October 5th, 2016

  • dezchu

Super premium collection,Keldeo box,and Card trading C:

Lets start with my lovely Keldeo box,I have been getting some really bad pulls on the monthly boxes most of the exs I had came from the first 3 boxes and the figure boxes.
Well this time I didn't pick it :P I let the excell stocker hand me a random one and it was lovely.
I opened this as soon as I got outside but the funny thing is I only saw the Flareon ex and the Sylveon ex I have no clue how I missed the full art I'm guessing it was stuck to another card,so imagine my surprise when I pulled the cards out of the sylveon pack to put away and Zapdos revealed himself.
My dad witnessed a where did this come from this wasn't here before freak out xD.

Now onto the super premium box I have been excited for this box to release to other stores since I knew target had to be getting it so I could use my discount.
Ups delivery was delayed but the stocker was nice enough to give me the tracking and letting some target employees know so they could retrieve it for me when it came in <3.

Now I am going to say one thing double check the figure as best as you can REALLLY look as far in as you can.
I was so distracted with making sure Mew was ok I forgot to look at Mewtwo the same way and by the time I noticed it the box was already open and I was not going to be able to exchange it ;-;.

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Seeking a good amount of card I have plenty of cards to trade with xD.
~Sales Permission Received from lineaalba August 31st 2010~

~Most wanted Generations for personal collection~
Articuno Full art 25/83 (I have a manaphy textured full art I can trade C:)

~Most wanted Fates Collide~
Umbreon ex Full art 119/124
Umbreon ex 55/124
Alakazam Secret rare 125/124
Glaceon ex 20/124

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Don't have anything here no problem I have a whole other list of cards I don't have xD it is extensive.
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growlithe leap


Same deal as the August PC pins last time --- I WANT THOSE FIRE TYPES!!! :'D

Below is seller information, and claims / prices!


Sales permission given in 2010 through denkimouse
Seller feedback can be found >>> HERE <<<
★ I am a fast shipper in the United States and I will ship international!
★ Please do not back out of claims. You will then be banned from future sales and claims.
★ Pins will be shipped with bubble wrap and in manilla envelopes!!!

EDIT!!! : Just TREECKO and MARSHTOMP are left!!! Give them good homes!

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$$$ will not be due until items arrive to me ---

Let me know if there's interest! Once I get enough claims, I'll make the order :) thanks, all!
  • mmajdy

October - want list :)

Hi ,
so to keep it short this is my new want list for october .
i recieved some items from september , and added some new items to be purchased :)


and soon i will post my new update for my collection
but i am waiting some figures to be reached

during the comming days i will finish and post the colored  Tyrantrum that i made ..  so wish me luck  and pray for me :)
if you did not see it before click below . if you did ( i would like to say i changed the base ;) and yes it has rocks )
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thank you for viwing my post . and hope to see your comments on my want list soon :)

have a great pokeday :)

Build A Bear Pikachu Restock

Hey everyone,

Start checking your local Build A Bear stores if you still want a Pikachu. My local store restocked and I was finally able to get one. Mine also had one Eevee left, but I got one last week. I really love the quality of these guys. I know I want an Oshawott one made. I'd also love to see the Kanto starters be made.

Grails + 1:1 totodile sale

Hi everyone! I finally have something worth posting lol. I've been so busy with school but i finally got all of my packages. I actually got them a few weeks ago but school has me super busy. Sorry for the slow shipping on my packages from the last sales post btw school and being sick suck lol

Here are my grails I got! All of them don't have tush tags lol. I got them all off yahoo Japan. I'm so happy to get them again and definitely won't be reselling them this time.
Now for the sales. For sale I have a 1:1 Pokemon Center totodile it's in good condition with only its tush tag. It does have a stain on its butt though. I'm asking $225 plus shipping
Sales permission :
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Some pics of it are below :
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Kura pokedoll

Looking for "Awake" Sylveon Kuttari

I was wondering, does anyone know where you can find a "awake" sylveon kuttari? Its sold out on the pokemon center website and no legit ebay sellers have it.

Not looking to spend a huge amount but would really like to be able to get this if possible. Tushtags are a must but hangtags are optional (dettached tags are fine too), US or Japan version. Nothing stained/ worn/"loved" please.

I can possibly trade for it as well:

(Note:I can't trade the Banpresto Blissey due to expensive shipping.)

Pokemon Card Sales~!

Hey everyone :D I have exciting news !!! But I'm not quite ready to share until all is finalized but get ready for it >w<

In the meantime, I'm trying to earn some money for something relating to the news ;3
In addition to the cards being for sale, I'm also happy to accept trades from my wants post!


And feel free to check out my other sales below!

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Eeveelution keychains!

Hi everyone! Long time, no post. I have been quietly lurking here lately. Been a member since 2008 and was super active for awhile but alas...life!

Anyway, I have been working a lot on my art and decided to make some eeveelution charms. I have been working on the art for them since March and finally was able to pay for them to be made. I am super excited to share these with the world!

More info under the cut!

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