September 26th, 2016

Ray, Beta, Bill

Dragonite TFG

Hello everyone!
I ordered a Dratini TFG the other day-
no idea why- he's, like, not even rare you guys.
Anyway I quickly made this guy to go with it.
26th September 2016.
I might fiddle with the head noodles a bit.
I plan to make a Dragonair too,
though now that I've typed that it'll never happen.
Last week it was Chikorita, the week before it was Johto Gym Leaders- I'm not good at plans.

Collection Weeding Sales :)

Hey guys! It's been awhile! I decided I'm going to sell some things in order to make room for some new arrivals :) Please give these guys great new homes!!

I'm selling lots of plush, including many pokedolls and a couple PlushPlush! A preview can be seen here:

There's also some more things not pictured, so please check it out! You can click the pictures or HERE to be teleported to the sales :) Thanks so much!!


Hi, my name is Maria, Im from Peru. I just joined the comm but Ive been collecting for almost 2 years!!! I collect oshawott, shiny magikarp and japanese pokedolls. I got some pictures of my collection here if you guys would like to see ;p

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♥ Searching For & Sales ♥

grail.jpg Hello Everyone!! IMG_9103.JPG

First off, i still have some things here for sale: CLICK HERE TO SEE!

Secondly, i am searching for these plush for a friend! Looking for the cheapest prices i can. I think the cheapest i saw was around 22 on Ebay for the ditto plushies, so show me what you've got!!
I'd also be interested in trading any of the items in my sales above for these plush!

~ Thank you all for looking! <3
Tales of the Abyss - Luke
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Hey all~~~

Has anyone heard from hokeypokeyboop (Angel Kristine on FB) recently? They made a rather large claim on my sleepy time kuji items, their payment is more than a full week late, and I've been contacting them from comments, PM, etc without any response :\

Been busy at work and wedding prep, preliminary house-searching and the like, and wish I had so much more time for various personal room organizing... Did manage to put up new plush though! :) I still have a few more I need to list up, and then need to revamp some listings to clean things up xD;;; Also past the halfway point on getting my pan sticker shopped moved off of Storenvy so that ya'll don't have to deal with their stupid "customer handling fee". (in the meanwhile, please do make orders manually with me if you don't want that ugly fee tacked on)

So~~ Sales plug!
Preview of new items:

Click here or the image below to go to my sales page!

Splash's PokeSales post! )

°○☆ Sales ☆○° (+FREE LOT!)

I know I made like three "last sales before moving" posts and I want to truly apologize for that. My move got postponed quite a bit. Everything is fine and I'm moving in October, I just really wanted to say I'm sorry if my posts bothered anyone. UwU

PLEASE TAKE THESE LAST THINGS OUT OF MY HANDS. ;___; I really don't want to move with them. Haggling is acceptable, but please, don't get upset if I decline. Keep it reasonable.

I am far too busy to ship internationally at the moment. (All the weighing, measuring and the forms... nope.) I will only ship to the US right now. I'm sorry, I'm just so busy and stressed with my move. U.U

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The goodies are under the cut~ (I'm sorry, the pictures are not the best. ^^")

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Question about merchandise Pokemon center Nagoya

I'm here to ask you all experts collectors guys a little favor
A friend of mine next week will spend two week in Nagoya Japan
He knows in a good pokemon fan, and already told me he will go to pokemon center
to get something for me.
Is there any website, where I can have an idea of what kind of items the store sell?
or what are for you the best plushes or figures actually in store ?
Thank you for helping me ;)

Huge Sales

my sales permission was given by areica96 on 4/Aug/15

I ship internationally from Canada.
Shipping starts at 6.13$ for nonflats to the US
Intl starts at 8$
Ask for tracking, I will not automatically include it unless you're Canadian.
The usual pkmncollectors rules apply.
If you don't respond to me/my quote in 12 hours i'll pass it on to the next person who's committed.
Clarity update: "I'm committed to ___ IF (__ whatever____) is NOT a real commitment in my eyes, and will not necessarily be honoured as one.

I possess and will invoke my right to ban individuals from my sales for not responding/paying in a timely manner.
Commitments are priority.
I will do discounts on larger amounts of small items/flats.
Haggling is acceptable, but don't be offended if I decline your offer.
New addition to this rule 28/09: please don't haggle a purchase under 20$, honestly I didn't think I'd have to say this.
Delayed payments are okay as long as you're up front about it and don't take advantage of my willingness to wait a bit longer than most.
Bear with me, I might have to shift around some of the text/pictures as my laptop isn't very cooperative. Fixed!
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Let me know if anything is missing.