September 24th, 2016


EX Cards For Sale

Hi guys! I have a lot of EX's for sale or trade :) Everything is mint except delta Gardevoir, which is in good condition.

Prices include shipping.

Charizard X: 23
Sylveon 1: 3.5
Sylveon 2: 3.5
Flareon: 5
Delta Gardevoir: 8
Gardevoir: 3.5
Glalie: 3.5

I also have some lot deals for you guys! Prices don't include shipping for these.
Cards include everything, and you are guaranteed either rares, holo's, or reverse holo's.
EX's are random, and may or may not include the ones shown in this post.

1 tin + 1 EX + 100 cards: 10 dollars
1 tin + 2 EX + 200 cards: 20 dollars
1 tin + 3 EX + 300 cards: 30 dollars

I can also do custom lots if you're looking for a different kind of deal.


Sales permission granted by entirelycliched on Feb 19, 2013

And here's a link to my store:



Hi this is Beanie! I'm looking for some magikarp merchandise ranging from plushies to figures and anything!

This is for my friend who is having a birthday this weekend and she LOVES MAGIKARP! So anything is good. My price range is around 20-60 and that includes shipping.

Show me what you got!

UK / EU sellers wanted!

Hey guys, long time no post!

Life has been so hectic with work and general bits and bats that come with 'adulthood' so I've had to hold off the collecting up until now, but with it being very close to my birthday - and everything from bills to car costs covered - I've decided to hop back into plush collector mode and figured I'd post here to see if there are any UK / EU sellers about selling PokeCen plushies c:

I'm after Pokedolls and normal PC plushies, please post any links or pictures of those that you're looking to sell! Thanks!
(Hopefully I'll be able to get a collection update together soon too! c:)

some special gets :)

Hi everyone! I wanted to show a couple of things I have recently gotten that are special to me!

Last Saturday was my birthday (17th Sept) and I turned 25! My boyfriend got me the limited edition K Uno Eeveelution ring in silver as my present :) It is so beautiful and I love it!

The other lovely new item I have is the London Queen's Guard Pikachu! He is gorgeous and special to me because my boyfriend actually used to be in the Grenadier Guards before I met him, and did Guard Duty for 2 and a half years. (I hate the bearskin, but he says it was a very old one and they don't use new bear fur any more...). So I had to get this Pikachu!

I'd love to know if anyone else has any special Pokemon items in their collection? Something you love for sentimental reasons!

Happy Saturday!
x Catherine

Quick US TOMY Plush Sale

Hey guys!

I have four Tomy Pumpkaboo, one Noibat and one Banette plush to sell. I'm looking for $30 for Noibat and Banette, and 25 each for the Pumpkaboo. I was building myself a little spooky army but I'm running out of shelf space plus there's other things I want (hi Chandelure Kororin). I won't be able to get a shipping quote until Monday but if anyone needs any of these let me know!

New cute gets + sales reminder/update

Hello collectors! I was going to wait for another thing to arrive before updating, but I think it will be awhile so here's a small update instead. I also forgot about another thing that I got, so I forgot to take pictures of it, however it would fit in better with an update for the other thing I'm waiting for in the mail, so I'll do an update with it then.

If you're just here for my updated sales, they can be found here:

Anyways, here are the two new gets!

An adorable 2005 Japanese Pikachu Pokedoll and the super cute and soft 2006 Eevee Canvas plush! I love them both so much. They're both just so cute and tiny!