September 22nd, 2016

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Quick Collection Weeding Sales Part 2~

I sold most of the items from my previous post so I have another batch of items that I would like to sell. What didn't sell last time has been added to my regular sales post (part 1).

All sales info can be viewed here:

Remote Control Oshawott (comes with pokeball controller)- $13 (shipping may be a little higher on this one due to weight)
Pikachu Minicot- $5
Pikachu Tomy- (Matte version, running/standing on all fours version)- $2 SOLD

Anything in this post can  be combined with items from either of my sales post:
Part 1( plush,figures,misc items):
Part 2 (flats):

Have a good day everyone! ^^

Plush and Figure Sales Post Update

Hey Everybody!

Everbody who bought Items from my sales, they are ready to go and will be shipped either Friday or Monday! :)
I will message you guys individually when I mail them out.

That said, I still have quite a few plush and figures left for sale, and would like them gone as soon as possible to make space. I've lowered the prices on quite a few items, and am willing to haggle on larger orders!

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Pokemoncenter Group Buy #3 Payment 1!

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Alrighty everyone!
Payment 1 is due at 10pm US central time Friday (tomorrow)!

Those who do not get their payment in will not have their items ordered so please make sure to pay ASAP!

I'm going to hold open claims until 10pm today so if anyone hasn't seen this post yet they have a chance to claim~
Those who claim today will be asked to send in their payment by closing time tomorrow

Please check the original post for totals, claims, and sales info :)

thanks everyone <3

UK Middleman

Hey guys, quick question! Does anyone here reside in the UK, and would you be able to be the middleman and relay a package from there to the US? Ill obviously pay for the item and any shipping or added fees. Im kind of in a hurry, so all help is appreciated! Thank you, again!