September 28th, 2016

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Gourmandise brand earbuds? Sound quality question

Hey guys,

I have a quick question for you all today regarding some earbuds. Recently my cheap-o pair broke and I was searching everywhere for some official Pokemon ones. I wasn't too fond of the Black/White starter ones from the storybook sets, and I would have loved the Pokemon time Wailord or Torchic ones, but those are impossible to find nowadays. I was very happy to finally find what I *think* is an official brand by a company named Gourmandise. I was so happy to find these because they are so cute and work on a "reel" system so the wires don't tangle (brilliant!)

The item in question:

Collapse ) Update 9/28/16 : Kanto premium 8 badge set + Pokemon hats

Hi there! I'm back with another update! There are several new Pokemon hats, as well as an awesome set of all 8 Kanto gym badges!

Click the images to go!

Kanto 8 badge set - $179.99

Pokemon hats - $34.99 each

The badge set seems like an item that will quickly sell out, so if you want one I recommend ordering ASAP! For Group buys, it would cost around $22 per badge, not including the frame.

Thanks for looking, and have a great day/night! =)

New member intro and FiRsT WanT PoST ~=D

Hi ALL~ =)

I will start the new member introduction with my want post (Coz I do have lots of stuff, I need times to tidy up all the stuff in order to make an collection post hahahahaha)
Okay for my basic info (Although I don't think people will have interest XD)
I live in Hong Kong and I am a Pokemon fans  since 1998 I first meet the animation in TV.
(my favourite Episode XD)


My favourite Pokemon (s) is Latios and Latias.
My favourite Pokemon game is  Emarlard (Coz I super love Battle Frointer)
And I love to collect plushes, old items (like things sold before 2005), and also custom stuffs.
Okay , maybe we start the want post here
Firstly I will start with the toys that searched for years
1. Scene box for movie 5
2. Chibi poke house delux types A
3. Chibi poke house delux types B
And I also wanna find the DX of Movie 4 but ubnfortunately I can't find the picture of it =(
Then we continuous with plushes
Those plush are all rare stuffs, I know it's hard to find one, but I still wanna try if can get them or not =[
4.Butterfree Pokedoll
5. Raichu Pokedoll
3. Other customs Pokedoll plushes
4. Other Latios/Latias Stuff
And this ends for my post (which I believe the list will add on in future XD)
Nice to meet you all =D=D
~ Thank you all for looking! ~

US Middleman needed! EDIT: found!

Hi everyone, sorry to post again so soon. I'm looking for a US middle man who wouldn't mind shipping a 3ds game to London, UK. The item location is in Arizona but the shipping to the UK is ridiculous and I was hoping someone here could give me a more accurate price <3 Please comment here and I'll PM you all the details. Preferably I'd like someone who has done it before but I really want to get this item quickly before it sells,so if you're willing to help me out please do let me know! thank you! :D

Found! Thank you!
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Re-Ment : WELCOME TO PIKACHU ROOM announced !

I was looking at items on Rakuten when I stumbled upon this ! Re-ment figures are well-known by toy photographers and people who enjoy making dollhouses, and there are people who collect them as well - they are miniature, realistic japanese figures of food and household items. Re-ment usually does cross-overs with very popular series like Doraemon, Sanrio characters and Sailor Moon. But here is their first Pokémon set !

Each Re-ment line is split in eight BLIND-BOXED (yikes) sets, which in this case are :

1 - Favorite interior
2 - Happy Breakfast
3 - Drawing practice
4 - Pokémon goods
5 - Break time
6 - Watch television
7 - Tea time
8 - Relax time ( The secret set ! )

It will release in December of this year.

Are there any Re-Ment collectors on the community ? Are you excited for this promo ? Do you hope other Pokémon will be featured in Re-Ment sets ? I hope they will do an Eeveelution one someday, or a cat Pokémon one.

Random Sales and Commission Slots Open

Im like really bad at collection weeding, but Im currently extremely broke. This is the best I could do haha.

So heres a pathetic excuse for a sales post. I am also opening three slots for my commissions on felties and wood work. Check out my work here or click my business card:

I was granted Sales Permission by dewott in Sept. 2012
Feedback here
Ship from Virginia, United States
I may be a slow shipper but I am always attentive to keeping in contact with you
I only accept Paypal :3
I will ship outside the United States, but be prepared to pay extra for shipping


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Major Collection Weeding Sales

Hey there community, been debating this for a while now but decided to finally weed out some stuff from my one of my main collections which is shaymin, keeping the ones that are important and sentimental to me, but the rest were pretty much impulse buys on that "gotta have everything" rush. I'm at the point where I just want to keep/buy stuff I like and decorative pokemon items like Pokemon Time, Little Tales, and it's Demo stuff along with housing accessories. So without further ado, under the cut are a lot of plushies, hopefully they can find good homes

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As for a few of my wants~

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