September 19th, 2016

Tons of updates, new sales, and wants ~

Hello all! Long time no post. I come with tons of gets and plenty of new things in my sales! I got a full time job that pays incredibly well, so now I'll be able to afford some more wants of mine now ;v;

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And for my sales; follow the link!
Items and info are over there.
There's zukan, plush, kids, tomys, and more.

New sales link

  Hello poke lads and lasses! Quick post here, I have moved my sales to a new link as the comments were getting to long and bogging down the load times (I couldn't even get it to load on my phone! lol) Come take a peak if you haven't already, I have lots of nice items including eevee items, espeon items, helioptile items, mega bloks, figures, a bunch of deoxys items (which I would gladly make a deal on all of them together if there is a doexys collector out there) and more! Cheers!

Collection Update !

Yooo guys !
It's been a while :3
Just to say I really like the atmosphere in this community it's not the same as on facebook. I really Hope I can get Sales permission one day :p

Here's a bit of info on me :3 I'm in my last year of Bachelor's Degree in Applied Linguistics , Multilingual Communication and Translation ( In order to become a video game translator ) , after this year I'll enter a Master's Degree for the same thing :3

I'm studying in Rennes ( Brittany ) in France .

Maybe some of you know me from the UK pokemon Tcg Group on Facebook ? I've been hanging there quite a bit .

I am an Administrator of the 8 biggest French Pokemon Tcg groups on Facebook .

I like being admin because i'm usually very close to everyone , people seem to like me .

So first of all Here's some photos of my Nidoking line Collection.

Recently I've been hunting for every base set Nidoking edition /language I could find . Right Now I have 25 différent versions .

I've also sent my first ever card to PSA ! I sent my Crystal Aquapolis nidoking , hoping to get at least a 9 .

Thanks for reading :D

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After that I've finished a couple of TCG series in the last , and i'm nearly finished with the most of the ones i'm collecting .

I collect : Team rocket in French , Gym heroes and Gym Challenge ( Finished Both), Neo Revelation  english and french ( Finished ) , Neo discovery english and french , Neo destiny english and french , Aquapolis and Exepdition English and French ( Finished Both , Skyridge nearly finished ( Missing beedrill rare and Umbreon Holo ) , The Japanese Vs set , Ex Rubis & Saphir in english ( Finished ) , Ex Sandstorm and Ex Dragon in english ( near Complete ) , Ex team rocket returns , Ex Crystal guardians and Ex Deoxys in english and REVERSE only :3 ( Which I started recently :3 )

Here's some photos of the holos / ultra rares I have so far :3 !

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Porygon Custom Plush

After a little over a month of hand-sewing, it's finally done! It's a little over one foot tall, wide, and long. Made of all blizzard fleece. I do have some complaints with how it turned out, but I still really like it and I'm attached to it. ;v; This is the last time I fully hand-sew a project of this size.

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2005 poke doll tag back?

Just a quick question. Does anyone have a picture of the back of the tag of a 2005 US Umbreon poke doll, or can tell me what it looks like?

I bought one a while back and just noticed the tag dose not have a bar code on the back like my 2009 and 2010 dolls. The doll itself looks legit and even has an s sticker in the tush tag. I'm worried the actual hang tag might be a fake though. It's glossier than the other dolls' tags too.
Sorry for the boring post,