September 20th, 2016

Identifying Sentret Plush (Legitimate?)

So I was wondering if this Sentret plush was in fact a real plush.
If you see the pictures it seems as though it would be but I'm not 100% certain it is.
The stitching almosts flawless except for its belly, doesn't seem quite like a circle.
Another thing is that the tags don't say whether it was a TOMY or Pokemon Center plush.
So if you guys have any information about this plush I would greatly appreciate it.

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Custom Sun/Moon Plush Auction Reminder - Ends in 3 hours!

Hello again! So I meant to post a reminder for this auction a lot sooner than this ^^'
But my custom Lycanroc/Lugarugan plush auction is ending soon, in a little over 3 hours! And he's still
at the starting bid, so feel free to check out the auction!

You can click the image for the auction or the link to the previous post for the extra pics and what not!

Sales Info
Sales permission granted by skdarkdragon on July 8, 2015
Feedback here

Thanks for reading! I promise I'll make a more interesting post soon ^^'

Pokemon 20th Anniversary Manaphy hunt!

Hi everyone! I havent posted here in quite a few years, but I used to be a pretty active buyer and seller on pkmncollectors!
Although I haven't been around on the forums, I am still an active collector, and as many of you are too, I'm loving the 20th Anniversary merch from Tomy and other companies.

Here lies my problem.
As I eagerly awaited the release of the Manaphy plush back in June, which was exclusive to "toys r us" I noticed the page for the listing was taken down, and has never since resurfaced.
I've hunter everywhere, and cant find any UK retailer with them.

After doing a lot of telephoning and emailing about, I found out from Tomy UK that apparently, Tomy in the USA decided that manaphy was going to be really popular, so to divert most European and ALL Uk stock to the USA.
Not only is this a big let down for any collector like me who has every piece of 20th merch released in the west ao far, but poor practice on Tomys part considering they still have manaphy listed on the uk website!

So, on to my real question, I'm looking to trade, or purchase a new in box Manaphy plush!
Available to trade I have either Darkrai, Arceus, or Celebi 20th anniversary plush.
Im not willing to pay the ridiculous prices of £35-50+GBP on ebay :(

Hope one of my fellow international collectors that was lucky enough to see a release can help me out, and heres a picture of my collection so far to show you my 20th anniversary commitment;)

Thanks guys!!

Collapse ) Update 9/20/16: Pokemon Go! Plus

Hey there! This is a quick update for Pokemon Go! fans: The Pokemon Go! plus is now available on! Last night I noticed a new tab appear under the Video Games section, labeled: "Hardware + Strategy Guides", and when I checked again this morning (expecting to see the Sun/Moon 3dsxl) this Pokemon Go pokewalker had been added for $34.99.

Click the image to Go! (get it? Its a pokemon go joke)

Also, over the past few days, several plush have been restocked. ( such as standard plush of Espeon, Umbreon, and Sylveon. the large Snorlax plush, shiny mega gengar, 1:1 Charmander + Squirtle and more!) Go look through the plush section if you havent in a while!

Thanks for looking, have a great day, and please be aware of your surroundings when playing with Pokemon Go!

Sales Post

Hey, guys! It's typhooning outside! The wind and rain are so strong! So since I am stuck inside, I took updated photos of what I am selling! I added some new Halloween items and a ton of ditto clearfiles!
Please check out the link before!

Items can be combined with pick ups~


sales permission granted by areica96
feedback :
(community rules apply)
Prices are in USD. I accept paypal.
Please let me know if you want insurance added.
I will try to ship within 3-5 days of payment. I will have to ship on the weekend because of my work hours.
If you say you want the item please pay within 24 hours. I will not hold items.
Prices stated don't include fees, or shipping. Please ask for a total quote
Shipping is from JAPAN. I will ship international!
I do not accept trades.
Please let me know when you have received the item and leave me feedback here:
Umbreon by me

Halloween claims in + friending!

Hello collectors!

Two things from me! ^-^

First! Halloween claims are in and I have totals for you all! I replied to your comments on the original post yesterday but still awaiting payment from most of you.
Click the cut for your totals + some other info! ^-^

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Second, I was late to the friending post and I just made a twitter for Pokemon stuff, so I was hoping to connect with other collectors!
If you have an account let me know! Or if you wanted to check out mine, i am @capedumbreon ! I'll probably be on the lookout for fellow collectors as I keep getting used to this thing ^^;

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Quick Want + Sales Reminder!

Afternoon everyone! Today, as the last item I'll be seeking for a while, I figured I'd start putting my feelers out for a White Kyurem Pokedoll.
MWT is not completely necessary, as long as the plush itself is in new-ish condition (as in not dirty, marked up, etc).

Secondly, Frozen Sales reminder that some stuff is listed on eBay:
Sales info/permission here:

Have a great one everybidy! :B

Tiny MonColle news update

(Here at GameExplain, the TakaraTomy website has finally updated their look on the upcoming Sun and Moon line-up, but first...

Tortanator!! :D

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So yeah, this is turning out great huh? But for real, I'm hoping that since they got all of their sell-out Pokemon repeats on that list, I'm hoping that we will get some new and original figures in the future. I'm kinda interested in the Tapu Koko value pack if it's gonna be a reduced price, but I'm not sure.

Thanks for PokeShopper for the heads-up, and hopefully Mimikyu isn't scrapped...
have a good day everyone, stay alert, stay safe, see ya.

Mew/Mewtwo Collection Opening +PokeCen GB!

I came home as quickly as possible when I saw the tracking on my latest package ;;;;;

Looks like mew is here to help me out :D
now what could be inside?
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Quick reminder about the Pokemon Center Group Buy!

I will be placing orders on Friday :) Therefore, please get your orders in by Thursday! Thursday I will send out comments for Payment 1~

thanks everyone! <3

The Family Keeps Growing

Hi Everyone! :D It's been such a long time since I posted anything new. Life has been really crazy as of late. To be honest, I don't know how anyone with a full-time job finds time to do anything else. It takes up so much time and energy. Haha. XD

This post is actually really late, but I wanted to share some of my latest custom gets. :3

My main gets consist of custom plushies from the wonderful and talented caffwin, who was incredibly generous in allowing me three custom plush requests. <3

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Well, that's it for today. Thank you, everyone, for reading! Until next time~! :D

September Art commissions reminder!!

Hi guys, just a quick reminder that I still have my art commissions open for this month and I'll close them soon so if you're interested on bookmarks specially let me know. I can do traditional art on the future but I won't be printing bookmarks as frecuently as I'd love ;A; Click HERE or on the pictures to check the full post