September 25th, 2016

Collection update! And Sales update!

Hey everyone! It's been a super long time since I've posted a collection update! I haven't had the time since school started but anyways, here it is!

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Now onto sales! Over the past few weeks, I've decided to slim down my collection and weed out the things I didn't really want to make room and have money for the sun and moon releases!

- Sales Permission Given by areica96 on May 26, 2016
- Rules and feedback are listed in the link below!

Click on the photo or this link to be transported to my sales post!

Thanks for reading and I hope you're all having a great weekend so far!
C&H Autumn
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Auction Time!


So it's about time to present my next auction! This time I have put them up on eBay! So if you see that the prices are quite high, just remember that they are in Australian dollars. If you want to have a look at how much they are in your currency - simply click on one of the listings, replace the '.au' in the URL with your country code and press enter.

So what did I put up this time? Please click the image below to view the listings.


Hope you enjoy these auctions and good luck to all participants!
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Totals for domino pieces :D + extras for sale

Hello guys!

Domino pieces are finally here!
In the cut you'll find your total, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

I have about 40 extras too! Check the 2nd cut :)
Shipping is only $1.7 no matter how many domino pieces you'd like!

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And I just wanted to give you headups - I might be really slow with replying to your comments/messages within incoming week, I will be super busy till next Monday! ;-;

Thanks for looking, have a great Sunday!
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can you guess it ? and need your opinion

Hi ,
So i was and still working on new sculpture , and when it is 70% is finished i thought to share it with you and take your opinion

Let's see , can you guess what is this pokemon from these pictures :)

click :)
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ok i hope you like it , and really want to know your opinion (REALLY!)

and for sure my want list updated

Thank you for viewing my post

and have great pokeday :)

Collection update!

Hello community! Summer is over and autumn is coming here in Finland. I think now it's a good time to make a bigger collection update. This time I decided to bring out everything (excluding TCG). When I put them back, I faced a problem: there is no longer room for any more stuff so now I must get a bigger vitrine!

Before the pics, I want to thank each and every one of you who made this possible. This post wouldn't be here if there weren't you wonderful people. So, thank you <3

[Click here to go green!]

Here is the happy plush family with parents in the middle. There is that life-size Treecko on the right but I had a slight problem to fit it here :D

All Sceptile line figures I have. There are lots of multiples though. That bottle figure features Grovyle.

Flats, coins, etc.

The protector of my keys.

A Sceptile poster I accidentally found on a Finnish auction site.

As long as there is not too cold outside, I'm wearing it. There is a story behind this cap. Last year, there was a TCG regionals tournament. I made it to the top 8 (with Mega Sceptile deck, of course!) and ended up playing against a good friend of mine. I lost but it was totally fine since my friend won the whole tournament. He got that Treecko cap as an extra prize and gave it to me.

Hawlucha drawings my friend gave me as a birthday present last year.

Here are some other things featuring my other favorite Pokémon. That Torchick cap was earned in some (I can't remebmer which) TCG tournament. As you can guess, I am an active player and collector. I was planning to start a side collection featuring Toxicroak, but it doesn't have much things to collect.

The rest of my plushies. That Substitute is so cute. It is having an important job to keep Hawlucha upright.

I think I'm just about done for now. I repeat myself: if you have something related to Sceptile line you didn't see here, please let me know :) You have a good end of September!
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Looking for some Slowpokes for a friend

Heya all!

I was wondering if anyone on here has the slowpoke zukan for sale? My friend is dieying to get one and I really want to help her out :)
Also other slowpoke line items you have for sale I'd love to see, she might want some other slow's for her collection.

Do note we're from belgium so if you're not comfterable shipping international that may be a good thing to keep in mind.

(i found this image off google images, if it's yours and want me to take it down please let me know)
Umbreon by me

New sales post! ^-^

Hello collectors! ^-^

Halloween claims are all shipping Monday morning, so with that,  I'm opening up a new batch of sales!

Included are Eevee Halloween items that were unpaid for ;_; so they are up for adoption!
Also got Mystery Mansion charms, more Halloween straps, Eevee room pants, and other stuff.

Here's a preview ^-^

Status: open!  ^^

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subsitute cubone
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Question About All Star Plush (and some gets!)

Hi everyone, I was thinking about getting the upcoming Cubone All Star plush, but I had a question about the size of All Star plush I was hoping I could get answered. When looking at information about the Cubone plush I was surprised to see it was only 16cm (about 6.3 in) tall, because for some reason I had assumed that All Star plush were much larger? But I also admit that I am really, really bad at visualizing the relationship between measurements and the actual size of items. So for anyone that owns All Star plush with comparable measurements to the Cubone, what do you think of the size? Is it a good size to cuddle? (very important of course). And if anyone has any pictures of All Star plush that give a good idea of their scale that they could show me--like a picture taken next to something with a standardized size, be it merch (like a pokédoll or a kuttari) or a soda can or whatever--I'd really appreciate it!

Moving on from that, I'd also like to show off my newest gets: two rubber straps and a mascot from the Sleepy Time Kuji! I really like the soft pastels and star motifs in this series and I'm happy I was able to track these down. The Mew strap and mascot were also my first purchase from the community, so yay for passing that milestone!

Birthday Get!!!

Hiya everybody!!! :)

I'm here to share my sole birthday get!

In all honesty, I forgot today was my birthday until last week, so I forgot to leave my wants list lying around in plain view XD

So, you can imagine my surprise when my parents handed me a package that arrived yesterday, from my closest friend on the community, hellgarr!!! She and i are on a first-name basis, so my family recognized the name, and stashed it until today ^^'

Here's what was inside!!! :D

A Skytree Shiny Raychu mascot plushie!!! This was so unexpected and thoughtful, it made my day!!!
I've been so busy with work, I've let my plushie collecting fall by the wayside :'(
But this renewed my want to collect plush!
Here's Raychu next to shiny rayquaza! :D

Thanks again Hellgarr!!! You're so amazing!!!! :D

Now, I'm after a couple things as a present to myself-

Shiny kids- Bulbasaur, Squirtle, Wartortle, blastouse, gyarados, marshtomp, chimecho, absol, seviper, groudon, leafeon, glaceon.

Pokedolls- Black and white kyurem.

Other- shiny gardevoir/m. gardevoir/shiny gengar/m. gengar candy figures.

Thanks everyone!!! :D
Have a good night!!! ^-^

~ Chris/Ebon