October 3rd, 2016

Dr Zoids Pokemon Time Sticker Auctions~

Auctioning off some pokemon time stickers Individually, many pokes~

Click link under image to go. If can't see pic view tags below to see which pokes are available for bidding on.

(yes, these are loose and not stuck onto the paper. don't worry~)

Only thing I forgot in there is the Comments/Questions section, so just reply to this with those ^_^


pair of mega poncho pikachu for sale!

I had to move my Digimon plush to a higher shelf because of my upcoming pupper (two and a half more weeks!!!), and to do that I'm purging all of my mega poncho Pikachu, except for my two Charizard ones. I might have to get rid of my Lugia poncho Pikachu too because its in my closet right now, but I dread that so we will see...

I was granted sales permission to my previous account, jodie_kathleen, on 19 September 2014 by entirelycliched.
Feedback for my previous account can be found here, and is also linked to on my feedback for my current account.

I am selling these two plush as a set. A pair.

Get BOTH mega poncho Pikachu plush for $45 + shipping!


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Thanks everyone!!
Detective Pikachu

Small sale

Greetings all have a few cards up for sale so check them

1.paypal only please
2. I ship from the US
3. Haggling is OK but no hurt feelings if refused

Sales permission granted by denkimouse

Articuno FA $8
M Charizard X EX $18
Vaporeon ex $6
Flareon ex $6
Entei $3

Thanks for viewing

Sales + Collection Update!

Hello collectors!! Here's my newest collection update! I should really do these posts monthly lol, but I tired to condense the items in to only a few pictures.
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Any info on this totodile charm would be appreciated!!
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And of course a sales plug! I got some new stuff in and have some deals going. I'll also take best offers on almost everything. Just click the picture to be transported!

Until next time! Happy collecting~

Edit: I forgot to mention, for Inktober I'm drawing only pokemon to count down to November for Sun and Moon! If you feel like it, follow me on instagram to see the drawings!! 

My biggest update ever...

Ok this is a big one! Got SUPER busy with school and things this year, so this has been due since... the beginning of the year. No joke. It's big, and lots of pics to look at if you're bored :p At least the Anniversary is almost over, so my wallet can relax a bit next year... I'm not too excited on SunMoon stuff either, so another thing to relax about :p

Alright, here it goes... Hopefully I'll update it a bit more often :p
(I also have an untouched sales thread here that I plan on added more to, since I got all of these photos and stuff in order, finally).

Enjoy looking!!

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One Month+ for Airmail? And a 20th Anniversary get...

I purchased a small lot of 7 can badges that was sent by airmail from Japan to the US--normally, I haven't had any issues and I usually do EMS but the seller mailed it before I could request a different method. Now, I'm kicking myself because it's been about 5 weeks and no sign of the package...which of course, one of the can badges is a grail (GAH!). Has anyone else experienced something like this? I'm not getting my hopes up and am assuming it's been lost...but I've heard some stories of parcels taking an extraordinarily long time for various reasons (customs, boats, what have you) even with airmail...

At any rate, I thought I'd also share a nifty get--this is a notebook with all 12 of the 20th Anniversary Pokemon in a retro-neon Pokedoll style. This notebook was available at the Pokemon Worlds in San Francisco at the pop-up PokeCen retail shop. I didn't go, but managed to snag a pick up for it--love me some Celebi and Shaymin dolls. :)

The back of the notebook is the same design, but there's a logo that says "Poké Doll Mythical Mania" too. I don't know if US Pokemon Center is planning on more merchandise with this design but I hope they make more!
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Ash's Crew keychains - TOTALS!

Hello everyone!

Today I got mini Ash's crew keychains! All claims are fulfilled ^-^

Keychains are super cute and each of them has mini stand! Every keychain comes with insert too.
Below you'll find your totals, I'll be probably shipping these out after the weekend (sorry but I'm quite busy right now ;-;).

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in a comment section below!

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~UPDATE: I'm not sure about Pokemikke sock keychains because it looks like they release has been delayed or canceled... I will let you know when I find any info about this!

Thanks guys!

Super Rare Pokemon Revista Posters Auctions! (and more)

Hello everyone!

Sorry, I know it has been quite a while, but that was because I moved out! Yes, from September first I had my very own place! (Together with my boyfriend). Still I didnt forget to collect my Zigzagoon stuff, and my Pikachu cards. So I bought a few lots with stuff I wanted, but there were also lots extra's and I wanted to share them with you!

I was able to buy the Zigzagoon Revista Spanish official poster! I couldn't be happier! Along with that poster, I got some others as well, check them out below, I have put them up for auction, as well with my Buizel/Floatzel/Mantine/Mantyke water diorama.
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Please don't bid until I have striked this line!!! You can bid now :)

Please see my sales post as well, I have added lots of new items:


Good luck guys, if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! :D

- Lindsay