October 10th, 2016

momozono nanami

Seeking Mexican Middleman

Good morning/evening all :)

I'm looking for someone to middleman for me. There's an item on a mercadolibre that I'd like, but the site doesn't take Paypal or ship to the US. I'd be super appreciative if someone could act as a middleman for me. I'll cover the costs and would be more than happy to compensate for the trouble.

If someone is able to or knows of a site that can middleman for me, please let me know!
Thank you in advance!

I promise to return with some special gets! ^u^
Until next time~
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PC plushies at Toys R Us?

I saw some photos on the internet of Pokemon Center plushies on Toys R Us shelves, and I was wondering if anyone can confirm ifToys R Us does indeed continue to stock them. I haven't been to a TRU in ages (there aren't many in close range to my house) but I would totally make the trip if they still carry them! Also, are there any other retail stores that sometimes sell PC plushies (other than the Nintendo World store in NYC)?


Hi guys! I was wondering if anyone knows anything about this promo amada stickers. They're really old and kinda hard to find. When I bought Flareon on YH, it said WHF promo, so Im assuming, all three were given there, except Jolteon seems to be ridiculously rare, Ive seen the other 2 for sale a few times, but I cant even find Jolteon picture/scan in Google to add to my wantlist. Maybe I just dont know how to search xP
If anyone have it for sale, let me know, it's the last amada sticker I need :o

LJ Notifications

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Hiya everyone!

Is anyone else having trouble receiving email notifications when someone replies to your comment? I almost missed out on my items because the notification never came through! I have been a member here for years and never had a problem before. I don't want anyone else to miss out on their sales if the same problem is happening to others. Any help is appreciated ^_^