers from the Booster Packs of each set. There are apparently 298 unique Booster Pack wrappers, and I've always loved the artworks for them, so I've decided to start collecting them. I already have the full set of 4 from BREAKthrough, Generations, and Fates Collide, but I still need boosters from all the other sets. I'm just looking for the wrappers, not sealed booster packs.

I'm wondering if anybody has any booster pack wrappers that aren't ripped to shreds (I'd like at least the front picture to be as pristine as possible). That they'd be willing to part with, sell, or whatever. I've also got tons of TCG codes and duplicate cards I'd be willing to trade for some if that's something you'd be interested in doing (I know what you're thinking: "Cards for trash, is this guy crazy!?" Honestly, I just have so many dupes I'm willing to do just about anything to get rid of them at this point).

Thanks in advance! :)
Adorable Killua

Few more Lots to Sell

Hey guys! My lots have a few more days left on them:

Click photos to be taken to the listing!

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I'm trying to get rid of these so I can move on and sell more of my eeveelution items. I don't want to start new sales until everything else I've been trying to sell has been purchased!
Pokemon - Lucario nod
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New eBay lot + Sales~

Hey all,

I've got an eBay lot up that ends in 5 days, with some really rare Mew, Kyogre and other nice things to help clear much needed space~

There are already early bids on it, so don't miss out before it's sold!
Some other lots are listed up here!

Sales plug!
Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Preview of new items:

Splash's PokeSales post! )

Pokemon-Kana can badge GB!

Hello all! I stumple upon these pins recently and would like to bring you a GB for them.
The series is called Pokemon-Kana, so basically Pokemon and Japanese characters :)
pokemon-kana pin
The pins should cost $4-5 before paypal fees each, please read this post carefully before claiming. They are listed as 44mm diameter.

More info and pictures from this series in:

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Oh and Shameless sales plug while I am here: :P

Thanks as usual!
Umbreon, Espeon

Build a Bear Eevee review.

Hello everyone! So, as many of you know, Build A Bear released a new pokemon plush and it was Eevee! It was supposed to go live on Sept 1st, but a post by fellow comm member pmxellos on 8/29/16 alerted those of us who where quick enough that they had put up some Eevees for order. I got mine in right away and it showed up today! I know there we a lot of people wondering if the price tag is worth of the price of $62 for the "online exclusive" versus the $24 or $28 price for the just the plush (I don't remember exactly what the price was, opps). As I am writing this, I tried to look it up on the website and I got a "thank you for your interest in our upcoming product. We can email you when it comes out." Ok then.... (all pictures lead to a bigger picture when clicked if you want a better view)

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So, hope this helps you guys out! Please let me know what you think of my review or to post any questions I may have not answered for you. If you are on the hunt for those other eeveelutions or other pokemons, check out my sales post, Blues Adoption House. Help these pokes find a new loving home. Thanks everyone for reading. =3

Free ads (posters) from Japan!

Sorry for a long hiatus again – I’ve been busy with boring adult stuff like graduating, moving and finding a job. ^^* But I had a nice trip to Japan in June, so there’ll be a huge update on new electric mice later on.

Before that, I’ve got two ad papers which I got from Pokémon Center in Osaka. I’ve got no use for them, so would somebody like to have them? I can send them for free for the first one(s) to reply. The ads are DIN-A4 size, so they could actually be used as posters too, I guess. :)

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Pokemon Merch Question!!

Hello everyone! I have a questions about some plush I found online. They LOOK like bell plush except they are in the shape of balls and it appears not all of them are in shiny fabric. I wanted to know about the "rarity" or just more general info about these items. Are they rarer than bell plush? Based off the seller, they're from 1998 and Banpresto. I was able to translate the tag to say "boori nuigurumi." Any info about these critters?