September 11th, 2016

a year of pkmncollectors, gets, and reintroduction!

hey guys!!!! long time no post! i've been INCREDIBLEY busy with college nd life stuff in general, but it's a little calmer now!

anyways, the 7th marked my one year anniverssary of being a member of this wonderful community!! everyone here has been so kind and it's made me so happy and comfortable here!

so, below the cut will be an updated look at my collection and a reintroduction!

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that's it, i think! thanks a ton for reading, i hope you have a good rest of your day!
  • ietne

Sales update and a question

Hi all!
I finally updated my sales post with new things and lowered some prices, come take a look!

(sales permission granted on 26/05/16 by areica96)

I'm accepting trades now! I'll happily trade items from my Sales Post for any item from my Wants Post!
(photo heavy!)
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New EX Card Trades!

Hey guys! I hope you've had a good weekend. I just finished my first week at college and it was AWESOME. I got more doubles from booster packs, so I have some more trades for you :)

Trades have priority, but these are prices if anyone wants to buy them:

(Good-Great) Delta Gardevoir: 7 shipped
(Mint) Glalie: 4 shipped
(Mint) Flareon x2: 5 shipped
(Mint) Gardevoir: 4 shippped

The Sylveon's are being traded on behalf of a friend of mine and are currently only for trade, not sale.
I will trade for any EX in a matching condition that I do not have.

And here's a link to my store!

  • jyxxie

Quick TCG Question & Nidocard collection

Hey guys! Just as the title says, I have a quick TCG question. I've read about many types of early error cards, but I found one on eBay that hasn't been mentioned, and I'm assuming it's a fake.
Have you ever seen a Base Set card with a Jungle symbol?

And to spice this post up and make it more than just 'is this real' I'm going to show off my Nidorino TCG collection thus far!

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Plush and Figure Sales Post + Red and Blue/Green Nendoroid for Sale

Update: Prices updated to match new sales post!

Hey Everybody!

I still have a lot of plush left over from my last sales post, plus I've added a bunch of figures as well! :)

I've also lowered quite a bunch of prices on the plush!

Feel free to take a look through everything. Now that Canada Post has resolved its issues, I can once again deliver these lovelies to everybody!

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Small sales post!

It's been ages since I've done small sales! Long are the days of me accumulating things and selling a bunch of small items! This is MUCH more managable!
I will be adding a few other doo-dads and a big stack of cards and TCG codes soon! (Need time to go through and organize those, first...)
I also have a huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge gets update coming soon, too! SO umm if you like pictures, look forward to that :p It's 9 months late >_>

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Sealed Pokemon Worlds size small unisex t-shirt.
$36 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Sealed (the one in the photo is mine) Arceus Tomy Pose figure
-Let me know if you want the box, want it flattened, or in tact
$12 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Like new large Banpresto Victini sofubi figure w/box
-Taken out and assembled (head is separate) only once, and then put bag in the box and its baggy
$12 shipped in the US (recalculated for international)

Pokemon TCG Illustration Collection
I'm only gauging interest for this item right now, as I have to dig it out of storage >_> It is the same one that will be in the upcoming Mew/Mewtwo TCG premium collector's box. Was curious if anyone was interested in just the book (all in Japanese of course, oh, and the Rayquaza/Pikachu cards are not included).
$ - Will see if there is interest first, and will then work out a price.

Definitely selling, as per my latest post.

  • hebilea

Reminder on Masquerade claims!

Hello there guys!
Just wanted to give a reminder that I am taking claims for these Masquerade charms! Poor Gallade and Joltik need some more love!

acrylic charms
Please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the claims post!

Also, if somebody else would like to claim any of the new McD's toys coming out Friday next week, please CLICK HERE or the picture to go to the claims page!

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Hi there! Hope peeps had a good weekend~

I was wondering if anyone knew what these are? They might be the top of a toy candy machine that seems to feature a roulette spin toy I think but this appears to be a disc shooter? I can't remember how I came across it, I haven't seen it anywhere here and I think the website I saw it on was Japanese. Does anyone have an idea of it?


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Taffeta Raichu

Hi everyone, I was wondering if anyone by chance has this Raichu Taffeta MWT for sale? I need this last one to complete my set. Please let me know. Thank you. (Pic is not mine, I got it off google images awhile back.)