October 6th, 2016

  • fox7xd

Small collection update

I'm not completely dead, just working hard! But I'm happy that slowly I've been adding to a small collection that I love, just hard to find merch of: that pokemon would be Sableye. The most recent addition to this gremlin family comes from none other than EPCOT.
Charmander and I have the whole adventure under here (some what image heavy)

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Pre-NYCC Sales--Mirages, Pokedolls and customs!

Hey guys!!

So this weekend (actually starting today xD) is New York Comic Con! This is the first time I'm going to NYCC, so I'm really hyped.

If anyone from the comm is gonna be there, let me know!! I'm only going Saturday, but I'd love to meet some of you guys there :D I'll be cosplaying as Pearl from Steven Universe along with my friends who are also all doing SU cosplays so it should be super fun!

Anyway, since NYCC is a big deal and stuff, I'm gonna need some spending cash. So I decided to post a few small sales again!

**I was granted sales permission by areica96 on March 21, 2015**
My feedback for my OLD username can be found here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/nosidamsucram/
And for my current Username here: http://feedback.pkmncollectors.net/feedback/view/hellgarr

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Thanks for looking guys :D
I have more sales here:

And My collection site and wants can be found here:

wtb Pumpkaboo lamp

i'm interested in picking up this Pumpkaboo lamp, does anyone have one for sale? also, i'd like to know it's dimensions, if anyone already has one who wouldn't mind telling me how tall and wide it is i would really appreciate it. oh, and is it battery powered or does it come with a wall plug?
  • pogaf

Looking to trade: M Charizard EX for Jolteon EX

Hey everyone!
I'm *this* close to finishing my Generations set, but alas, Jolteon EX continues to elude me :(
I do however have an extra M Charizard EX that definitely wants to go home with someone...

So, I'm hoping someone might be interested in trading their Jolteon EX for it!
You can find a scan of my Charizard HERE - I'm offering it plus another card also in the scan (any one, minus Umbreon) in exchange for Jolteon.

And to make it all official and such:
I received Sales Permission from lineaalba in February of 2009
My pkmncollectors feedback can be found here
I'm in the US, but am willing to do international trades :)

Thanks! :D

Found! :D

filler 'cause I hate the alignment ahah

Hey guys, it's me again!

I've been bidding on a Pokemon time cushion in the UK, at the last minute my internet went down and sadly I missed out on it ;u;

So I'm hoping to buy a big ol' Budew (or Togekiss at a push) c:
(I have my personal reasons for wanting a big buddy like Budew, but I'm not getting into that as it's pretty off topic cx)

I'm ideally after one from the UK/EU as I live in England, but I wouldn't mind having one sent from Japan
(No US though, sadly, the postage is astronomical)
New/MWT/MWoT all work for me, as long as there is no damage/staining/wear etc.

Here's my Feedback, just in case c:

Thank you!

NEW art commissions! + reintroduction + collection update

Hey everyone! :)

I promised I would do a collection update next time - and this time is now!
Also I´m again open for art commissions since I finished a big bunch of commissions (finally xD) I made for someone here in the comm :) I made a lot of new drawings the last few months and I got improved a lot! :D So I´m offering more now and also cheaper prices! You can see everything behind the cut!
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Also, I think I have never done a reintroduction...or...at least 1 time..but I´m not sure. Lol! Since I´m on the comm for 3 years I think it´s on the time to do that! And also of course my new arranged collection and my pokemon rooms :D
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Thanks all for looking and have a great day!

EDIT: I´m adding slots now so I cannot forget someone xD

1. jule
2. mitnitesilven (2 art cards)
3. pkmnexcavation
4. lotad

Most recent get! And auction reminder~

I thought it would take longer than this honestly, but wow Im so glad I went ahead and got him when I saw him, He is AMAZING. The Mime Jr DX Pokedoll. Just wanted to share haha. He's pretty big and awesome <3 Not sure what I'm after next of him, because tbh nothings going to compare to this awesomeness, so idk xD

Also my auctions for Pokemon Time Stickers are ending soon( tomorrow midnight) ! All start at $1 only and some, like Charmander, dont even have starting bids yet! Just a friendly reminder~
  • alvjmnz

I need help!

Originally posted by alvjmnz at I need help!
Hello! I need your help on these two Venusaur and Mega-Venusaur plushies, I think that the Mega-Venusaur is not official but that of Venusaur makes me doubt the label but apparently it's official from Pokémon Center USA, I know that in Japan the label it is smaller and with golden letter, can you tell me if they are?

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Hello everyone!

I have a quick want, it's the venusaur D-arts figure. I used to have one but for reasons that I'm not even sure of I sold it. Just wondering if anyone is selling one and shipping to the UK?

Also I'll have some sculpture sales/auctions coming up soon, got an alolan ninetales, a noivern, a mimikyu and a litten. Oh boy!