September 8th, 2016

SOLD - Gengar Ring from K.UNO for sale

I've sold it! Now to get one in the right size, haha.

Hey guys, I'm selling my Gengar ring that I just bought from K.UNO.

I unfortunately got the wrong size (I didn't know ring sizes weren't universal, derp) and I'm unable to return it. They have a seven day return policy and I bought it over a month ago via a middleman. I just got it yesterday and it's completely new.
The ring is a size around 4 5/8 USA size (the actual size is 8.5 in Japanese size! I forgot to mention the USA sizing, sorry) so while this retails for around $220+, I know that it won't fit everyone so I'm selling it discounted.
If the ring doesn't fit you, you can also put it on a necklace which is what I plan to do if it doesn't sell because I just can't buy a brand new one at this time. This ring also comes with a special edition Pokeball case only given to the first 400 people that order for free. It retails for 4,000 yen.
Feel free to ask any questions!

I'm asking $180 + shipping. That's $40 discounted plus you don't pay any middleman fees + international shipping like I had to.
I can only ship the ring inside the USA (maybe Canada since it's close) because shipping charges would be so much internationally, then it will come out to even more than it retails for.

I was granted sales permission on 6/11/14 by allinia.
My feedback is here:

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The ring is absolutely beautiful and I didn't plan to actually wear it until I saw it in person and now I'm just bummed it's the wrong size. @_@
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Auction and Sales Reminder!

Just a quick reminder that there's a bit over 24 hours to go on my Reshiram Pokedoll Auction, and he's still at his starting bid!  My sales are also still open, and I'm up for haggling and offers since I need these things gone.

Click on any of the pictures below to be transported!

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Pika arrived

So my daughter was sick the last week .. so i had to stay with her long time and thank god now she is recovering
during the time we watched the Pokemon XY& Z late episodes

and the house  was full  of this Song !!

the funny thing .. that i know that she will start loving pikachu as all children .. so i purchased one already :)

and it arrived yesterday ,, and she is crazy about it lol

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now my wife want me to bring Squirtle 1:1 .. to my son .. and My duaghter ask me to bring Frokie ..  i opened a plushy door lol


one more thing
i am searching for mini figures for starters  as i consider strap figures and pokedex FC figures is the relevant size i want

picture to show

the small mudkip (i think it is FC/Pokedex figure) is smaller than Tomy  and almost same size as strap figure (cyndaquil)
so i am searching for starters only:

Gen 2 (Chikorita , totodile) ,Gen3 (Treecko) ,  Gen 4 (piplup, chimchar) and all Gen5 and Gen 6

thank you for viewing my post :) it is morning in my place .. so have a great pokeday :)

Quick plush weeding sales!

Hey guys :D

I've been slowly weeding thru my collection and deciding which plush I really don't need, so I bring to you some super quick plush sales!!

**I was granted sales permission on March 21, 2015 by areica96**

Feedback (Old username):

Feedback (current Username:


-All Pkmncollectors rules apply!

-I come from a dog and cat friendly home! They don't touch my collection, but if you're allergic please beware!

-I can provide more pictures upon request!

-Paypal Only; I accept payment plans on items over $50

-Payment is due within 48 hours of committing

-I will hold items for no more than 3 days

-Prices don't include shipping or fees, unless otherwise stated

-First person to comment inquiring about an item gets priority (even if they're only asking for a quote!!) if they don't follow thru, the item goes to the next person who comments


-I ship from NY, USA

-I will usually ship between 1-3 business days of receiving payment!


-Shipping starts at $3 for US buyers

-I am not responsible for any items once they leave the post office! I can provide insurance, but it may cost extra.

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Thanks for looking :D

I have more items up for sale here:


Looking for 20th Anniversary Pin

I'm looking for this 20th Anniversary Pin and Lanyard set. They've been sold out on for a while. Anyone know if they're gonna get them back in stock? I'm interested in buying both the pin and the lanyard but I would happily settle for just the pin. Anyone have one for sale or know where I can find one?

Sales Post

Hey, guys.

Been going through my things, cleaning, and making my apartment a little nicer. Trying to downsize too. :) So added some things to my sales. It seems I bought too many Eevee Halloween Circus plush so I have one in hand! I also have an extra eevee charm no one claimed (unless I made an oversight...if so please tell me).
I found some of the Nagoya can badges at my station...didn't think about going over to where the shinkansen was! opps.

Added ditto clearfiles and some other items :)

Sales post is here:

Discussion: Has Pokemon Go Changed Your Collecting Experience?

I haven't posted a discussion topic on here in a loooooooong time! This is one that I thought would be a good one to talk about. Pokemon Go has been an awesome thing, as people are not just seeing they resurgance of Pokemon's popularity, but more than ever people got into something Pokemon related, that would probably NEVER even touch the franchise!! But, now there's been a few pros and cons: a TON of licensed merch has been coming in, which is great for collectors!! However, people are now deciding to sell their stuff to make a small profit, without even knowing their value, and some stuff seems to sell out SUPER fast now!!

So, has Pokemon's renewed popularity from Go somehow altered your collecting experience?

For me, it's been awesome to see SO much new Pokemon goods! When I first joined the community, back in 2011 I think it was, Jakks was the only one that held the Pokemon license, and cards were making a small comeback with new figures in tins and such. But, you still had to import pretty much everything else. Pokemon Go and the new popularity has exploded in merch, but for me, I personally feel that a lot of stuff I buy has been selling out SO much faster! Pokemon Center online has definitely picked up, and has been doing VERY well since it opened. Things out out of stock very fast, when it wasn't nearly this quick early on. I've also noticed more people in Target and even places like Gamestop etc. check out this cards, too. As a person that collects cards, promos, the figures from them, etc, this has made it tough. It's awesome to see them get popular again, and not just little kids buying the cards, but stuff has been running out quicker! The anniversary pin boxes have been a bit of a challenge to get, and even before Go came out, the bagged anniversary Tomys were already a little tough to find! I've been following some TCG sets from just last year slowly sell out and increase in price on my watch list, which also sucks :/ Anniversary products brought out the nostalgia in people even before Go hit!

It's definitely been... an interesting year for collecting! That's for sure!