September 17th, 2016

Brooke and Jed

Quick Plush Sales! Prices Listed Offers Accepted!

I have some quick plush sales to list. I was granted sales permission on February 28th, 2016 by areica96.
I follow all PKMNcollectors rules and guidelines and expect my buyers to do the same.
I ship from the US. I will ship worldwide as long as the buyer is willing to pay the shipping.

Asking 10$ OBO for both Clefairys and Squirtle. Asking 30$ OBO for Riachu. All have all their tags and are in great shape.

Asking 15$ OBO for Mew. 10$ OBO for Meowth, 5$ OBO for Togepi and Squirtle. Asking 2.50 OBO for Articuno. Everything except Articuno is like new with all tags.

Feel free to check my sales page for better pictures and more items.

They are listed on my LJ sales page here:

new member intro

i have been in to Pokemon since i was 4 my best friend introduced me my first game was silver and i loved that game so much (even if i didn't understand it) my favorite Pokemon are Mewtwo and Giratina i have huge collections of them well in Mewtwo's case i did a few months ago i had to move everything out of my room so it could get repainted and the box containing my Mewtwo stuff some how caught fire don't ask me how i didn't even see it i ran down to find the charred remains of it so i was wondering if some of you could help me i have gotten most of the stuff from japan back but the American stuff has been hard i'm looking for a lot of the play by play items the plush backpack in particular (he was my favorite) i don't need these things to be in pristine condition i can work with minor holes and even broken zippers and i'm willing to pay a good amount for some of these items so if you can please help i could really use it


Pokemoncenter Group Buy #3--CLOSED

EDIT: The box has arrived but I won't have time to open it/get totals until tomorrow; get excited everyone :D

Hey everyone :D I've had some requests for a new Pokemon Center group buy for international people so I'm happy to announce I'm free to do so~
There's plenty of awesome stuff up on the pokemoncenter website ^w^ make sure to take a look and let me know if there's anything you'd like to order!
As usual, I'm happy to do multiple claims on certain items such as grouped pins!

Shipping will be free from the Pokemoncenter so there will only be two payments~
1) Payment 1 will be for your items only
2) Payment 2 will be for shipping from me to you

Note: I will require payment for your items (Payment 1) before I place the whole order!

I am also okay with ordering multiple sets of something ouob

Keep in mind I will probably be unable to give shipping quotes as I need the item in hand to weigh it, sorry :(

If there are not enough claims on certain sets before I place the order they will not be included :<

tagging clicky797, ku_bek, and ietne

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hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :3

PokemonTrader:// 20th Anniversary Expansion Claims

Hey PkmnCollectors!

The moment has come! CP6 is upon us! Reprints from the base set are finally here! There are plenty of fan favourites plus some new twists! Some pokemon have had typing changes, been updated to be "current" with our meta and there are some new trainer cards too! This is a set you definitely want to check out! If you find a price cheaper than what I have, let me know and I'll be willing to work with you to update my prices! :)

Warning this post is image heavy! :)

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I'm not dead and wants

Hey guuuys :)

Do you even still know me? xD
I know I haven't made a post in a long time! Things have been stressy with uni for me but now I finally submitted my last project and have a lot more freetime now!

First off, I wanted to come to you with some wants of mine and see if I can find something!
Shipping would be to Germany :)
I'd prefer sellers from Europse or Asian countries since shipping from the US is really expensive.. but I'll look into it nevertheless.

Rattata Tomy figure

Rattata Kid figure (not clear)

Any other Rattata merch if I like it!

Cubone kuttari (either closed OR open eyes!)

Pikachu and Charmander

Clefairy secret base Pokedoll US (!!) release (the smaller one ^^)

Froakie petit plush

Also linking my full wants list here with some other items!

(I may already have some of them, but let me know if you have anything you see on this list :))

Please also note: concerning the newer items listed, I only collect pre-owned merch so please no links to sellers on ebay or to sunyshore or similar sites, I know that some of this is on there but I am specifically looking for pre-owned ones thanks :)

17th/09/2016: Collection update = break from collecting.

Hello people,
I'm back with just a quick update to my plush collection. At the end of my summer holidays and I had purchased two plushies in the community as well bought one from ebay while pointlessly searching the japanese pokemon center website. It was probably luck that I found all of the plushies and I'm grateful I did, plus I'm thankful to the sellers as well. As you can see under the cut that I have aquired a zekrom banpesto, chimchar pokedoll (2006) and a suicune pokedoll (2009). This probably won't come as a suprise but I'm not collecting anymore plush for a while for reasons that go off topic. Anyway here they are and excuse the mess.
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Looking for tiny/chupa (?) figures

Hello there! :D

I'm looking for tiny figures to finally complete the original 151 first gen.
I don't know if they're chupa figures or bubblegum figures (? I have a vague memory of someone calling them like that), but they're around 1 in or 3cm in size.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I'm not looking exactly for chupa figures, I'm looking for figures around this size (1in). I just wanted to have each of the original 151, even if they come from mixed collections.
Currently I'm in need of the following Pokemon:


I've found this photo that shows their approximate size:

If you have any of those (or maybe even others in this size, too) let me know! :D

- Agatha