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16 September 2016 @ 02:08 am
Hello everyone!
Sorry for posting again the same in that short time! x3 I´m just posting cause I have more artprints now available! :D
Everything under the cut! :)

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Which do you like more from Alola? The dark or the light forms?

Beautiful and cute light forms are the best <3
dark forms are the coolest!

Alola Vulpix or Alola Raichu? (they´re both so pretty!! >_<)


Do you like Pelipper?


Thanks all for looking! :3
Current Location: berlin, germany
Hello hello!

Sorry I haven't let heard of me in such a long time. I did move out with my boyfriend and there was looots of stuf to do! Now I am finally done unpacking my stuff, and I will update a new shelve soon :)

For now, I am still looking for lots of stuff. Some Pikachu cards, and also still the Zigzagoon stuff. Also I am looking for a Wailmer pail.
If you can help me please do, I have searched really anywhere!! *_*

Here by the wants:

Pikachu BW Promo 54

More info: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Pikachu_(BW_Promo_54)

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Please let me know! :D i also do trades from my sales list:

Have a nice day :)
16 September 2016 @ 12:06 pm
Does anyone knows anything about the McDonald's toys? My sister went to McDonald's and got a lugia yesterday, so I went today, but there seems to be a promo for Toms or something but went ahead and order a kid meal and got a Kyogre.

EDIT: You can also apparently get pokemon Hoopa in your pokemon game if you go to McDonald and connect there.
16 September 2016 @ 02:16 pm
Having a clear out and found some things that could do with new homes!!

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16 September 2016 @ 03:18 pm
Hi ,

so i updated my collection, made some changes and thought to share it and read your opinions and suggestions


also my want list reminder


... and i have some questions

is there a good wiki for Zukan line with sizes and photos?? .. I am intrested to Know the sizes for some line

Haxorus, Torterra , Serperior , Lines ( Sinnow , Unova starters) Ralts Lines . Metagross Hariyama

does any one have them and have the Tomy ? could someone do compare post (like putting the figures in same photo and do aprroximate size missuring ?

for example i have Electivire Zukan line and Tomy and they look almos same size . i want to know other figure if may
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thank you for viewing my post :)
have a great pokeday  :)
Long time no post!
I started collecting Magearna in June but haven't posted my complete collection yet so here we go!

Unfortunately I don't have a spot for her right now on my main set up so she's over here by herself ;; See the cut for more pictures!

pictures hereCollapse )

I also wanted to posted about an item I completed a few weeks ago, if you already follow me on twitter you've seen it already but I'm still so proud of it so i have to post. :,)

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OKAY AND FINALLY, i just finished making a whole ton of Drifloon plush and they're for sale!

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16 September 2016 @ 04:59 pm

Wow I have not posted my collection here in a lllllong time. Figured id post it again cause im pretty proud of it thus far

My collection consists of vaporeon, luxray, arcanine & lugia. I collect other Pok�mon but collecting more then one character is already deadly X3

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As you can see im still working on my collection especially my arcanine & lugia one. I put em together since I don't have much of em yet

Hope u enjoyed this small poke blog of mine~

Hey everyone! As you may know by the title of my post, there is going to be a RotomDex board game being produced by MegaHouse.

Engrish ahoy!
Exhibit A!Collapse )

As you can see, it includes a touch pen, 18 play cards, a RotomDex "gimmick case" and 2 double-sided game sheets.

Now the most interesting bit, is that it includes 36 "game pawn" included into this set. And from my research, MegaHouse are known to make figures and some slime toys, (not kidding, look up on AmiAmi) And from my knowledge, they've also made a few board games in their profile. And a lot of them include plastic pieces in every set.

I also took a look on google to see if I can get some more information, and according to this source, Exhibit B!Collapse )

Now I don't know what this means on "Othello" is, but apparently this translated is a roulette. And it also mentions "to be used in game with 18 species."

Now we don't know exactly what this could mean if these are cards or not, because it mentions "reverse card" however its not clear in what this means.

So, I am hoping maybe we can get a small bonus of figures, because there could be some really nice ones that we don't have, but I dunno.

So what do you guys think? Excited about this?
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16 September 2016 @ 07:51 pm
My latest gets! 3 great plushes :D Can you guess which ones?

(Before we dive into the gets, as you can see I don't have many plushes of the Bulbasaur line.
I'm looking for the Polémon Center Bulbasaur plush (25$ shipped max), and the Venausaur pokédoll (35$ shipped max).
If you sell them, let me know! I live in France. )

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Thanks for looking and happy collecting!
16 September 2016 @ 09:04 pm
Hey guys! My SO requested for me to collect Zygard Cores for her, and I was just wondering if anybody collected the lil guy? I'd love to see some pictures, especially of the plush! We already have the PC plush and she was hoping for a slightly bigger one to cuddle :C

Thank you guys! Have a good day C:
Risha Moon

I was wondering if anyone has these cards for trade or sale.

Tangela Toys-r-Us promo. They released in Canada.

*Also, if anyone has a sealed Meowth or Clefairy from USA Toys-r-Us. I might be interested in those.*

*Or any stamped with the 20th Anniversary logo. I have some of them from the UK in English but didn't realize that they were released in other languages.

Edit: Actually since I'm looking for some random cards, I might as well add these in too. lol.

They're from a McDonald's promotion in France from 2013.

Thank you!

~ Risha
16 September 2016 @ 09:42 pm
Where did the Super Premium collection on pokemoncenter.com go?

Will more be released in the future? I just got paid today and I really wanted one :(

Also, to not be just a whiny post of confusion...
Is anyone selling a Lucario Sleepy Kuttari? I don't want to buy one from eBay because high prices and possible bootlegs. Thanks guys!

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16 September 2016 @ 10:07 pm
Hello lovely pkmncollector friends! I come to you today with updated sales:


After this I will start putting them up in job lots on eBay so please if you see something you're interested in ask! :)
I am very willing to haggle and am happy to give discounts for large orders.