September 14th, 2016


Just another succa for Lunala + TCG wants

It's true - I am hopelessly in love with a bat legendary <3

I've been used to catching the small frys like the Zubat line - I never thought I'd be collecting a legendary D: I'm a bit scared lmao.
I'm aware theres gonna be a butt ton of merch for her (her? Lunala is so pretty i feel like it's a her) though.

So pleasepleaseplease keep this lil bat collector in mind if anyone winds up with merch of her, I'm interested in buying pretty much everything, from flats to plush! <3

Has there been any merch announced so far does anyone know?

One of my friends as preordered these sets with Lunala in, so technically these are all I have so far when they release in November :'D

Thought I'd add on my current wants list for TCG cards too. Not all of my sets are listed yet - any cards you might have for sale would be awesome :> <3

Things to know:

  • I am currently not looking to buy any from BreakPoint through to Steam Seige as I'm still buying booster packs.

  • I'm in the UK

  • I have a butt ton of holos for trades if it comes down to it, but would rather buy.

  • Condition of cards must must must be mint! aka pack fresh

>>>>>   TCG WANTS <3   <<<<<--- Click

A few more sales items to add! Claims for the Pokemon Super-Premium Edition

So I went ahead and purchased the super premium TCG box, but I don't want everything out of it! Figured I'd post some claims and when it comes in, calculate the full shipping totals and such.

So here's what I don't want, and are up to claim:

TCG long boxes - $10 each

Card sleeves
$4 for both:
Turns out that these are deck dividers and not card sleeves! I'll just toss them in for free into the deck boxes. Not sure if there's two or three, so first-come-first-serve!

The main premium box itself
(Looks rather sturdy, but I'll have to wait and see when it comes in!)

Japanese art book (I'm wanting to keep the english one :x)
-No promo cards included

(I still have a couple items for sell as well HERE!

Kura pokedoll

Quick Collection Weeding Sales

I've had this stuff laying around and never really officially added it to my main sales post but would really like to get these items out of here if possible. So, I decided to make this quickie sales post.

You can view all of sales info here:

I can combine these items with any of the items from my regular sales posts as well!:

Banpresto Fuzzy Ufo Plush- TTO- $22 OBO
Jakks Pacific Foam Moon Ball- $4

Clear Tomy Figures:

NOT PICTURED BUT ALSO AVAILAVLE: Kygore ($5) Cobalion ($10)

If you have any questions,let me know! Update 9/14/16 : Costume Pikachu plush, Arceus Pokedoll, TCG box

Hi again! I'm back with another update! =) Several "costume" Pikachu plush have been added along with a new TCG box set. Also, the Arceus Pokedoll is fashionably late to the party. (August was Arceus month, September is Victini month)

(pics are direct links)
Mega Lucario costume Pikachu plush (standard $17.99) (mascot $9.99)

Arceus pokedoll ($12.99), Lion Dancer costume Pikachu ($17.99)

Paired Pikachu plush ($24.99), TCG "Super Premium collection" Mew/Mewtwo ($79.99)

Thanks for looking!
  • caffwin

Huge Plush Sales!

Hi everyone! I have a whole bunch of awesome plush up for sale (and offer!) today - I haven't cleared out my storage for YEARS, and I'm parting with a lot of old plush (some of which I forgot I even had!).

There are some pretty amazing collection items up for grabs - older MWT Japanese Pokedolls, a Daisuke Club Arceus, 1/1 totodile, various custom plush by some very talented artists, and more! Come check it out!

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Thanks for looking!

subsitute cubone
  • r0sehip

New Member Intro (with two wants)

Hi everyone, after lurking for awhile I've finally taken the plunge and joined the community! I'm R0sehip, and probably like a lot of people here I've been into Pokémon since I was a little kid when the first generation of games came out and I've been playing ever since (though I mostly missed out on gens 3 and 4...sorry Hoenn and Sinnoh!). Somewhere in one of my relative's attics there is a box containing my childhood collection of gameboy games, cards, TOMY figures, and fast food toys.

I only recently became interested in collection Pokémon items again, and I totally blame the Pokémon Time Eevee Collection. I saw photos of the mascot plush going around tumblr and they were some of THE cutest things I had ever seen in my life! After figuring out how to get my hands on my favorites, I was introduced to the world of Pokémon merchandise and have been keeping up with news and occasionally picking up new items ever since. I particularly like small plush and things like keychains/straps and pins, especially ones with particularly unique or adorable designs. I don't collection one Pokémon above all others, but I do admit that Cubone is especially dear to me.

Here's a picture of my small collection. The kuttaris and Halloween pins are from Nintendo World--living in NYC has its conveniences! I'm hoping Nintendo World will stock this year's Halloween items and the other two waves of kuttaris eventually...anyways the Burger King Cubone keychain is a childhood relic and everything else was purchased online. I'm also waiting for the Chandelure strap from the recent Sleepy Time Kuji to come in the mail.

Speaking of the Sleepy Time Kuji, is anyone selling the Mew mascot or the sleepy Mew strap? I would be interested in purchasing them. (also sorry for the messy image editing!) found, thanks!
cute miru
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Plushie Pile GA - Extras claims

A big box of plushies was delivered to me today!  Everyones plushies are in great condition and there are some leftovers too!

 photo s-l1600_zpscuowq52r.jpg

Under the cut are pitures of the extras with their prices:

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Extras are open to everyone.  All extras claims will go towards the customs fee payment.

I should have final payments for all participants up by the weekend :)

quick sales!!

I've decided to part with a thing or two from my side collection...

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

MWT Japanese Mega Sableye Pikachu - $25 + shipping

MWT Shiny Red Gyarados Pikachu - $30 + shipping

I'm a bit hesitant to part with this one since he was a Hiroshima PC exclusive, but I do think someone else would appreciate him more.

EDITED to add this normal-type clearfile - $10 + shipping

Thanks for looking!
  • syminka

Sales! Pracoro dice lot. Over 75 dice for $30

Hello everyone!
I have some sales today.

Can be comnbined with my NON POKEMON SALES here:

**Also, for a limited time I am offering every pracoro dice seen on this link for $30! So it's a big lot sale!!

That is over 75 dice! I think there are 90 something items on that page. Great for resale and your collection. I need to clean out some space. I am trying to pack and move. Then after I unpack I can sell more stuff!

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UPDATED 9/13/16
Click the images for bigger photos

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  • erlanai

Quick want

Hello everyone !

I'm looking for this Meowth strap. The one I bought some years ago when I visited Japan just broke :(
If anyone knows where I can find it or has it for sale please tell me !

Thank you !