September 21st, 2016


Alola LIFESIZED 1:1 Plush Confirmed?!

Hey everyone, I'm actually back with something that's not a sales post, haha! Actually, I won't be selling anything more for a long time, since college is already kicking my butt, and I won't be home with my until winter break.

However, I took a break from stressing over assignments to share an interesting discovery I just stumbled upon!! :o

As you may know, eBay sellers from China have been notorious for selling bootleg/deformed plush that simply would not make the cut as official merchandise, which sometimes leads to future, unannounced merchandise being revealed!

Although we are aware of PC normal sized starter plush arriving in October, this seller not only has pictures of Litten and Rowlet's plushies in real life, but of their supposedly 40 cm / 16 in plush!

Unfortunately, these are the only pictures I could find from the seller- Popplio's listing just has his official artwork and no actual picture. But still, I'm thrilled to see that they will exist!
raichu, dendenne, cute, Pokémon

Pokémon Center - New stock and restocks for U.S. store!

I was just refreshing the U.S. Pokémon Center website to check if my cart items were still in stock and what do you know...! They have restocked on some neat items and have added the halloween items to their stock! Thought you guys might want to check it out!

Restocked items include:
Special Delivery Pikachu with Pokéball pins & lanyard
Poké Plush Pikachu (trainer size 1:1)
Pokémon TCG: Super Premium Collection with Mew and Mewtwo

Also I do apologize for posting this before I've properly introduced myself to you guys. I'm working on an intro post with a full catalog of my collection, so hopefully I'll have that ready to post soon. I'm actually really new here, so just as a side question, would it be ok for me to post my intro later on today, or should I wait a few days? I want to make sure I'm following all the rules properly and I definitely don't want to be seen as a front page hog >_< So any advice for that would be appreciated!

Looking for NTSC / American version 3ds games!

Hi everyone! I've finally ordered a 3ds xl (yay!) and am looking for some games to play on it! Please note that they must be the American version (as I've imported the console from America).

Shipping will be to London, UK.

The games I'm hunting for are:
Pokemon X
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
PMD Gates to infinty

Super PMD
Pokemon art academy

I would like them to be in very good condition with inserts and original cases please! Currently, trades are a priority but I can pay with paypal too!

Here's my sales posts, please feel free to check them out!

I also have TONS of other stuff, so let me know what / who you're looking for and I'll have a look!

And if you're looking for cards, I have tons availiable! Click this link to see which ones I have <33

Thank you so much for looking, have a great day! ^_^

Quick question

Hello Guys,

I been busy with my move from Chicago to KY and I should be finally done by this weekend. Now that I will have a bigger place to atucally display my tomy figures in a nice case I am looking to create a display case and I recall a user from this group create some glass step displays and was wondering if someone can help me find the link as I want to build those steps as well but don't recall the design so much. Once I have my info I will go ahead and delete this post. Thank you

The case looked like this and the use had there Pokemon tomy figures on it

Buy 2, get 1 Free

Long time no see, everyone! Just popping in to share a cool sale I noticed on Hot They're having a Buy 2, Get 1 Free Sale! You can mix three entirely different items if you like. They even have TCG. It is ending very shortly, however.

Click the banner if you're lazy like I am.